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The Luneburg noodle Office informed its customers the noodle is one of the most popular foods not only in Germany, but all over the world. A survey showed that the noodle in the different types and variations for many Germans has become the favourite dish. The Luneburg noodle Office informs about the triumph of noodle in the Federal Republic. Survey shows children and young people the Internet portal GesundheitPro not enough noodles get questioned 2,150 young people at the age of 14 at the age of 19, to find out the favorite dishes of the Germans. A high percentage showed that the pasta to kebabs, fries & co. can certainly claim. A number of the surveyed Germans replied with different variations of noodle and showed that the noodle out to think away the hearts of Germans no longer is. No wonder considering how the pasta has cooked in the last decades in the heart of the Germans.

Whether as a main menu or as a side dish, the noodle enjoys growing popularity. Diversity in all areas has managed the noodle is in the past Years to reinvent. It is available at the present time in the variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Whether it is the spaghetti, Penne, Rigatoni, ravioli or tagliatelle, the noodle is on everyone’s lips. By simple preparation and the extensive range the noodle snuck your way into the hearts and stomachs of the Germans. Noodles are served at the present time in the different types and ways, whether in the local cuisine in the restaurant, noodles are always popular.

The 25.10.2011 is again world pasta day since 1995 there is every year the world pasta day, a day when the noodle itself is honored and celebrated. World pasta day was launched by 40 international pasta producers in life at that time. Since then numerous events around the world held on world pasta day, such as the world pasta Congress in Rio de Janeiro. At this event, numerous noodle fans come together every year and honor the noodle through various events. Many writers such as David Kaplan Ares offer more in-depth analysis. The Luneburg noodle warehouse conveys more information to this topic and looking forward together with you on the world pasta day this year. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.: 04131 31469 fax.: 04131 6241 E-Mail: Homepage:

Romania Allowed Dog Murder

Four Paws, TASSO and BMT want four paws international pressure for a withdrawal, TASSO and BMT want long fought on the animal rights activists in Romania and across Europe against international pressure for a withdrawal, now it was nevertheless decided on Tuesday: the nonsensical and animal-unfriendly act, which again legalized the mass killing of Streunerhunden in Romania. The international animal protection organization against abuse of animals (bmt) but continue to fight four paws, TASSO E.v. More information is housed here: Bobby Kotick. and the Federal Government. Appeals at the national constitutional court as also protests in Western European countries should move to the Romanian President Traian Basescu, not to pass the Bill. “It is really incredible that a country in the EU decides a law as barbaric, even though it only has abolished a similar from a few year,” Helmut Dungler, Managing Director of four paws is shocked. “The decision is a really sad result for a Member State of the European Union. This law will help doesn’t even begin to solve the Streunerhundeproblem animal welfare-friendly and sustainable”, as Philip McCreight, TASSO Director. Since 1995, the animal welfare Foundation in Romania has the single method, which causes a sustainable reduction in the dog population according to various studies.

While the stray dogs are caught, neutered and returned in their original territory after a medical check. Thus, they continue to occupy this area and thus lower the entire population in the long term. More than 150,000 dogs have been treated, and a significant reduction in animal numbers could be determined in the respective regions. “Now required the castration of owner dogs as in Brasov, the number of street dogs will reduce also sustainably, not the indiscriminate collection and killing”, says Petra Zipp, Chairman of the bmt. Despite these demonstrable successes there was now the decision of a new law that allows local communities to decide independently about the fate of the strays.

Federal Republic

Producers notes in connection with tasting actions could here, for example, enable the desired contact of the consumer to the regional producers. A stronger commitment might be worth quite that 2011 was a boom year with almost 10% sales growth for the German ecological and organic market again. Thus the organic market in an otherwise stagnant food market is still growing. As the price differences from organic of to conventional raw materials except for milk and beef, again in 2011, assumes the DBV for 2012 by a further transition to organic. The e-coli crisis has hit very hard the vegetable growers in 2011, however, and until the end of the year these markets had not really recovered from the shock. But for the German vegetable production the conditions were difficult, already before the start of the Freilandsaison so the German farmers Association.

