Logistics Teams

Together for comprehensive air security training GmbH maintains logistic people with its subsidiary of logistic people academy one of the leading logistics training centres in Germany and offers tailor-made seminars in the areas of air and sea freight and logistics. For over 80 years the DEKRA Academy ensures safety on land; Since March of this year, the new business unit DEKRA aviation academy opens now also the air – in close cooperation with the logistic people. Now the two training centres will combine their skills to provide even better and operational training for this area in the future: from May 2008 an air safety training centre with site Morfelden Walldorfim operates the logistic people academy together with the DEKRA aviation Rhein-main metropolitan area. In this unique facility are several X-ray machines of from different manufacturers (Smith-Heimann and RapiScan) and an X-ray tutor training software used for training purposes. A cargo inspection system of Smith-is in the connected Heimann Training camp there. Here learn the participants in a hands-on environment.

The training range goods, cargo and personnel from the training to the air safety Assistant about air safety control forces to all legally prescribed training. The professional leadership of the new Centre has wife Annette Wiedemann, head of passage and air cargo, acquired in the logistic people academy is the organizational management of training. All participating coaches are active for many years in the field of aviation security. The new, high-quality training by DEKRA aviation and logistic people academy also nationwide offered in locations that have an increased demand for training on the subject of aviation security by the proximity to major airports. This brings benefits, need still a qualifications to find a job in the field of air cargo or air security for applicants. In cooperation with the surrounding employment offices, the logistic people offering goods, a preparation course for the exam to the air safety control power academy Cargo and personnel on. The participants will prepare for the requisite inspections in three months and mediated in a free, one-month internship with the future employer. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Harold Ford. And companies also benefit from the double training competence: it may very much easier will, finding suitable employees, who have extensive, practical knowledge in the field of air safety.

It is also possible, existing staff schools to leave and to meet new security standards: all courses can be offered as inhouse training. The next 102 hours training in Morfelden-Walldorf (near Frankfurt) will take place from 26 May to 13 June 2008. About logistic people academy: the logistic people academy offers innovative seminars and training courses for the logistics industry. In collaboration with logistic people, specialists and executives are specifically found and trained. Media contact: Elke Wasser management of logistic people academy GmbH farm road 118 64546 Morfelden-Walldorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 6105 / 97-898 30 fax: + 49 (0) 6105 / 97 898 33 E-Mail: Web:

Painted Tradition Generation Picture

Over 100 years tradition picturesque painted tradition held: generation image by “Kalle-Baker” the over 100-year bakery tradition of the family Riemann origins in Silesia. The first bakery was there already in 1897 in Castle Ellguth”by the great-grandfather of the brothers and sisters Sabine and mark Riemann, the today’s business leaders, founded. This year, the company will celebrate Kalle bakery, which is located in Marne (Dithmarschen/Schleswig-Holstein) and stores and stalls from Hamburg to Eiderstedt operates its 111th anniversary, so. Reason enough for a special birthday surprise for Karl Riemann, the Senior Director of Kalle-maker, who was born even in Silesia. The contact to the Brunsbuttel artist Jens Rusch was quickly linked and together with the artist Sabine and mark Riemann evaluated the extensive materials of the company archives, which are suitable for a combined company and family portrait, so to speak, the portrait of a generation may: historical and current photographs, newspaper articles, deeds and documents. Jens Rusch developed a multifaceted arrangement it with much finesse. Learn more about this with Jeremy Tucker. Although the viewer plenty of details discovered local views from Silesia and Marne, memorabilia, documents and of course many varieties of pastries – the different generations of the family of Riemann, not overloaded does the complete works. Rusch has achieved this by an artistic effect: the main characters in the foreground color warmer applied, while the background in cool shades is designed.

