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Business Intelligence

11 SugarCRM: SugarCRM v.5.2 some of the major trends that ISM has identified within groups of leaders in CRM software have: continuous growth in the integration of Business Intelligence functionality. Many of the tested solutions have developed or integrated into their systems functionality for Business Intelligence mode of procurement of software under the concept of […]

Digital Assistant

PDAs, also called pocket computers, computers of hand or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, personal digital assistant), are small-sized laptops, with around 3.5-inch screen. PDAs were originally designed to serve as a personal organizer but today incorporates many additional features such as mobile phone, Internet access, wireless connectivity, music player and video, camera photos or GPS. […]

Teleround Picks Up In The Range Of LED Bulbs And Launches Online Store

Who knows that, whether in the private or in the business life of rising overheads and saving considerations are not the order of the day. We use one of the expensive consumers daily. And he has enormous potential for savings! The electric lights! Teleround has recorded the complete LED and EnergySaver light means range of […]

Renew Kone Stairs

KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transport, has just been chosen by Metro de Madrid to replace 100 stairs located in different seasons of its network for new units Eco-efficient technology. “It’s about changing a hundred structures for the model 100 Heavy Duty KONE Eco Mod The election is because the model is able to […]

Optical Character Recognition

In this project will be implemented applicatory one that it will make an analysis in a figure that contains TrueType characters and after this analysis the applicatory one will generate an archive of simple text contends the characters shown in the figure. Ahead of this necessity of if digitalizar this information off-line, researchers come working […]


This team must be selected with intention to catch different perceptions with individuals that they directly carry through on activities in the focus of the project, that is, experts of the logistic process, as well as people who carry through activities of support the logistic one, for example: maintenance, production, planning, sales, human resources and […]

Washing Machines

Choosing a modern washing machines, many wonder what technique to give their preference for embedded or detached (Solo). It is worth noting immediately that all models have their advantages and disadvantages. * Professional repair of washing machines and quality service to our service center. Modern washing machines – it sophisticated devices, which include the latest […]

Promote Affiliate Products

If you’ve been selling products for affiliates for a while and you’re ready to increase your income, you should consider some alternatives that will increase the amount of money you make on each sale. One of the best methods for doing this is creating your own product. Easier to create product is your own eBook. […]

Economic Realities Of Lottery Players

If you like something, you should know that many people also like that same thing. There is much research done on this issue to the point that economists are concerned for example, why people participate in lotteries for the first time. The top prize winners are rare, so you must be wondering why people continue […]

Military Museum

had found one kid expiatoria” of its sins. But she was not the unique one. Also sacrificed to one of more loyal his alfiles” , hardest of its players in the non-uniform chess of the boliburguesa policy: The oxygenated Lina Rum. To this it asked for the maximum sacrifice to him, his freedom, when asking […]