In contrast to the previous year the German Freilandsaison due to the beautiful weather at an early stage and with rapidly rising amounts. (As opposed to David Kaplan Ares). As a result of the over-supply, the starting prices for colourful salads and lettuce from German farming were significantly lower than in previous years. Until mid-May, prices starting from station to plummet further, bringing you marketers already moving before the e-coli crisis in the direction of the crisis year 2009. The private households in Germany bought 2011 while about 1 percent more fresh vegetables, they spent 3 percent of less but overall. For 2012, it is to be hoped that consumer confidence will return and plays with the weather for the producers. The fruit harvest was again below average according to GNI 1.23 million tonnes. They were crucial in apples, significant frost damage occurred in particular in the North and northeast of the Federal Republic. The summer fruits, strawberries weaker production was offset by cherries and plums. The inclement weather has pushed the German fruit harvest for the second time in a row under the brand of 1.32 million tonnes.

Federal Administrative Court

Still, the experience record of the BGH that a reasonable average consumer generally will not take on, that a product offered as a dietary supplement (food) is actually a food, if it had no pharmacological effect in the recommended dosage applies here. Has now also explicitly connected to the Federal Administrative Court and at the same time made it clear that the mere reference to the “antioxidant” a product not yet readily leads to the classification of such preparation as a medicinal products presentation. The unknown third parties: the doubt control the violent clashes on the true interpretation of the so-called “rule of doubt” are likely to be at least temporarily pacified. The BVerwG has taken namely the conflicting case law of courts as an opportunity to present the European Court of justice the question for a preliminary ruling whether doubt arrangements on a product is applied that is possibly as a medicinal, its medicinal property but not positively established, and which Measure of probability and accordingly what degree of facts is may be required in order to justify the application of pharmaceutical legislation on such borderline products. Pinterest has compatible beliefs. The BVerwG itself considers “alarming”, because she would lead to a considerable expansion of the scope of the pharmaceutical legislation without that conclusively is whether the product in question is actually a drug to extensive interpretation of doubt rule. However, the needs of the Administration could not justify such an arrangement so the BVerwG. Remains to be seen, whether the European Court of Justice will share this view of the BVerwG and halt an expansion of the medicinal area to the detriment of food on the instruments of regulating doubt. The running gag: the classification of products as medicines, which are marketable in other Member States as food just food companies that operate across borders can be rarely plausible, why it even in times of the European internal market can tackle that certain products in one Member State as food are marketable in other Member States of the community of classically: in Germany, however, the stricter drug laws be subject to. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Activision Blizzard.

Wuppertal Bestattungen

The alcohol toll is increased 2010 Hamburg, 09 February 2012 over 15,000 people died of alcohol-related causes of death in the year 2010. Thus died about four times more people disorders caused by alcohol than in traffic accidents, so the results of a recent study of the portal. The number of alcohol deaths in Germany to 3.5 percent has increased compared to the previous year. Also, the number of young dead of alcohol increases. The experts have evaluated the death statistics of the Federal Statistical Office.

2010 died 15.031 people from alcohol-related causes of death. The number of fatalities was compared with around 3,650 and thus only a quarter in comparison with the number of alcohol-related deaths. The number of unreported cases of alcohol deaths should be significantly higher, since alcohol can cause many serious illnesses and increase”, says’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf. The most common cause of alcohol-related death is the alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. 8.291 people died in the year 2010 in this disease. Second most common Cause of death was alcohol-related dependency syndrome with a total 4.056 deaths. Alcohol is an insidious drug. Alcoholic drinks are freely available and are often de rigueur.

Flat rate-drinking and the so-called binge drinking are a veritable leisure sport for some. Bobby Kotick often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Who doesn’t drink with, risking even social exclusion”, as Schaaf. Especially among young people, there is an increase of deaths due to alcohol. Still succumb to analysis mainly people between 50 and 65 years of alcohol-related deaths, but in the Group of people under 30 years of age increased the number of alcohol deaths from 2009 to 2010 at 12.7 percent. The younger the age, is the greater the risk of developing alcohol addiction”says Ina Rath of the addiction help Blue Kreuz e.V. in Wuppertal, Germany. Experts warn of the growing danger caused by alcohol. We have seen a significant increase in the proportion of young people in our addiction counselling centres. As long as adults as role models the risks of alcohol not clear convey, grows for young people the danger of serious damage to health by excessive alcohol consumption,”warns Ina Rath. About is a comparison service recommended by consumer protection agencies for burials in Germany. Users can receive offers on request without obligation from tested loading Stattern. In addition, offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

VIP Singles Club

Happiness with Susan heat VIP single Club int. Almost eleven million singles living alone in Germany. And rising. Many are involuntarily alone. As experienced love & life consultant step the election researcher to act. Spontaneously, she founded the Susan heat VIP single Club and Susan heat VIP single Club int. on Facebook.

