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Corporation Society

All this is reaffirmed by author Schmelkes, S. in his book social development and education, which raises: some of the problems are generated by the mere fact that the time devoted to the effective teaching is not or that is required for learning to take place, or if you want to officially stipulated. The absences …

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Alexander Meyer

LG Munich confirmed liability, judgment as important signal that regional court Munich I has decided that a stake in three different funds as a private wealth management to look at is, which covered according to the terms of the protection of rights of legal expenses insurance. Not lie in an entrepreneurial activity according to court …

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Brad Pitt

The actress talks about his professional and private life in a recent interview. In his current work as a Director and screenwriter has the support and advice of her partner, actor Brad Pitt. Does not arise a wedding with Brad Pitt or taken over, for the moment. It is immersed in his next movie, In …

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