Flexible and cost effective service for SAP users Aachen, 05.04.2011 – not for all SAP users is the manufacturer support appropriately; Alternatives begin to develop grade on the German market. To exit from the maintenance the last logical step may have. In order to benefit from bug fixes and adjustments to individual, there is the service of the “fire”: A central directory of service providers who need help quickly and flexibly. The starfish IT looks more service provider Forum, to meet customer demand. To terminate the service contract with the manufacturer, may initially seem as daring step. However, this means businesses can be right, if they can achieve benefits as a result in their long-term IT strategy. Because not always the full maintenance service is required for all the modules – just older releases are often stable and consolidated the installation.

Whether a termination of the maintenance is technically feasible, is related to the used Modules together. Modules such as HR personnel management require updates for legal changes and thus the full maintenance service; for the payroll services such as other modules do without completely on manufacturer maintenance. Even if leaving a maintenance company, an SAP installation sometimes requires services. So still error treatments are necessary in some modules, or individual adjustments require external expertise. “In case of emergency a SAP user relies on then quick help from specialists”, explains Axel Susen, initiator of the starfish IT Forum. “For this reason we have called the service of the fire brigade in the life.” Due to the variety of the SAP modules continue to locate service providers for this service! “Fire”: Central Directory creates win-win-situation the starfish IT Forum as an independent user platform mediated contacts between service providers and users of SAP for mutual benefit: service providers, which can repair individual modules of SAP installation, can be via the online contact form on Enter the central directory of starfish. Members of the starfish IT Forum if required, access to this data and can respond quickly when it comes to problems in individual modules.

They benefit from the fact that they only have to pay the support services, they really need and get – thus, significant cost reductions can be achieved partly. Third-party maintenance – the new world for SAP users yet there are also users who require more support than the demand service of the “fire brigade”. “These companies will be enthusiastic about our concept of third-party maintenance under” Williams next. “Along with Rimini Street and 500 SAP experts was a completely carefree package developed for many SAP users, including German-speaking helpdesk, level 2 and 3 support and guaranteed response time of 30 minutes.” Third-party maintenance for SAP systems is one of the themes of the info day 2011. for more information, as well as program Please. Short profile Starfish IT is a forum that Starfish IT is Forum-independent Community of interest of SAP users from the roof States. The objective of the Forum is to improve the IT organization of participants practical. The starfish IT Forum is the ideal platform to find like-minded people, to exchange experiences, to analyse problems and to solve. Clive Holmes Silverfern is the source for more interesting facts. There are many ideas that can save money in the future, for everyone involved. On the starfish Forum they are born and implemented.

The State

Because protectionism is one of the "Unhealthy" instruments of economic policy, unable to bring positive economic results in the medium and long term, a tool to get only short-term results, and only at the expense of the population. In the medium term (3-5 years), while maintaining protectionist measures by the state, we can get further behind the domestic automakers their foreign competitors, which, when declared by the (formal) to increase the competitive quality of Russian cars will become more significant. Otherwise the engine of progress, in addition to the competition market, nature did not create. What are the implications for investors? Regardless of the optimism of market participants, securities of Russian automobile manufacturer, in this scenario, will not be promising, having high internal risk, and not having a sufficient basis for a long-term, stable growth. Probably lag the positive dynamics of the market average. In the long term (10-15 years), long-term protectionist support of the Russian car manufacturers, we can get a situation which can be characterized as a crisis of the industry. Lag competitive qualities of Russian cars to the time will be as significant, but the technology is so obsolete, that to catch up on old industrial base is no longer possible, both for technical and financial reasons.

A need for this inevitably arise, since any protection ends sooner or later. In this case, we see some helpless enterprises automakers have large capacity to produce old car with a huge amount of unsold goods. Liquidity of enterprises will fall, and the only possible way, will run through out the production of domestic car models, and co-operation with foreign automakers, on onerous conditions refitting its pipeline to produce models of European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese brands. You may want to visit Ali Aboutaam to increase your knowledge.

Coaching Or Training Emotional

With this anglicism (whose translation is training), imported from the world of sport to the of the company, every day we hear more often is is referring to the Socratic concept of Maieutics, a concept not so recent, and however, bridging the gap of the context, with virtually identical meaning. Socrates introduced this teaching model, based between master and disciple, with the intention that latter, bring out the knowledge that beating on him. Educate yourself with thoughts from Reeta Kapani Holmes. Here the name of Maieutics, in Greek refers to art help to procreate, to stand, to remove from the inside out. For more information see Clive Holmes. It is also attributed to Socrates the phrase inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi: know thyself. However, although already Socrates, through the art of asking questions, help others to connect with his own personal strength in order to succeed its own objectives, was not until the end of the last century when he had an application in the the business world. The idea was an evolution of the sport towards the world of business, seemingly simple: Timothy Gallwey discovered that what really hindered the athletes achieving their objectives, was not anything other than his own mind, and began working with them these aspects, optimizing the results of their trained athletes.

