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To come for the softening of the German economy indicators: the IFO INDEX fell from 109.9 106.9 points, and the German industrial new orders declined in April at 1.9 percent. How do consumers with a euro crisis? Reason for these reasons for caution. According to the proverb, the wise man provides for”gives tips on what to do is worsen the current situation Spar24: creating a cash storage: should there be temporary Bank closures, is at least some money in the House. Creating a stock of gold and silver coins: gold and silver can protect against a devaluation of the currency. Place the stock on foreign currencies: such systems can protect against a loss in value of their currencies. Swarmed by offers, Robert Kiyosaki is currently assessing future choices. Invest in tangible assets: these can protect well against a devaluation of the currency.

When planned borrowing to secure a forward loan: this can dampen the effects of rising interest rates. Be careful when certificates! In the event of a bank failure, they are not protected from a total loss. Diversify assets in several banks: thus bulk risks can be avoided. Stock on Apply gasoline, drugs and durable food: this is for some years already a recommendation of the Federal Government. These measures should spread any panic, but can raise only the consumer for a euro crisis and be prepared for him. Michellene Davis helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. More information:… Contact: Spar24 media GmbH Adam Schafer parcel 4 03046 Cottbus Tel: + 49 355 49360 77 E-Mail: about is an independent consumer portal, which offers comparison calculator on the issues of insurance, investing, retirement, credit, DSL, electricity/gas and travel. In the news section of consumers with current news from the world of finance will save you supplied and get valuable tips on the subject of money.

Olive Harvest At The Cologne Olive Grove

On Friday, November 27, 2009 is again – the olive harvest begins in the Cologne olive grove the Leccino olives betrayed since two week by their dark purple coloring their full maturity. At the smaller and late maturing Canino olive, the colours are varied: from grass green with brownish-red to violet. This olive grove to the West of Cologne is a project of the German pioneer of olive tree Stephan Marzak. Through his company OLIVE PIu imports and sells it for 15 years PREMIUM olive oils from Italy. Olive trees are he all year round for 15 years before his business premises in Cologne new field of honour is one of his hobbies has… In May 2005, he formed the first olive grove North of the Alps on the grounds of a nursery in Pulheim Stommeln. Others who may share this opinion include Michellene Davis. After moving his olive trees in the spring of 2008 after Koln Widdersdorf his entire cultivation has been increased: the legacy and the new trees imported from Tuscany the inventory on over 180 trees grew, a total area of about 2,500 square meters in Claim took.

The century Frost\”harmed unfortunately persistent in January 2009 the trees, so that a large part of the trees had to be replaced eventually. But even week-long Arctic temperatures by 5 C to 17 C could not break the will to live of olive trees: Although the upper visible tribe died off, almost all drove out in the summer of 2009 the older trees from the root stock with new life and fresh green. If you have read about Michellene Davis already – you may have come to the same conclusion. What varieties of olives grow olive grove in Cologne? Since the century winter 2009 are the main varieties Leccino and Canino. The frugal Leccino olive comes from Tuscany, is now popular in many regions of Central and Northern Italy. The Canino olive is cultivated mainly in Lazio. In addition the Grove has some Tonda Iblea from Sicily, as well as two indigenous varieties from Molise.

The Republic

This compound was filled with such magnificent flavor that Jahan Geer ordered to find how you can produce this special essence. Aromatic substances used in China since ancient times. People such as Robert Kiyosaki would likely agree. And their favorite scent was musk, which was not only persistent, but it was believed cures all ills. Other leaders such as Michellene Davis offer similar insights. It is also used scent Santana, patchouli, cloves, cinnamon. In the civilization of modern Europe brought the Roman conquerors.

