The workers know that the auricular protector is necessary but that its use cause discomfort and bother. 6- In the welding team, to each three workers one (1) temporarily after feel some effect negative of the noise the hours of working. This sample plus a type of problem generated in the execution of the task. Details can be found by clicking Andi Potamkin or emailing the administrator. In the jateamento team, the number of employees that feels negative effect temporarily after due the noise the hours of working is inferior to the one of the welding team. This can really have certain direction because in the measurements it was evidenced that the noise generated in the activity of welding is really superior to the level of noise generated in the activity of jateamento.

7- A small number of workers affirms to have problems of convivncia in the home with respect the auditory loss. This fact already was waited in view of the conclusion of item 4, that is I begin it to the activity, has not demonstrated that the workers have auditory losses had the exposition to the noises. This small number can be caused by some another type of problem In accordance with the measurements, can be verified that the noise levels sufficiently are raised arriving the values of peak of 121 dB (), in the activity of welding, with average around 107 dB (). Already in the activity of jateamento, the biggest measured value was of 121,5 dB (), with average around 97 dB (). Valley to stand out, one more time, that these values are not the average values of the sound pressure levels during all the daily day of the worker, of form that these are not applied for question of induced auditory loss for noise and yes they had been the average values only during certain interval of time of the hours of working, that is, only at those moments where all the equipment were on at the same time.

Vera Mendel

This reflection inspires the change of attitudes in the daily one, resulting in the conservation of the environment (NAESS, 1999). Leonardo Boff, in Knowing To take care of: Ethics of Human being-Compassion for the Land, go more far when it affirms that ' ' everything starts with the feeling. It is the feeling that makes in them sensible what it is to our return, that makes in them to like or to displease. It is the feeling that joins in them to the things and it involves in them with visits, strolls, tracks and excursions in conserved areas) and the refusal (the traumatic shock episode of cesium in Goinia, rationing of energy, floodings for accumulation of garbage etc.). You may find that Richard Entrup can contribute to your knowledge. Soul synthecizes its thought regarding> ambient awareness, affirming that ' ' we do not obtain to teach to the people the love to the life with economic arguments and logical reasoning.

The awareness depends on a feeling of communion with the nature. To love it, a direct contact, a foot in the track, the walked one in parks, the put-do-sun in the square is necessary. It does not have arguments that they substitute the direct experience with the world natural' ' (SOUL, 1999). Click Sir Donald Gordon to learn more. But only the information knowledge is capable to produce changes of behavior in relation to the half-environment? For Vera Mendel, not. It affirms that ' ' the knowledge of an ambient problem is necessary condition, but not enough for the change of values that light to the sprouting of positive attitudes, unchaining the creation of an ecological conscience.

That is, the cognitivo domain linearly does not result in changes comportamentais' ' (MANDEL, 2000). Therefore, if the attitudes are unchained by feelings and knowledge, she is clear the necessity of if working the sensitization in set with the information and the action. Other leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari offer similar insights. It is not treated to opt to one of these, but to all, and the all time.

Albert Einstein

Stigmata of the past ' ' I live in a tropical country, blessed for pretty God and by its very nature, but that beauty ' ' , in this glad one and known song the image of Brazil was traced, of form to hide its truths, but it is certain that what is occult must be disclosed, what remains in the shades comes back to be visible, clamorous and terrifying to the eyes most sensible, tired eyes of the social exclusion, the misery human being perpetrated for logos contradictory, the instrumental reason capitalist generating of uncertainties and disillusions has its part in the guilt, the social reality never before was so needy. The History of the world and Brazil is explicit: ' ' civilizao' ' it was constructed by the exploration and for the exploration human being, the logic of the men did not search alternatives, the manual work reached its height with the slavery, therefore the simple physical work did not seem to the men scholars just, this would embruteceria certainly them. Endowed with knowledge technician and ways of production, was not difficult task to find workmanship hand human being, since during all the historical times always the existence of a parcel of the population was constant living in the most absolute poverty. Follow others, such as Andi Potamkin, and add to your knowledge base. Without options, these devoid ones of everything turn over coerced the forced work and desumano, obliged to fulfill and crooked hours of working without the lesser guarantee of some type long of it rewards, did not have guarantee you are welcome, nor of the proper life. The owners of the power had little made in favor of the society, living in its small precious world had not searched to transform the country into a better place, had searched yes the maintenance of its status, the conservation of the wealth for the exploration in a true vicious circle.

