Alcohol License

The license for the sale of alcohol products allows the holder to carry out retail, wholesale, manufacturing and storage of alcohol, while respecting all the conditions of licensing. Federal Law of 22 November 1995 171-FZ "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products," regulates the activities associated with the sale […]

Ukraine Company

Needless to say, that the owners of the apartment, which is located on the roof of this “architectural” scrap metal, and no one was going to ask for permission. It is also, however, as no coordinated with other tenants of the house set on a common roof of powerful radio transmitters, and (again, under the […]

Vladimirsky Cathedral Officials

Devastated by officials from Kiev appealed to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on the eve of New Year celebrations, 47-year-old from Kiev Dmitry Pavlichenkoand his wife together with her two sons (6 and 18) the executive office under the protection of the police actually thrown out of his apartment. After that, all their belongings […]

Construction Industry

For the state, a new system of self-construction is cheap, but it should be emphasized that it was very costly for the participants of the construction market. All the burden of financing the activities of SROs construction and formation of their compensation funds will now be building the company – their members. If earlier, in […]