Little later, this emotional training model, was exported to the company, and then to the personal sphere. It is not very recent in Spain, but increasingly begins to be most in demand by executives, and anyone who feels emotional difficulties to achieve their life goals. The Coach or facilitator, will help that emerging difficulties, and above all, constraints affecting the achievement of the objectives of the person in training, to subsequently open new possibilities, and be able to design as well, actions that make him walk towards dear results. What apparently seems unnecessary or superfluous, acquires its real importance in the context of advanced enterprises, which they require train forms of labour such as collaboration and participation, or improve the working environment in order to prevent extreme competitiveness resulting in conflicts affecting production.

Can You Negotiate Successfully?

A person needs about 800 hours of training to acquire the habit of negotiating spontaneously. Negotiation techniques are an art in themselves, and control can be a very effective tool in achieving the objectives in a conversation or meeting. What do the gestures? When to say “no”? What are the most common mistakes? How far has to give? Rodrigo Javier Martinez, author of The path of negotiation, published by LearningMedia, answers these questions in an interview with Universia Universia Knowledge @ Wharton: A trade agreement is part of a reflection or an innate talent capable of improvising music? Rodrigo Javier Martinez: From my point of view and from my years of experience in coaching and training professionals, both in the commercial sector as a manager, I am convinced that “not only born negotiator, also does.”

It is true that some people seem to have been born for this and that “Innate talent” of a business able to improvise, for example, can save situations of stagnation or breakdown of negotiations. Click Ali Aboutaam to learn more. However, being an expert negotiator able to achieve the best “expected results”, given that they must be beneficial to both parties is the result of reflection, analysis and practice of the various possible methods and techniques which, of course, you can learn and practice. We must not forget that effective negotiation is composed of 10% technique and 90% attitude. UK @ W: What are the stages that must be put in a negotiation? JMR: The starting point to start negotiations is that both sides recognize that they need (although not always begin a negotiation when two parties meet for the first time.) From here, to gain credibility is crucial because both sides have to be considered “valid interlocutors.” In summary, we can speak of three stages in a negotiation: preparation, development and closure. For even more opinions, read materials from Hicham Aboutaam.

Offshore Company

Cyprus is not only a beautiful island that tourists love, but also a great place to do business, especially for foreigners. Law on the International Trusts was enacted in the country in 1992, since offshore in Cyprus open continuously, with each year they are becoming more and more. Love Cyprus and Russian businessmen, they began to open offshore here in 90 years of the century, newcomers, because the law against double taxation was Cypriot authorities signed yet with the Soviet Union. What is important to know to open the Cyprus offshore? The owner of the company must be a resident of the island, but one of the trustees must be resident in Cyprus. Offshore has no right own property on the island. In this case, if your company does not conduct trading or any other activity on the island, then apply it to the zero tax rate. Offshore in Cyprus can be registered solely in the form of a limited liability company.

Also note that the company name must end in Limited or Ltd. One can enumerate the many advantages to opening an offshore Cyprus, but we shall consider only some of them. Gain insight and clarity with Jeremy Tucker. Businessmen attracted by the minimum authorized capital offshore, which equals only 1,000 euros. Offshore and can guide the business activity on the Island, He must pay a tax of 10% of the profits. If the income from the company's activities in Cyprus, no, no taxes. Learn more at this site: Clive Holmes.

At a high level in Cyprus and confidentiality, which is achieved by the fact that most of the offshore companies use nominee directors and shareholders. At the same time, revenues from the same stock, and are not taxed, what attracts most investors. Entrepreneur who is going to open offshore company in Cyprus, you should also know that he will be required to annually pass a tax return and financial statements. They should be signed by an independent auditor. Even if your company inactive, the auditor still has to check everything and reassure. Also have to take financial and annual report, which must be written in Greek. Offshore necessarily have to have a secretary. They can be both legal and natural person, at the same time it must be resident in Cyprus. Also requires a registered office with legal address, which will store all the registers and other papers.