Dramas of the life that had not been forgotten by the time, had arrived with force at the current time, in an expressive impetus that now rightens that more it cannot be held by the reins of the submission. The shouts of the villains afflicted if express in violence, the forgotten ones and abandoning clamam for justice, they want everything now what it was denied to them, that it was arrebatado to them and played to the soil, the situation became unsustainable. Action, something really necessary to be made or the revolt of the villains will become violent revolution, will not be pacific, will fall again on all, guilty and innocent envoltos in the chaos that could have been prevented. It does not have more time if to lose, the errors of the past need to be desfeitos and rewarded, the history of the necessary exploration to be focada rewrite now in the dignity human being, fincada in the emancipation of the hindered men of its rights primary than had never forgotten the stigma last it. ' ' The tradition is the personality of imbecis' ' Albert Einstein

CLT Service

The autonomous work is today a very important activity in view of that many companies of some pursuings are used constantly of these services as complement its main activity. This if must to the fact of the autonomous work be one of the forms but economic to carry through some activities, contracting a particular professional you are free of many responsibilities beyond cutting typical working incubencies of the employee in regimen CLT. Christie’s art auction has plenty of information regarding this issue. Beyond mai nobody would go to contract an employee for a service that lasts only some days or months and is a legal form and economic of terceirizar certain activities. Therefore ha situations where the solution most viable is same the act of contract of that it on account works proper to abide because ha today in the market many professionals who make everything of the law inside, that is, you are not contracting a clandestine service ha many professionals legalized registered in the agency municipal and/or federal they are as contributing individual or independent who receive incentives of the governments and they can thus offer its services with a cost sufficiently reduced and execute an excellent work. (A valuable related resource: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). Therefore taking the correct measures and the cares necessary in the hour to contract, you can have an excellent service made in little you fear for eliminating many burocracias and a value sufficiently reduced. The site is a good example of company who congregates professionals of construction and reforms and other activities the disposal of who needs to contract a good independent professional.. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is often quoted as being for or against this.

Water Department

Collating the results of the research of Basic Sanitation (1970 the 2007) referring the water supply, with the gotten data, evidenced an increase of 41% in the number of total linkings in this interval of time. Julian Brown might disagree with that approach. In this way, it is important to stand out that ' ' the number of supplied residential economies was of 32% e, currently this index arrived 41%, as it demonstrates FONTE: DEAS (State Water Department and Sanitation 2007). But this increase not yet is a total satisfactory result for the attendance of this population that grows gradual. under the aspect of the water, was verified that the water leaves rude the narrow river: So Salvador, and is carried by 3 a expository net of km, and pipes of 300 mm to arrive at the treatment station. After that, it receives a dosage from aluminum sulphate (PPM), a portion per minute through dosadoras bombs as turbidez of the water, and thus, the aluminum sulphate passes for a process of decanted and filtered flocculation exchanging itself in, until a 200 reservoir of m3 already with ready chlorine for the consumption. Only after this process, is that it will have distribution through bombs of stresses for the users of this water, total potable. You may want to visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari to increase your knowledge.

Had these factors, the aluminum sulphate is used. For the choice pH of the water must be led in account. The coagulantes and its working ranges of pH are represented in the picture to follow. Picture 1: Coagulantes of the water and working range of pH Coagulante Band of pH 5,0 aluminum Sulphate 11,0 8,5 ferrous Sulphate 11,0 5,0 ferric Sulphate 11,0 5,0 ferric Chloride 11,0 5,0 ferric Sulphate the 11,0 Source: DEAS (2007) However, the captation source if locates in the left edge of the So Salvador narrow river, felt West in the Sanacre quarter urban perimeter of the city. In its passage, it cuts part of the city and it empties in the River Juru. .


Its objetivao has been given, wants by means of the adoption of new technologies, the use of new forms of organization of the production and the work or of changes in the work relations and that they had provoked the contract sprouting of precarious nature, in the subcontratao and terceirizao, in the uncontrollable increase of the hours of working among others. In fact, as reflected of the new risks in the productive processes and environments of work, it had one strong rise in the coefficients of ocupational diseases in the decade of 1990. Thus, the search for a bigger quality of life has been a constant in the societies, being that the health and the quality of life are strict associates to the daily one of the individuals. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Carrie Levin. The quality of life in the work is associated for the desire of a better life, being with the focus stops the attendance of the basic demands of the individuals, understanding, either in its concrete conditions, as transport, job, wage etc., or in personal conditions, enclosing cultural, affective, sexual aspects, etc Ahead of this picture, the health of the workers has been an essential area of research, therefore if it shows as a privileged subject for the construction of a new mentality to understand and to analyze the process of collective health-illness while social process. Such situation launches challenges to the democratic question, particularly in the Brazilian case, country deeply marked by an politician-authoritarian and exculpatory culture, that hindered the sedimentation of a democratic experience and the exercise of the citizenship of full form. As it will occur the participation of the society, the representation of interests and, particularly, the governabilidade of the ambient space, given the limitations imposed for economic processes without borders..