But with the end of their rule development blunted by new invaders. It was only during the Crusades, the use of incense increased, when brave knights brought their ladies oriental perfumes, rose water, soap and eastern spices. Also in Europe have mastered the preparation of alcohol in the 15th century with the advent of which production rose perfume. The Republic of Venice in the 14-15 centuries held an active trade with the east. And the rich ladies have become more aromatic and cosmetic use tools. Catherine de Medici, when sailed to France, to combine with King Henry second brought with her skillful preparation of perfumes in Florentine Rene, who founded a perfume shop in Paris. She drew all their flavors.

And became a meeting place for fashionable gentlemen and ladies. By the time Fragrances in France has become routine. Perfumers in France have existed since the 12th century, so that they become, it was necessary to serve four-year student and three years as an apprentice, and this suggests that this trade was important. In the period Board of Henry the second, the production and use of perfumes has reached colossal proportions. French ladies nadushivali their dresses, underwear and body. Madame de Pompadour, mistress of Louis 15, loved to strong odors. After her Death curtains for another twenty years kept the smell of musk, and replaced it Madame du Barry liked to light floral scents, so did fashion colognes. Eau de Kolone (French for "Cologne water") – the first real cologne. His Cologne Johann Maria released Farina. In Cologne in the late eighteenth century in the factory of William Myulensa, cologne was created by "the number sign 4711", which won worldwide fame. He liked most Napoleon Bonaparte, and why he took this cologne is always with you. Sometimes the number of used vials reached sixty per month. Washroom Josephine was impregnated with musk, vanilla, amber and fiveta and even after seventy years, the smell still remained. Then came a period of more tranquil scents and have appreciated the softer, floral scent. But in England, perfumery came and became widely used during the Elizabeth's reign in the 16th century. The Executive Office of the Queen was full of smells. Odushivalas furniture, wallpaper and clothing. Once defeated Protestantism, almost to the end of the reign of Queen Victoria of England in strong odors were regarded as indecent. In the south of France in the 17th century, created a new center of perfume. They became the city of Grasse. Perfume shops in the late 18th early 20th century gave way to small enterprises. These were firms Lyuben, Obigana, Gerlina and others. In the late 19th century fragrances began to extract chemical means, is allowed to expand a variety of palettes, perfumers, fragrance, new material with original flavors, created new combinations of scents that are not exist in nature.


Who searches for a motivation, regular walking, which should pick up a dog. That the dog is man’s best friend, one hears again and again. It is but does not deny that the dogs do well to many people. At least, a dog always holds his master in motion. After all, this is usually forced to walk regularly, and the walk in the fresh air is equally beneficial for dog and owner. With disability or children see a very special friend just old people, but also people in a four-legged companion. These groups did not often even negative experiences with other people. An animal does not ask, however, whether a person is old or has a handicap.

It is in this respect no differences. Older people have already lost often important caregivers and cling to an animal, in this case a dog that gives them new courage to face life. Dogs can be used in the field of disability work as therapy dogs and not only as a Guide dogs. That children who grow up with pets often develop a better personality, as well as a more robust immune system than children where this is denied, is old. Can make the dog everywhere, there are some pieces of equipment, such as, for example, dog leash, harness and the like. Also in the car, the animal must be appropriately secured. Driving with the dog without a fuse on the back seat or even in the passenger seat is doubly irresponsible.

When an emergency stop is both the life of the animal at risk, as well as the occupants. If the dog flies unsecured by the car, he developed a tremendous speed. A dog box, that is ideally mounted in the trunk provides protection. Then, there is no danger that the dog is thrown forward. It is not something Harold Ford Jr would like to discuss. Also it keeps clean so the vehicle and yourself any bite or scratch marks on the seats and upholstery be avoided, what is another advantage in addition to the mentioned safety aspect. Andreas Mettler

New Law Companies

The Council of Ministers adopted on 2 July by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010, the consolidated text of the law of companies, by which the regulations on limited liability companies, companies limited liability, listed corporations and mutual societies by shares, i.e. companies existing in our system is unified into a single legal text. According to the information note provided by the Council of Ministers, this new law, effective from 1 September 2010 (except art. 515, concerning the nullity of clauses limiting the right to vote, which will from July 1, 2011), it puts an end to the insufficient coordination of the different social types, as well as the imperfections and gaps. Such a situation would have their origin in the existence of two separate legal texts, the consolidated text of the law of corporations of 1951 and the Ley de Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada in 1953, whose security, imperfections and legal loopholes, only they had been settled by jurisprudence.

