KAI Dental

Approximately three years children can begin even with the dental care. “” The so-called KAI method, in which children according to gradually learn their skills to brush their teeth is particularly suitable for this purpose: first the chewing surfaces with simple back and forth movements brush, then brush the outside of the circle, while painting […]

Fidia Farmaceutici

Fidia, recombinant Hyaluronidase: the future driving force of Pharmacology is recombinant Hyaluronidase from Italy: more efficiency and safety. The CEO of Fidia, Giorgio Foresti: Will foster a valuable asset of Italian research for the industry and the therapy, the investment and the improvement of the quality of life of patients. Abano Terme (Padua), 21 October […]


Working with personality shares and the placement of shares”is very helpful to provide clarification and assistance especially in phases of disorientation. The mechanisms of working with this model and the Alexander technique are prinzipiell the same. “Students can directly anwenden the well-known principles of the Alexander technique: self awareness–> awareness of patterns–> self-control through inhibition–> […]