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Used for painting the walls of kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. Enamel paint is prepared from dry pigments, pounded in oil varnishes. After drying, these paints give a smooth, glossy, beautiful surface. Enamel paint is recommended for painting the kitchen, built-in cabinets, doors and windows. In addition to the paint in the repair of apartments […]

Family Management

The family shapes the personality of the future manager of the individual’s personality is shaped largely in the context of the family. It is in the family where we learn personal definitions, the form of contact with others, managing differences, attitudes and behaviors of effectiveness and success maps. Family life is the natural environment where […]

Administrative Management

The dynamics of current scenarios where companies have a significant operation, due to the conquest of markets, offering its products, all derived from the competitiveness, leading to that management should not neglect the role that represents the internal audit. To do this, consider that the functions of internal audits is to verify their actual behavior […]

Time Management

I do not know at what time they taught me but since I always started very small set priorities in life, when he had anything to not run out to buy sweets or toys that would last I knew very little but what I really needed at that time, a backpack or clothes perhaps. This […]

Electronics Records Management

In this first part will explain why it is increasingly important electronic document management. In the second and last part we give an introduction to process management (workflow) and an example of electronic records management. * The importance of electronic document management * The way we work has changed in recent years due mostly to […]

Hotel Management

In another case I might be, and was delighted, though not a fact. But not this! I planned to see exactly the number that booking. But the race at night have some disadvantages, such as the lack of hotel management and the inability in many cases solve the problem. Hear other arguments on the topic […]

Time Management

Often newcomers are neglected blogging, citing the lack of time. They say that they say they do not have enough time to conduct "a blog". As a result, after the first record throw this thing, or even no begin. According to statistics, 80% of newcomers to stop their blogs after the first record. For even […]

Quality Management

In the same way that the advance of technology is improving every day the tools with which we can transform raw materials, works his administration with the tools for quality. Consider the following table: 1920 Property Inspection Period was characterized by the detection and resolution of problems stemming from lack of uniformity. 1930 Statistical Process […]

Management Personnel

The state itself for itself defines how should be formed its management personnel, and who can claim to occupy high posts. Therefore, the state apparatus disagreeable people will never get of it, and if this happens, the whole state machine will be turned against him. In this regard, human va Chetvernina, asserting that "the apparatus […]

Stress Management Centers

Stress management and positive By: . CPLNCC. Stress is an enemy to the health and welfare, concerned about this problem, the Inter American University has established the Stress Management Centers, one of which is located on our campus. Ours has four students properly trained technicians to help avert crises that may arise (or be made […]