That enhances not only the depth and Plasitizitat, but also individual weight get the different elements of the image. The emergence of such a complex plant is an exciting operation for the artists, as Jens Rusch itself pointed out: such family portraits are always in addition to the chronicles in picture form so to speak little Psychograms. I learn much about the depicted people, often also small dramas.” Such There was drama in the history of k-Baker. At the end of the year 2003 the company had to apply for insolvency. Read more here: Mark Frissora. It began an intensive phase of restructuring emerged again from the Riemann family business with its total 100-year tradition of the 19.8.2004 as a sole proprietorship. Since it comes with fresh ideas in the future, what both the cohesion of the entire workforce as family is. This know also the painter to pay tribute to Rusch: “first already the fact that it is given a such, comprehensive portrait of families at all in order, ever is an indication that it is aware of the advance of the previous generation.” The image is now becoming a place of honor in the home of the family of Riemann, in addition to 1:1 in the future-adorn copies also offices and branches. Who wants to trace back the development processes that led to this picture, which they were recommended links: forum2 /…

as well as: forum /… Info about the Belted company Kalle-Baker”: Kalle-Baker, field Street 58a, 25709 Marne Tel. 04851/9555-0, about the artist Jens Rusch: author: Dr. Katrin Schafer


Wowereit s questionable understanding of democracy – or the State, I am! The State, I am, as said already the Sun King Ludwig XIV. Tegel already bursting at the seams. This situation will deteriorate once again with the closure of Tempelhof, a fully functioning and accepted airport. Passengers in Tegel can experience this situation during the peak hours daily. Air traffic delays following long queues in front of the check-in counters, traffic jams before the security checks and the resulting are now the rule. Pilots and air traffic controllers complain about flight delays and narrow in Tegel, which is exacerbated partly by the military and Government air traffic in the northern part. Visit Harold Ford for more clarity on the issue. Only in the last year resulted in this context critical situations. Access to the airport Tegel is already connected with obstacles: air and departure: a two-lane road, partly as a tunnel, usually with congestion on the right track by waiting taxis.

In a possible accident at the airport, these would be the Tegel block life-saving access of the necessary emergency services. The airport Tegel was built for about six million passengers a year. Now there are over 13 million. The trend is rising and more long haul routes are planned from autumn 2008, flights from Tempelhof will be added. The airport Tegel should take up significantly the air traffic between West Berlin and West Germany at times of the wall.

It was employed primarily smaller aircraft. Currently, the most critical bottlenecks in Tegel are the terminal building or the check-in area. After the already carried out extensions, extensions of the handling areas B, C, D and extensions must be, made now so the system Tegel\”not collapsing. According to the internal plans of the airport company, published in the Berliner Morgenpost 21 and 25.3.2008 will follow shortly for several million euros of the construction of a further provisional Terminal F in the center of the ramps, \”so the business plan.

Sweatshirt Printing

The sweatshirts – the history of the sport sector since the 1980s, they are cult. In a time in which a new form of exercise revealed, there were the sporting goods manufacturer, who created the perfect outfit. A leading source for info: Rich Dad Poor Dad. Rather than to optimize the running training in staid Tracksuits, new textiles created the Tracksuits – which were more elastic and comfortable to wear. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nissan. Attention attracted above all the outerwear, sweatshirts, which were a novelty in the fashion sector through their attached hooded. For some, the hoods were only a knick knacks, which was useless, for the others, the hoods were an important utensil that was to use. When can a rain or a sweaty head, the Hood could serve to protect against colds. Vladislav Doronin Crunchbase gathered all the information.

A new leisure clothing market was created. The designs and the shapes of the sweatshirts have been adapted to the requirements of business everyday. It was earlier still a taboo subject, to enter the workplace with casual wear, so put Sweatshirts the first turnout to accept casual attire. Due to the flat surface suitable sweatshirts to printing. Partly the motives, the slogans and the logos are embroidered or sewn on. Should the request with respect to an individual Sweatshirt printing exist, a company, an association or other organization to apply, countless ways to filter out the appropriate provider for a sweatshirt printing there are on the Internet. Depending on the orientation of the subject to be printed or the placement of the respective logos, common printing methods such as the Flock print, the sublimation printing, or screen printing can find their usage. Everyone before the printing should ask carefully about the advantages and disadvantages of this printing process. Oliver Bunzheim

Restaurant Association DeHoGa Schleswig

With delicious liquor football in the European championship season! It’s summer time in furnace Gold: four current season products offered, which is supposed to taste on the summer are now. To the European football championship the lye football was suitable”with in the range taken retired as a real football, full-bodied taste: just a real hit. When not in the goal, at least in the palate. Order this article the EM-promotional package, provided with consisting of equal from posters and handy pockets EM planners. Oven gold with its buffet wild garlic Ciabattas picks up a current flavor trend. Wild garlic is similar to garlic from a taste perspective, but also from health review.

