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China has understood that if it wants to grow, needs to establish an economic system based on domestic consumption rather than on the export of low value products that generate few economic exchange for its treasury. And in the West going through a financial-economic crisis, "that hit China as a country, which is essentially exporting. …

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Brad Pitt

The actress talks about his professional and private life in a recent interview. In his current work as a Director and screenwriter has the support and advice of her partner, actor Brad Pitt. Does not arise a wedding with Brad Pitt or taken over, for the moment. It is immersed in his next movie, In …

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United Nations

The world led back Now is determined and it acts itself in global terms. No longer there is a territorial space proper as action base. The tendency is to the desterritorializacin. Today they exist NGO that takes part in specific fields in situations that happen in any place of the world. It marks another type …

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