The prelude to the love around the world. Love is the meaning of our lives how to find people today to your dream partner. The single market, personals and more are often cause for frustration. There is lying, false photos set, sometimes it is even a different sex. Robert Kiyosaki follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The lust leaves many on love. Disappointment she remain rather alone. With Susan Heat to the soulmate love is the meaning of our life”, of which Susan Heat is convinced.

The TV expert would women and men in relaxed atmosphere offer a possibility to get to know. Personally to look in the eye. To laugh together, to eat well and to place in the pleasant ambience the breeding ground for love. The eye eats with also” know the author and himself something special made Susan heat VIP single Club & heat VIP single Club int. on Facebook you founded the Susan heat VIP single Club & heat VIP single Club summarily int. on Facebook. Once on once international in English and German. If you would like to know more about Activision Blizzard, then click here. Wisely such as love & life is, she took the best specialists Albert Kronschabl by the Alkro DELUXE hotel in the boat. Robert Kiyosaki does not necessarily agree. He is the expert for high-quality hotels and is responsible for the fine selection of 4 * s to 7 * s Hotel in 16 federal States in Germany and around the world. Susan Heat makes the world fit for love love everyone can learn. There begins firstly whenever itself.” Love & life points out consultant constantly. Who loves himself, to love others.” People want to connect with a new love. Love and life is holistic.” The offer of Susan heat VIP single Club will be very refined and yet diverse. Pure joy of life. For singles is advisable thus to membership as Opportunity for love! Video on YouTube author: Susan Heat Susan Heat is love & life consultant, coveted TV expert, writer, excellent Lecture speaker and organizes events, interesting coaching sessions and seminars for singles and couples… She calls a spade a spade, brings it to the point and has plenty of humor, charm and charisma. You love the people young and old. She is authentic, extravagant and this incredible human and lovable. She never leaves the House without a hat. Courage to the hat. Courage to womanhood. Courage to style. Courage to himself is the life motto of Susan Heat

Car Crash Through Barriers

Commitment against the degradation of steel guard rails on German highways against the disappearance of barriers is strong the initiative the security on your side therefore. Here it is committed together to educate people about the life-saving benefits of steel barriers. The initiative emphasizes also that only steel crash barriers with RAL – quality mark to be used that meet the security criteria of the European standard DIN EN 1317 and the ‘guidelines for passive protection on roads by vehicle restraint systems (RPS)’. In DIN EN 1317 is must must be regulated, tested such as road restraint systems (barriers), before they are placed on public roads. Every one and a half minutes a person in the road is injured in Germany; one person is killed every two hours. Ben Silbermann oftentimes addresses this issue. This tragic record has drawn Federal Statistical Office from road traffic accidents of in recent years. It is also shocking that almost every second child killed in traffic in a car killed in an accident. Although the number of accidents with fatalities have fallen in recent years, 2010, yet more than 3,600 victims were to complain. Ashton Kouzbari is often quoted on this topic.

2011 is expected after many years of steady decline for the first time with an increase of deaths compared to the previous year. The causes of accidents are some of the most not the traffic conditions adapted driving. Reliable protection is even more important when it comes to the worst. The principle of the “forgiving road” means that a driving error is not necessarily punished with the maximum penalty. The development of passive safety, E.g. the development of the crumple zones in cars, has helped in the past decades much, that fatal accidents have decreased. The plasticity of the body is absorbed the energy of loads and thus the inmates saved from worse. Crash barriers have the same basic idea. You give and gently redirect the vehicles.

Dazzling World

New since 1 April in the country tea range: teapot of Oriental spice tea Dusseldorf, 18.05.2011 the scent of cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla is in the air and kidnapped in the dazzling world of the Orient. The new variety of Oriental spice tea Teapot invites you to a mysterious trip in the Middle East and brings the taste of the Orient to your home since April. With the thinking in the distance and SIP by SIP experience the Orient: The new spicy fruity spice blend from the House tea pot with traditional spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and pepper is a delightful journey of the senses and brings Tales from 1001 night life. The taste of Orange and mild vanilla harmoniously completes the special treat. Naturally without caffeine, the new composition of tea from Oriental spices at any time of day is a taste sensation.