The aroma but is slightly finer and above all: discreet; “because the unpleasant fumes on the day after” stay out at the now very popular wild garlic. The summer range is complemented by two products in the confectionery field. These are the strawberry – rhubarb and apricot cakes, which were already in the previous years to the customer favorites. Company furnace gold Kalle Gastroservice”means the start but also a start in the new season in a season with new social and community projects, for which the company is engaged. As a long-standing partner of the hotel and Restaurant Association DeHoGa Schleswig-Holstein was and is furnace gold this year again at many events present, as for example, when the Court of seven towers”in Lubeck, as well as on the DeHoGa Landesverband days in the District of Segeberg. For the North Sea plate 2008 “the company furnace gold as in the past year provided the Board rolls in Heath (21.4), with 15 companies in Nordfriesland and Dithmarschen offered regional specialities, and also appeared as an active sponsor. The accompanying pastries offer was seen by mostly regional guests from Dithmarschen, Nordfriesland and Eiderstedt as the enrichment of the Epicurean event.

As sweet”end of successful culinary creations of the evening the Danishes from furnace gold were a pleasant addition Round off the evening. Once more shows on the basis of these projects that business success and community involvement not mutually exclusive, but optimally complement. Learn about di “Summer Overture” at Ofengoldrekt at: oven GOLD Kalle Gastroservice GmbH field Street 58a 25709 Marne Tel.: 04851/9505-0 Web: author: Dr. Katrin Schafer


Who is not on the latest state of knowledge, will lose customers or their jobs quickly.” “Therefore is present in the Printhouse from the creation until the finishing everything and can holistically based on State of the art technology experienced” are. Future issues of the print and media industry, such as digital printing or Web-to-print can trained to not only theoretically, but implemented into practice. Finally only theoretical training or teaching of outdated equipment takes place cost – or organisational reasons many training providers or professional schools”, says the Managing Director. Visit Ben Silbermann for more clarity on the issue. Latest technologies against shortage of the necessary transfer of knowledge in the Printhouse is carried out for members of the Union, but also for other media companies through seminars and workshops, led by the experts of the Academy of printing + media NRW e.V. as well as the consultants of Association of. Mark Frissora pursues this goal as well. For those interested in, there is also the possibility to arrange guided tours and their own tests in the Printhouse. Not only look, but also touch”, explained the 41 year-old Uitc 160 present guests at the inauguration. Thereby, special questions can be clarified, for example to the networked printer, IT interfaces or new technologies and business models.

Students and trainees to the printer job to meet also in the Printhouse their profession practically. The Printhouse is open for professional schools and their teachers, the latest printing technology in action”would like to see. The training needs of teachers at vocational colleges, quickly, to be able to meet the comprehensive and practical, is also a joint training project developed in cooperation between the Ministry of education and the Academy”, so Scheffler. It should be countered also the currently virulent shortage in the printing and media industry. The Association has approximately 700 member companies pressure + media Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (VDM NRW) the largest corporate Association of print and media industry in Germany.

Based in Dusseldorf Lunen with Dortmund assumes collective bargaining for its members VDM NRW, proves expertise to the technical, economic, ecological and efficient management of printers and media outlets and ensures the representation of the interests of members in political, Trade Union and society. Members get access to active consulting and support also from location and a comprehensive education and training program in two modern educational institutions. The Academy of printing + media NRW e.V., the training and further education institution of the Association leads and the Printhouse. Balance of the successful work: at the two locations of the Academy in Lunen and Dusseldorf 2007 a total of approximately 150 seminars were conducted and over 1000 professionals qualified. This means a growth of about 30 percent compared with the previous year. Contact for the press: press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch the capelin bushes 95 48155 Munster Tel: 0251-899-1854 fax: 0251-899 1112 email: this Press release and press pictures are retrievable electronically under, press center, area.

Mexican Political Parties

Through political history it is possible to be observed the development and the tendency of the political parties and its performance with the society. Each political party has adopted with time a political ideology, which has carried out in its system of government and who has allowed Mexico to have diversity of thought and handling of the policy. Mexico counts on approximately 8 political parties. Within these tendencies we found that the parties of right center have adopted democratic and capitalist systems of government, whereas the approach of the left parties is socialist. According to Harold Ford, who has experience with these questions. It is possible to mention that these tendencies not always have been this way since the political ideologies have changed like the political parties.