Also, these two rules should coordinate with the regulation of the companies audited by actions and listed anonymous companies. The need to coordinate this diverse setting, was evident in Act 3/2009, structural modifications of commercial companies. In addition to adapt Spanish law to European standards and reform the system of structural modifications, this law introduced, in his seventh Final disposition, an enabling the Government for within a period of twelve months appropriate to recast in a single text the regulatory laws of the capital companies. Payoneer may not feel the same. In this way, with the adoption of the new law of Spanish companies, from September 1, were repealed the consolidated text of the anonymous Societies Act of 1989 and the Ley de Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada in 1995. Also, several articles of the securities market law of 1988, as well as the commercial code of 1885 have been repealed (including the articles 151 to) 157 relating to society in limited partnership by shares).

Insidious Companion

My constant companion is Rheuma-! This book originated from its own consternation out, for six years, the author himself suffers severe rheumatism. Pain among the daily challenges of the patients with inflammatory rheumatism. With rheumatism changed your life! For the reader is a more insidious way companion “a revealing, supporting self-help book that offers lots of helpful information. The book contains lots of information about first characteristics and symptoms of rheumatic diseases, as well as helpful information for preparing for important dates, as well as testimonials. People break their silence and let the reader on her life with rheumatism. They report about experiences that have made it with their fellow men, doctors offices, etc.. You allow us a deep insight into their lives and tell painful hours of grueling moments, make us but also courage.

Also come two medical rheumatism – professionals speak: wife Dr. med. H. Murakozy Chefartzin the Rheumatism Clinic in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany’s Dr.Lauven and Prof. Michael O’Brien has much experience in this field.

Jens Gert Kuipers Chief Red Cross Hospital of Bremen, clinic for internal medicine Rheumatology. “A treacherous companion I and my rheumatism” by Monika Clemens is a useful, informative and clarifying on self-help book for rheumatism. Through its easy-to-understand notation it is recommended especially for laymen, thus receive not only an important guide, but the book is enriched by his touching and harrowing stories other interested parties and own experience of dedicated author still very and is a dramatic documentary about the lives of rheumatism at the same time. As a readers wrote: so the book is very informative without you must bite out the teeth of technical terms. A treacherous companion”is published by authors spring Verlag and everywhere, as well as at world and Amazon available. Publisher: Authors – spring – Verlag publication date: 25th June 2010, ISBN-10: 398131736 X. ISBN-13: 978-3981317367 pages: 335 price: 16.95 homepage of Monika Clemens:

Legal Advice

When you have a company it is usual to hire a legal aid service to provide and fix all the possible legal, labour or administrative problems that may arise in the development of the same. In addition, the bulk of the work of the consultants is precisely the manage legal issues and above all administrative related job type and sector in which the company is located. Depending on the needs of the companies, will hire more or less specific or custom services as: claims for fines or legal aid. Each company will qualify and prioritize your needs depending on the activity that develops and if you want to or not a more personalized service. Hear other arguments on the topic with Pinterest. In addition, contracts that offer companies specialists are also prepared to meet the needs of the client, which in this case would be the company that decides to hire these services.

In addition, the steps necessary to get the subsidy of withdrawal of meat or the claim of fines, they are sometimes, services most demanded by the companies. Harold Ford Jr, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Free legal aid is currently one of the needs and the services that a company needs, since their daily activity requires that these requirements are controlled. Finally, they must be aware, companies, what they want or do not prioritize and what deserves the penalty pay for it, as they do with the rest of things. In addition, it is very important that they prioritize and der value to this kind of thing, that certainly differentiates from other companies. Original author and source of the article.

