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Napier Sends

Use: pastejo and fenao. Plantation: changes with more than 100 days of age spaced (1 x 1,5m). Capim Elephant – Pennisetum purpureum Schum common Name: Elephant, Napier or Capim-sugar cane. The Napier is a variety, the given name of wrong form the almost all varieties of forrageira. Origin: Africa (Rodsia) in Brazil in 1920 from […]

Personal Mark Company

The Best Mark is the Human being Consulting Alysson Branches in Management of People All we has a personality that it characterizes and it influences our attitudes and positions in day-by-day. One is about our Personal Mark, what it defines in them and it identifies in them. the image of this, that is appreciated by […]

Apple Company

The last attack to a great company has taken place, Apple. Antisec (anti-security abbreviation) is the organization who has hung the document where they appear the data and passwords of users of one of the servants of Apple. This group of ciberdelincuentes is made up of hackers pertaining to two organizations: Anonymous and Lulz Securiry […]

Limited Liability Company

But it is more, within these 25 leaves to which before it made reference, the Agency makes express reference to a resolution of the same, the relapse in the procedure of trusteeship of rights TD/266/2.007 that it indicates that is possible to proclaim that no citizen who neither enjoyment of the condition of public personage […]

Money-Making on Stock Marketing

You can imagine, just start you or you’re an experienced operator sitting in front of your PC and in 10 minutes you find a sale of shares that is bound to make money in any market condition to see this opportunity you call your broker to make ordering or you enter into your brokerage account […]

Activation – External Trainee-open

New training program for technical occupations Munich, 23.02.2012 – the magazine cited a recent Kienbaum study on the subject on the 09.02.2012 high potential 2011/2012, that 74 percent of German companies could win about a quarter of their preferred candidates, not for themselves. One reason is the rising demand for qualified employees. An important task […]

Telephone Company

One determined telephone company he gained a competition to install the telephones in an average city. As it had few employees, she decided to open a competition to fill the remaining vacant. The stated period for the registration would be in the maximum of one week. The company walked of wind in poop and there […]

Electric Companies

Started in recent years, strong growth in industrial countries started the process of mass modernize equipment and upgrade machinery. Communicating with representatives of domestic companies from entirely different industries, we are celebrating as more and more companies install modern machines and entire manufacturing facilities. And I must say, they are doing all right! Drastic reduction […]

Utility Company

This garbage must be delivered, that will inside give the destination of the procedures of this utility company. For the development of the project had been taken the following premises and established the following criteria during the planning phase: The quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the garbage that is generated, for walking had been made. […]

Company Decisions

Today's industrial production will not try to imagine yourself without the multi-vehicle fleet, including – and a set of trailers. In order to ensure full functionality, including – Transportation and any and all types of products and items for the purpose – to contractors or customers of any industrial company must purchase a personal multi-vehicle […]