Digital Assistant

PDAs, also called pocket computers, computers of hand or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, personal digital assistant), are small-sized laptops, with around 3.5-inch screen. PDAs were originally designed to serve as a personal organizer but today incorporates many additional features such as mobile phone, Internet access, wireless connectivity, music player and video, camera photos or GPS. […]

Optical Character Recognition

In this project will be implemented applicatory one that it will make an analysis in a figure that contains TrueType characters and after this analysis the applicatory one will generate an archive of simple text contends the characters shown in the figure. Ahead of this necessity of if digitalizar this information off-line, researchers come working […]


This team must be selected with intention to catch different perceptions with individuals that they directly carry through on activities in the focus of the project, that is, experts of the logistic process, as well as people who carry through activities of support the logistic one, for example: maintenance, production, planning, sales, human resources and […]

SMS Application

Thanks to the application you have the opportunity of having the smartphone with the best relation quality / price of the market, since this application allows you to turn an iPod touch into an iPhone. To do this you only need have wifi connection and install Beeztel on your iPod from the AppStore. From that […]

Puppy Making Things Simple

Educate a puppy may sound difficult, but although you often do lack patience, educate a puppy is not an impossible task. Bill Phelan recognizes the significance of this. Knowing a few simple techniques easier we show any trick you want. The first trick is very simple: play with him. Before teaching any trick, play with […]

Only A Pinch Of Learning

I say that only a pinch in the Internet never one just always learn there are new things to learn, there are always new programs that learn to manage and learn its functions. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo Bank). Good for them be honest not be where to begin because there are so many […]

See Word-key

Research of word-key is a subject that confuses many in the Internet (also I, when I started). In the truth – I asked myself almost daily on this subject. The doubt, generally, is something it type: Why I would have to use quotations marks (' ' ' ') to the research word-key – since nobody […]

Nielsen Company

To the rising, the child is inserted in a set of relations, first with its mother (that she is its first ego auxiliary), its father, brothers, grandmothers, uncles, etc.; this set was called of Matrix of Identity. For Colored person, the man is a social individual, therefore he is born in society and he needs […]

Delia Leston

According to a study conducted by the company specialized in solutions for SMEs and freelancers online store creation create a shop online has become an effective solution to find a job in these times of crisis. According to Delia Leston, responsible for operations of, is clear that enterprises do not hire anyone, and […]


In greenhouses operates a closed loop heat generation allows to reduce the energy consumption for heating by 15-20%. In this case, as compared to conventional gas boiler, gas consumption at the plant "Greenhouse" has decreased by 32%. New boiler, built with modern equipment, designed for heating greenhouses with total area of 6 hectares. In further […]