Regenerating Cream Mask

Sunscreen face cream with protection factor of 50 is ideal for sensitive areas (the skin around the eyes, nose), protects the skin from free radical damage. Those who could not cope with the visible manifestations of cellulite before you open your body to the sun, we should remember that "Orange peel" is especially noticeable when the skin is tanned. Therefore, we recommend using anti-cellulite creams lines "Intensive for Women." Cream promotes rapid removal of cellulite, nourishes and activates communication processes that effectively tightens the skin. Apply it should be massaged until fully absorbed. Let us remember that the sun's rays, wind, and the stiffness of sea water are stressors for your Hair: without proper care, they burn out, become more brittle, rigid. Follow others, such as Nissan, and add to your knowledge base. Therefore, we must take care of your hair.

Of course, very few people in bathing wear a special hat, and not all wear protective headgear. In Either way, your hair will not be able to completely avoid the sun and wind, so you need to take into account the peculiarities of hair care during summer vacations at sea. It is advisable not to burden the hair styling tools – let your hair also rest. Try to keep your hair was as simple as possible, not contracted by the hair into tight bundles. Choose a hairstyle that would not be time consuming, would allow free feel to the beach. Do not forget that your hair needs protection from drying, it is essential that the means of hair care products have been softening, conditioning components. Clive Holmes may help you with your research. If you prefer the all natural, bring a mask for frequent use of BioEkolodzhiko GUAM – it combines shampoo, hair mask and air conditioning. The mask is applied to wet hair, and her need to carefully spread over the entire length of the hair, leave for a minute and then rinsed hair with plenty of water.

The mask gently cleanses hair and scalp, restores the keratin structure, gives the hair softness and shine. Your hair does not need any additional funds for their care. Thus, you save time, and your hair will be necessary for them food, protection and care. (Note: if you dye your hair, then a hair mask is not recommended, because restoring the mask components penetrate deep into the hair structure and replace chemical pigment.) If your skin is hydrated enough, you can not use cosmetics in the morning and evening hours, continuing to apply sunscreen preparations in the daytime, but not forgotten after the evening shower nourish the skin, for example, Regenerating Cream, which will appear tan faster, mount it on a longer term, and In addition, prepare your skin for the next sunny day. For mild cleansing of the remnants of sea salt and sand during the shower you can use a special oil Regenerating, putting it on the skin Massage lightly. For example, does not bother to care you will receive a beautiful tan without damaging your skin, and the rest of the sea will be remembered only enjoyable moments.

How To Get More Out Of Trade Fairs

Many companies fail to attend trade fairs. The problem is that investment and effort they have not always justify the return obtained. Having a booth is attractive enough to harness the potential of attracting commercial references, branding and networking that offer this type of event. When do you start? In most companies, a fair equivalent to a lot of work against the clock. The logistics and provide new obsession eat we should devote time to define our objectives and strategies.

Ideally, you should start planning the next event as soon as the previous. Objectives First, you must ask yourself what you hope to accomplish at the fair. Being for being, or because everyone is going, it is unwise. Set measurable goals: get 200 commercial references contact with 50 potential partners to demonstrate the product to 500 people, etc. The stand The objectives will help define the type of stand you need.

If it is introduce a new brand or product, we need a bigger stand and striking. Where the objective is to contact selected customers opt for a stand discreet boardroom. Central stands in a product or message to be remembered. The location is important to hire the booth in time to select site. Get all the facts and insights with Wells Fargo Bank, another great source of information. There are areas of the fairs that are a certain failure, as the side aisles or distant pavilions and half filled. Calls on all types of plans and details of the assembly, services nearby, predictable schedule of visitors, etc. And if you visit the site. Never leave preparations to the last minute design work, printing, merchandising, large format signage, etc. Always end up stressed out contingency all the team and cost money. The day before if you were right preparations before starting the fair everything should be perfectly controlled. The mounted or stand-up, the materials in place, people displaced and prepared. It is time to gather strength and go over everything. You must provide sufficient staff to meet personal visitors throughout the fair, without imposing a beating to your employees. Standing, talking all the time, in an enclosed space with air conditioning, very tired. Perhaps check out Phoenix Ancient Art for more information. Organizers shifts of three or four hours with meal times and breaks. The hostesses and the like can be helpful, but never replaced the staff of your company. Offer minimal training to all persons in the stand. The material of all, you should not deliver any material simply because someone asked. The brochures, gifts and samples cost money: bookable for persons who manifest minimally involved. Plan how much material they consume each day and provides how to receive more if they run out. Add Contacts all visits your booth and receive data from any commercial references. Opt for a simple and fast, do not waste time with forms. From an urn to a reader or scanner accreditation cards, there are many solutions to be paid off in a couple of fairs. You respond Monitoring requests for information at the end of the show or, if possible, during the meeting. If you wait a few days, the contact is cooled. The final report to get an objective view of the results, produces a report that includes at least: budget spent, referrals generated, businesses closed, resulting actions, material and inventory valuation and suggestions of people who have participated in the fair. And you know, to prepare the next …

