Civil Code

Using the terminology of the nineties "client", "declare the amount" and "put on the counter." Some banks have their own debt collection department, other prefer the services of independent debt collectors. Two or three years ago, lending institutions trying to cope with the problem of non-repayment of debts on their own. How to claim "victim" […]

Can You Negotiate Successfully?

A person needs about 800 hours of training to acquire the habit of negotiating spontaneously. Negotiation techniques are an art in themselves, and control can be a very effective tool in achieving the objectives in a conversation or meeting. What do the gestures? When to say “no”? What are the most common mistakes? How far […]

Offshore Company

Cyprus is not only a beautiful island that tourists love, but also a great place to do business, especially for foreigners. Law on the International Trusts was enacted in the country in 1992, since offshore in Cyprus open continuously, with each year they are becoming more and more. Love Cyprus and Russian businessmen, they began […]

Some Advice for Achieving Financial Freedom

There are many people who ask, “How to Achieve Financial Freedom? and one of the keys to this is to learn how to set and achieve financial goals. There are many people who ask, “How to Achieve Financial Freedom? and one of the keys to this is to learn how to set and achieve financial […]


By the way, Singapore – one of the few countries in the world in the service identifies specific standards. And very hard. They relate to absolutely everything: style, service, inventory and tools, staff development, resettlement areas, etc. In many respects due to the highest level of service annually visited Singapore 6-8 million tourists. Is very […]

Social Insurance

With regard to enterprises – payers of the single tax, they should bear in mind that when calculating the coefficient Ksots they will consider only the rate of contributions to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance against accidents at work. Visit Wells Fargo Bank for more clarity on the issue. In order to apply in […]

Belaruss Economy

The International Monetary Fund forecasts that in the current year Belarus expects a recession. Meanwhile, the decline in production takes place in Belarus for more than two consecutive quarters – from September 2008. Given the rise of other negative factors – the increase in the deficit, reducing the profits of the enterprises – we can […]

The Size Of Your Income Depends On You !

Just think what you can afford, when your income will increase only a few times! How did it feel? What can you do for yourself and your loved ones? Do you know people who work in the same the area that you are, but earn several times or ten times more? How are they different […]