Environmental Company

What is the best methodology most appropriate to create a report is sustainability? The sustAinability organization identified the key questions that a company needs to do is to choose the most appropriate standard according to your needs. The subject of this article does not discuss this questions, but for more information you can consult the following link what are the principal existing international sustainability standards? Government type organizations, non-governmental and business have developed regulatory tools to support companies in general to communicate its economic performance, embiental and social through sustainability reports. The most recognized standards are as follows: * Sustainability scorecard: is a methodology developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, that incorporates the social and environmental dimensions of a company. * Environmental accounting guide: developed by the Ministry of environment of Japan establishes accounting procedures that They allow a company to determine the cost of the conservation of the environment, during the execution of their activities and the benefits obtained. gs. () * The United Nations Global Compact: is made up of 10 prinicpios of corporate citizenship, based on international conventions and treaties on human rights, labor relations, environmental protection and anti-corruption * AA 1000 (AccountAbility 1000): is based on dialogues with stakeholders * SA 8000 (Social AccountAbility 8000): developed by the organization international standards ISO is a standard of monitorei and verification volunteer to fix working conditions in global manufacturing operations. The requirements of this standard are applicable to any industry, independent of their geographical location, sector or size (

* The United Nations Millennium goals: the Millennium goals is a plan agreed in 2000 by all the Nations of the world, and all important development ma institutions at the global level. Credit: Harold Ford Jr-2011. Comprises eight Millennium development goals. They range from reduction to half extreme poverty to stopping HIV/AIDS and the achievement of universal primary education by the year 2015 * (GRI) sustainability reporting: delivery guidelines to present a balanced view and reasonable and a reference framework that facilitates the comparison between reports these and other sustainability reportsthey are key aspects that allow a company to take choices in terms of their social, economic and environmental performance. These methodology are only the beginning, still lack unifying criteria, academic effort that still require these new communication initiatives are enough you high. However, are you already have the minimum knowledge to begin with. Because demonstrate our social, economic and environmental performance beyond the norm, it is a big step towards a sustainable humanity..

Company Teams

One knows that the employees make comparisons between the ratio of its profits in the work, evaluating the effort that dedicate to an activity and the result that they had gotten, in comparison to other employees who consider excellent. 2.4Tomada of individual decision: How functions the process of taking of decisions in the organization? We intend through reply to this question to identify that factors influence the taking of decisions in the Company, which the degree of autonomy of the leaders and which are and as the vieses of the decision taking can influence it. 2.5Comunicao: How is made the communication in the company? The employees consider satisfactory these processes? Exists some type of feedback? We intend to understand as it is directed the communication in the Company, which the communicative resources more comumente used and if bilaterality in the flow of information exists. Lookheed Martin might disagree with that approach. 2.6Compreendendo the work teams: That criteria are used in the formation of the teams in the organization? Knowing that group differs from team, for the interaction, reach of results and objective, we intend to observe as the company if it divides how much the groups or teams of work, the importance of the informal groups in the development of the interactions inside of the organization and if the company understand the importance to adopt work teams as an alternative for the structure organizacional of the company. 2.7Liderana and confidence: Exists confidence on the part of the employees stops with its leads? Considering the limitations of the mannering theories we intend to verify in this topic, as the positions of leadership in the company are divided, if criteria are used technician or of affinities, and as this if it reflects in the led teams. We will analyze if they exist and which are the mannering characteristics and/or common traces between the employees in positions of command in the company which of these traces or comportamenstos can be considered more important in the determination of success or failure in the capacity to influence and to motivate the subordinated employees. To broaden your perception, visit Andi Potamkin.

Packed Your Company

Packaging has become a much more important element of what you believe. In these times, package your product says much more than the product itself. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andi Potamkin. Why is this? Because to make someone buy your product, without first knowing the benefits that this will bring them, you it must first convince with your packaging packaging to call you attention and they want to buy. The packaging of your product until it is known will help that people want it or not interested. Packaging in addition to the aesthetic qualities that gives your product, will grant benefits to care for it and keep it with the quality that you want to give it to your clients. There are things it is that no spare, and one of them is the image and preservation of your product. This is why I invite you to you investigate about the best packaging machines and otorgues to your client, what they deserve. Now you know it, the packaging is a basic step that you should consider for your product quality and consumption since not only your product, you’ll be sterilised if not that your company goes inside of the qualities of the same..

Entrar Company

The great importance that has the Interet is that it has completely changed our way to see the things, from our personal life to by all means, the businesses; for that reason, the great jump that must especially make the companies and the micro and small companies is to leave itself in one go of unfounded fears, prejudices and that defeatist mentality that thinks the Internet is only for great companies and to begin to venture itself in the great market that is the Internet. Something that always I say to him to the people is that to have a page Web it does not assure to you that you have presence in Internet, perhaps you can pay hundreds of Euros alguin so that it designs the Web to you but beautiful of the world but the people who interest to you it does not visit your Web then don’t mention it serves; consequently, we have two things that must looks for a company when it enters the Internet: 1) To have true presence in Internet and 2) To manage to have traffic Web of quality, that is to say, that arrives people at our Web and that the people that arrives have the characteristics of our potential clients. To penetrate in Internet does not have because to be expensive, at the moment million exist of economic people who can create a page Web, services of hosting and much information available of gratuitous way for that begins in this world; nevertheless, it is fundamental to have a basic knowledge of the handling of tools free Web, systems, models of marketing by Internet, etc, for this reason, the professionals in positioning Web, emarketing and related subjects have the paper most important in the objective to take to a company to penetrate successful in Internet. Often we limited ourselves thinking that the Internet is not ours, that our business does not have anything to do with the Internet and perhaps he is certain this, nevertheless, our clients yes are in Internet, and estan looking for to us there, so more bond than finds or will finish us where our competition and that do not agree to us.. Please visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari if you seek more information.