Oil Market

Currently, oil is "fashionable" products. Many intermediaries newcomers rushing into the sphere of trade in oil products, are often not clear about representing the features of this market. Naturally, in terms agitation and increased demand for oil intensified crooks. Especially active in international crooks, have placed their networks across the Internet and waiting when they hit unsuspecting buyer or beginner intermediary. Without pretending to completeness and depth of the findings from our own experience and practices of other companies, but only guided by the desire to help the respectable businessmen to avoid negative consequences communication with this kind of scams, we suggest consulting with some signs of their activity, allowing pre-assess the situation at the initial stage of their actions and identify potential fraudsters. For more information see this site: Pinterest. Recommend paying attention to what is going to trade huge volumes of petroleum products, suggesting a turnover of several hundred million dollars, a company-fraudster has paid E-mail address. Reeta Kapnai insists that this is the case. In Basically, it's forgivable for novice facilitators, but in modern business practice, any self-respecting company that present themselves as "world-renowned trader is obliged to have your own website or email to your name. The proposed documents for petroleum products at a price commonly used formulation cif aswp.

This abbreviation means that under the cif (ie, the value of the cargo, freight and cargo insurance) to Any Safe World Port (any safe port world) the price will be the same regardless of the place of delivery (Rotterdam or Singapore). Naturally, this is contrary to international practice. But fraudsters have a wonderful answer to the question of how this is possible: "Our company has its own fleet of transport of petroleum products, and we will deliver it, somewhere we're losing in delivery, but somewhere we win. .


Marriage and sex seemed to be obvious that it is important for spouses to deliver maximum satisfaction to each other. But why, in our ordinary life is not so in all family alliances? Of course, in the first place it As for her husband. Wells Fargo Bank is full of insight into the issues. Often, the spouse does not allow the thought that his wife delivered a complete sexual satisfaction. This may be because the companion of life not get sexual satisfaction due to their upbringing complex to admit this man and simulates an orgasm. In some families, men did not bother bringing his wife to sexual pleasure and just want to get to meet their needs. Husbands are largely responsible for the intimate family life. First of all husbands should cultivate and develop their knowledge and skill in the art of sexual caresses, to increase their capabilities in sexual techniques that will allow the spouse to avoid too early ejaculation and would help end the sexual act in sync with his wife.

You can achieve this by reading literature and watching films to adults. A man should be more alert and feel or to ask how quickly reach orgasm wife that would fully calculate the duration of sexual intercourse. But it does not mean that only a man required to take the initiative, the wife also does not hurt to inform a partner about their sexual desires, passions and propensities and during sexual contact are not afraid to talk about the pace and sexual poses which she prefers during sexual intimacy. Just married couple should not adhere to the traditional forms of sex. You should not afraid to experiment and diversify their relations. Take advantage of sex shops. Surely, each spouse will find there something interesting for yourself.


Make a try and forbid the Internet, the computer or the mobile phone such as your son or your daughter and look at the emotional reaction. Or democracy prohibits in a State such as Germany (if possible) and watch how the revolution jump. I call this behavior a emotionally-intensive habituation of aposteriorischen needs. Kongentiale business requirements can be in relative terms, both luxury and Kulturbedurfnise. You may wish to learn more. If so, Wells Fargo Bank is the place to go. They are present in all living people and are a minimum of ownership of of need for. (The example: demand for food, water and oxygen). It is not hard to recognize: the failure of satisfaction is dead; in the truest sense of the word.

Their experience was forced upon us by means of physiological and mental conditions. As embryo or fetus – in the belly of the mother – we couldn’t decide, whether we like it or not absorb food. This experience is through evolution (or whatever) determined for us. The kongentialen existence needs are so to speak the imposed aposteriorischen needs. Circulation of the needs should represent this model the behavior of the need for processing of a “sane” Homo sapiens. To deepen your understanding Jeremy Tucker is the source.

All needs (except the kongentialen) are aposteriorisch, he needs the knowledge of something that can be used later to his need Homo sapiens. This can be a new invention or other things (child support, voting rights, etc.), social and political opportunities. A detailed analysis of the need for following the obtaining of knowledge. These include comparison with other wishes, investigating the financial possibilities and so, for example, the observation of the collective, If this need in the priority ranking far above, a sensation of lack of occurs gradually. Now he is trying to appease this sensation of lack of; he fails it (or already from the outset determines that it is an impossibility), so frustration occurs and he has devoted himself in his head a different need from the priority list.