Company TCF Onyx

Confectionery Company TCF Onyx in the market of production and sale of confectionery products in 1992, our motto – the highest demand for our products. At all stages of production, from raw material to output of finished products, highly qualified specialists with vast experience. We use in the production of only natural ingredients, which is […]

Souvenirs and Marketing

Easily our hearing the word "souvenir" has its roots from the beautiful-sounding French souvenir – which means "remembrance". It is a necessary thing, which reminds us of the people and events, which can easily be transported in other times, remembering and reliving the happy days and minutes. Visiting another city or country, whether it's travel […]

Corporate New Year Celebration – Enjoy Exclusive Colleagues

Christmas holidays are approaching! How could please work colleagues that teach them as New Year's gift? If you work hard and get money on the Internet, virtual gifts – downloaded and posted Pictures and images are perfect as a gift to your friends by clicking the link above chat. And if you're working on a […]

Catering Services

Catering company HOLIDAY SERVICE prepared all winter gifts! For you, we offer special prices for the service 'catering Kiev. " This holding receptions, corporate banquets and in Kyiv. The first gift – for convenience users we have updated our website () and it is more comfortable than ever. Now all information on it is structured […]

Original Corporate Events

More than once a year, company executives have to think on the organization and conduct of corporate events. It has long been no secret that the organization of corporate events – is an effective tool of PR-technologies and, above all corporate culture – corporate events and holidays come together to help employees understand who they […]