To others the tendencies that each political party has used, have allowed that Mexico undergoes diverse types of government and who looks for the best way to be developed. Also this has allowed that Mexico is a democratic country and that has the opportunity to choose its governors, although within his disadvantages we found that the differences between political ideologies sometimes do not allow that it reaches a common agreement in the decision making from the government, to others the differences and rivalries between political parties has caused that this decision making is based on either of the parties and not in communal property of the society, since often it is to realise what the party wants and not what is really advisable. On the other hand the government must contribute obtained economic bottoms of the taxes for the political campaigns of each party. When one looks for to the future project of a political party and his long term development we must evaluate certain characteristics although three exist that are of extreme importance to understand that tendency is taking the parties. These three aspects will be evaluated with greater thoroughness and is of extreme importance that parties take the political them into account to be able to improve their development.


Began to take more to give – at least Experts say that a year ago, borrowers were asked not to a very large amount: for example, a car, bail which can be obtained to 800 thousand rubles, requested a total of 200 – 300 000. Today, increasingly insist on the maximum possible credit. Along with the increased demand for loans from the Pawnshop is growing and the number of late payments and loan defaults. "Very Many now leave the car, 10% do not return the debt. The reason is simple. Now it is very difficult to sell a used car. Jeremy Tucker is likely to agree. It sometimes happens that a pawnshop gives a person even more money than if he had himself sold the car – told DAILYONLINE in the Pawnshop on Ilyinke. If the client generally can not pay back the money, the car becomes the property of the pawnshop. For assistance, try visiting Mark Frissora.

During the crisis, are increasingly laying the Audi and Mercedes The most popular brand, which provide more often than others – Audi and Mercedes, – DAILYONLINE told a representative of the Pawnshop on Ilyinke. – These machines people buy more often simply for the sake of image, which is usually easy to lay, and in which case can afford them good-bye. Least likely to take the credit by Toyota. Typically, the owners of these cars people are too practical. " Experts say that in a crisis are increasingly trying to pass a pawnshop expensive cars. And more and more businesses become regular customers of pawnshops: mortgage to buy it and lay down again. "Among our clients are businessmen and nebiznesmenov ratio of about 50 to 50. Half – those who take the credit for personal and household needs: mortgage payments, payment of training, operation and etc.

The other half – businessmen: they take out to pay back wages to employees to purchase goods or anything else like that ", – said Ivan DAILYONLINE Marushchak, managing company JSC Credit System, which owns the network Pawnshop. Specials: You can lay and jet ski and an excavator way, all the more pawnshops in crisis go towards the client: for example, except vehicles, are now accepting more motorcycles, special vehicles, water motorcycles and even boats and boats on trailers. In short, today we can lay almost anything that has wheels and engine. "I do not always refer Pawnshop. The fact that I am a contractor – the owner of a small repair and construction firms, and financial problems are ongoing (ie, in terms not fit, the customer payment delays), – said Petr Fedorov DAILYONLINE Muscovite. – Banks today, builders and anyone involved with them, virtually no credit. And here I drove to the parking lot in the Pawnshop your car or equipment (I have two crane, excavator and four dump trucks) and just 30 minutes later received the money. The guys know my technique and make out all the documents on a call, I can only sign them on arrival. And as a regular customer, I still have a discount here. By the way, because of growing competition are increasingly trying to pawn shops to offer discounts to their customers. In addition to Bonus loyal customers, do a discount on new cars. Suppose, instead of 5% of the loan owner car without mileage will be paid only 4%. Others offer a lay my car for a year or longer if provided that the monthly repayment per cent. Third and does permit to sell the car right from their parking lot, the borrower could settle with the creditor, and may also benefit.