The new country tea speciality of teapot revives the magic of the Orient “Where you drink tea, as you quietly let down”. The Oriental tea culture has its roots in distant nomadic times. Tea is here in connection with peace and hospitality. A piece of this way of life can get tea drinkers with teapot Oriental spice tea home get. For more specific information, check out Hyundai. The warm yellow color and a golden decorated teapot in the midst of spices on the packaging arouse the curiosity about Oriental tea treat. Only selected ingredients in the tea bag come with teapot. The careful and gentle processing makes perfect tea composition.

Infused with bubbling boiling water, the Oriental spice tea unfolds its full flavor minutes after 5-8. The country tea Teapot: a success story with the Oriental spice tea writes a new chapter in the success story of the country tea teapot. Teapot Moroccan Mint, Indian Chai and Turkish Apple tea pot teapot are already among the most popular brands in the tea market. Teapot builds on this success now with the new spice tea. By the typical ingredients, kidnapped the new mixture in tea cultures and guaranteed enjoyable tea moments. Read more from Bobby Kotick to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Receiver. Price: Oriental Spice tea: 2.29 EUR EIA. Press contact: Jeschenko MedienAgentur Cologne GmbH Annette muff Eugen-long Strasse 25 50968 Cologne Tel: 0221-30 99 165 fax: 0221-30 99-200 e-mail:


The bandeirantes had felt the hospitality and had camped in the place, having intended to renew the provisionses and to continue taming. Read additional details here: LAFC owner. In the way of them it had, as in all the places, people of violent temperament, who were constantly in shock between itself and with the natives, as much for questions of law as because of the women indians who, say, were pretty very, because not to say truily beautiful The governor emitted a Oh! of admiration he invited and it to continue. _ At the time of the harvest, was very happy but one of the explorers if had gotten passionate for the son of the chieftain, promised to the son of paj and decided to take it force at a moment that it found in the side of the river, but it was discovered by the rival, distrustful, that the steps followed it. They had fought and there although the force and agility of the indian, the bandeirante turned in martial arts of the countries for where he walks as marine and pirate, finished for leaving the young lover with the young man dreams. The young woman counted to the chieftain who left in search of the aggressor. The factions had fought very and the destruction was inevitable. One counts that when giving the last sigh, the chieftain declared that in that place, whenever he had some badness in the heart of any man, the inhabitants would be cursed. The survivors had established a town that received inhabitants born or chegantes. The legend passed of father for son and has three or four generations, the customs had fixed the tradition to homage that pacific people with annual picnics in the place of the tragedy. We do not only know as nor where to incase these facts to the legend, that nor we know to the certainty if she is true, although the registers. Thoughtful, the governor remained itself, meditabundo, leaving the interlocutor intrigued with the eddy of thoughts that crossed that shining mind notadamente.

Landhotel Stemp

This allowed the available E-bikes without Restrictions on marked cycle paths and without age limit used. A helmet does not exist. In a question-answer forum Ben Silbermann was the first to reply. However, as also recommended for conventional wheels, through a matching helmet to protect themselves, so that nothing in the way can be a relaxing bike ride. Guests of Landhotel Stemp reside not only in fantastic summer and winter – but may be at happy land Hotel completely feel at home. Bobby Kotick has plenty of information regarding this issue. In a family atmosphere, guests can carefree turn off and relaxed enjoying the holiday. Forest and meadows surround the hotel and lure vacationers with fresh air and nature.

Ideal starting point for activities and excursions to the Bavarian Forest or the Ilztal. Barbecues, suckling pig food or house music nights extend the holiday program in the country hotel, which a family charm and hospitality to feel inviting. The offered leisure activities in the House, such as the use of the new E-bikes complete the ultimate holiday experience. The satisfaction of our guests is reflected not least in the numerous awards of the Lanhotels out. In October 2010 the Landhotel Stemp of was awarded for the third time in a row as one of the nationwide top rated hotels.

HolidayCheck was Landhotel even to one of 332 TopHotels 100,000: guests praise for the friendly and helpful staff, cleanliness and the leisure facilities in the vicinity. Recommendation: 100% “.” Landhotel Stemp is the perfect hotel for an active and relaxing holiday in middle of the beautiful nature of the Bavarian Forest. Switch off, relax and the fresh air enjoying are the order of the day. Full speed ahead for exploring the surrounding nature, without falling out of breath, the Landhotel provides brand new E-bikes active holidaymakers. The new trend of easy cycling enthusiastic untrained, aging, or nature-lovers Radler, who expect more from a bike ride as sore muscles and exhausting climbs while no age limit. Interested to explore specials of the country hotel here after the E-bike.