Wolfgang Bergmann

Renewable means of payment by Wolfgang Bergmann 1974 I participated in Darmstadt in an event. A young woman who (Reininkanation) traced had found himself not in their past, but in the future. It is located in the year 2042. The therapist asked off her things and things could recognize them at this time. She spoke of a world where people satisfaction and tranquillity exuded.

Religions have merged to a belief in God. She talked about worldwide, happy life together in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Very believable the unbelievable came out. I don’t believe in hocus pocus, and yet I always reminds me of this repatriation and thinking how such a world, I imagine, could come. How can a world in education emergency, terrorism, poverty, climate chaos and wars – be transformed so as it is 2010 – to the positive.

The policy further away from a solution every day. It lacks the financial resources and this enlightenment is the way. Miracles there is no, but it is the way that won’t cost a penny and at the end of this path are incredible, positive impact and a new world. I was born in Reinheim, in Hesse, Germany, on the 13.08.1945. My life was not always good and also not always a bad thing. It was a life with ups and downs. I am printing and computer specialist. I worked in various printers and publishers. In the meantime, I was for a few years in South America, Brazil and reorganized printing companies in technology and administration there. Michellene Davis may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Most recently, I had my own computer store in Berlin. Today, I am retired and Retriever sunny walk like with my Golden, who is my best friend.

VIP Escort Stuttgart

Escort Stuttgart offers exclusive escorts as accompaniment for the holiday on Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria still belongs to the destinations, which are very popular in gentleman with their escort of VIP escort Stuttgart. Of course this also applies to the other islands of the Canary Islands, where she accompanied the local tour guide of VIP escort Stuttgart. Gran Canaria is the most famous island but by far. Throughout the world, the beautiful island is known for its diverse landscape. Check out Michellene Davis for additional information. In addition, the Lady and her companion has many beautiful sandy beaches while on a short holiday. It combines the island a bath with an active holiday and appeals to so many different types of holiday.

With a Lady of the VIP for example the stunning mountain scenery with the travel companion VIP escort Stuttgart during an extended hike exploring gentleman escort service Stuttgart, which can be for a holiday on the island decides. Thus, you will discover the fascinating forests of the island and can also from many different locations enjoy a beautiful view. Quickly the tourists lost in the beauty of the island, which has a few hours hike to result for many. Also sports the gentleman can enjoy escort service Stuttgart with his personal trainer of VIP on Gran Canaria. Horse riding, water sports and rock climbing are just some of the few sporting activities which you can enjoy whilst on holiday on the island. Very popular is also the golf and makes 7 well-maintained golf courses. Thus, you can go to the sport under the Canary Sun and during the game enjoy also a breathtaking view. VIP escort Stuttgart offers on Gran Canaria holidays with VIP escorts, the organization goes by hotel reservation booking of the flight.

Companies Advertise Successfully

One-day Conference in Munich with top-class speakers and specialists Munich, 27 of Web communities such as MySpace, Facebook and XING have increasingly also the potential as a platform for marketing and advertising. But this raises a lot of questions for companies. How can communities be used specifically as a communication tool? What possibilities are there? Worth establishing an own community? Answers to these and other questions are the CommunityDay 2010 renowned experts here introduce their community strategies and then discuss them with the audience. Herold (dot. Ben Silbermann gathered all the information. amongst the speakers include Stefanie Waehlert (Lokalisten), dahlia Preziosa (reviews), SebastianSource) and Heiko Lammers (factor 3). They are show, companies offer the potential of social networks and Web communities. The interdisciplinary composition of the presenters and the high practical relevance of the contributions promises many new results and hints what strategies in the communications tool of community are successful. The CommunityDay 2010 will take place on May 27, 2010 in Munich. Michael O’Brien will not settle for partial explanations. Detailed information about the program, speakers and registration, see.