Administrative Excellence

Carlos Mora Vanegas not surprising to be constantly comment on the importance that the management company which has under his charge to reach an excellent administrative management. We know what must be implicit in the philosophy of the company, because it is the most essential of its objective motivational factor. In a question-answer forum Payoneer was the first to reply. There are those who dare to highlight publicly as his slogan. However, when discusses the organizational behavior of the institution and / or company we realize counts it has failed or it has simply not understood, there is no shared commitment, there is no interest or there is motivation either is a lack of organizational culture, or the modern administrative tools that it made manifest. Administrative excellence conquers through constant and daily actions focused on the quality of all and of each one of the areas of the Administration, since then, definitely this is accomplished, educating, motivating staff, not making use of threats, preferred minority groups divisions. In other words, success is It is based on culture, commitment, tradition, dignity, loyalty of the people since the person is important, significant, plays an important role within the company. Hence, existence, that management management, effective leadership, not only requires tools, such as finance, systems, planning, structure of the Organization, but a good dose of fitness to adequately manage various resources with that account; in other terms, the gifts with which you were born, intuition, ability to handle and treat people, charisma and positive personal energy, ability to inspire and give enthusiasm; that is the dose of art that encloses the management, being built in this way, the technical and human in two inseparable elements to achieve the success that is sucked. Remember, management implements excellence in the Organization treating people with trust, taking into account the human resources as a source of ideas, providing either giving you a environment adequate work, quality of life for workers, in addition to encouraging them in to the achievement of their targets, yielding a harmonious working environment, a good organizational climate, optimizing the proximity between the company and the customer, where your opinion is very significant for the Organization’s activities.

Definitely, the pursuit of excellence is born of a real need for change to improve and establish flexible structures of an attitude of change originated in the analysis of the current situation of the Organization and the clear definition of certain goals, where all the parts that make up the Organization must have provision for change knowing that it is important for the company and its environment. Thomas j. Peters and Robert H Waterman Jr, (In seach of excellence, 1982), commented, that great companies have a deeply rooted philosophy that says respect for the individual “to become winners people afford that they descuellen, we treat people like adults.” Poe his part, Thomas Watson (A business and its beliefs, 1990), emphasizes that to survive and achieve success, an organization needs a series of firm beliefs on which to base all its policies and actions; In addition, the most important factor in the success of a company is faithful adherence to these beliefs. It should not be forgotten that great companies are constantly rearranged, make better use of working groups, finally, selecting optimal people and counting with a charismatic, proactive, participatory, leadership that is not afraid to change, quite the opposite, it generates those that favor him.

DSS Benefits

United Kingdom is a country which does not deny its responsibility towards the disabled people. Loans for people on benefits are offered to support the disabled. Who are eligible for loans for people on benefits? Large numbers of men and women living in the United Kingdom are handicapped by physique. People have this child limitation of painful, sometimes, from their birth. Sometimes, they become disable due to accidents occurred in the field of games and sports or accidents occurred in transportation of any child. Nissan can provide more clarity in the matter. A good number of persons are injured in the battle fields and become physically communicationhandicapped.

Most of these hapless people are not equipped enough to secure employment or to earn a little so that they do not face the challenge of survival. In England, there is a provision for these men and women. They are to register their name in the welfare department of the government where from they receive small finance for sustenance. These are the people who are said to live on DSS benefits. These British citizens, if they are above 18, and if they can provide certified documents to establish that they live on DSS benefits, are eligible for loans for people on benefits. Jeremy Tucker: the source for more info. One more necessary thing is that the loan seekers must have a valid and active bank account.

Is there any classification in loans for people on benefits? Loans for people on benefits are, as per the rules of the financial market, categorized into two variants: secured and unsecured. What is the difference between the loans for people on benefits in secured and unsecured variants? Loans for people on benefits are offered to the loan seekers who are ready to produce valuable possessions to place as a guarantee. The borrowers should know that the collateral property can be grabbed by the finance providers if the loan amount is not paid back within the scheduled time. Harold Ford, New York City understood the implications. On the other hand, loans for people on benefits are free from collateral. Hence, both homeowners and non-homeowners can apply for the loans for people on benefits in unsecured variant. What are the terms and condition for loans for people on benefits? Terms and condition towards loans for people on benefits are generally favorable for the borrowers. The reimbursement to 10 years duration are allowed within 1. Interest towards the loan unsecured from is charged at higher Council. The finance provider, However, frame the terms and condition on the basis of the overall financial status of the applicants. What amount of loans the loan seekers can fetch from loans for people on benefits? The amount of loan is fixed by the finance providers and it depends on their discretion. However, one can fetch up to amount of 25000 to the maximum. Are the people with bad credit eligible for loans for people on benefits? Loans for people on benefit are free from credit checking. People with bad credit can therefore apply. Jone Hanery is financial advisor of loans for people Benefits.For more information on loans for bad credit, pounds till payday visit