Urban Environment

Unjust and inadequate coverage of the population translated into: geographical maldistribution of resources, predominance of actions in the urban environment, fragmentation of the family group, different legal positions of Venezuelans against the right to health. One of the problems that facing the country in the field of health is the population’s access to drugs. Follow […]

Complicates Ecuador

Complicated Ecuador 2 August 2009 the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa Delgado is becoming closer to Chavez, and this issue noted in the Ecuadorian economy. The latest decision of the Correa administration, remove it from autonomy to the Central Bank of Ecuador can determine the beginning of the end of dollarization in Ecuador. With the […]


To succeed in the materialization of an idea one of the big secrets is the internalization of the same, this means recording a new belief in our subconscious mind, when this has happened then everything becomes easy, as when a person knows a language or learn to read and write, we can immediately communicate with […]


We must deeply know the markets, to put them at the service of our utopias. Ruben Rodriguez, abstract the dynamics of the current trade scenarios in many countries that make up this planet we called Earth has given way to be active consumerism, make an interest of study not only from the economic, cultural, sociological […]

The Steps

Our thoughts, and with them our purposes, are ephemeral. If not we anchored them, they evaporate. The shape’s anchor is forcing us to remember them. For example, do you know why society was much more religious generations ago? Simply because parishioners were forced to pray (i.e. anchoring) several times a day. Muslims pray five times […]


Move from an employee to an entrepreneur can mean an enormous challenge. I mentioned before that only those with the courage to take risks and a passion for uncertainty can exit the comfort zone that grants the secure pay and venture into the paths of entrepreneurship. However, if you’re really determined, committed to yourself and […]

Employment Security

It is a phenomenon that happens every day in Latin America and anywhere on the planet. Many people get up very early in the morning, eat breakfast if the time reaches, to be on time in his works. Many of these people repeat this routine throughout all their lives. Their days and their lives change […]


Want to lose those rolls that are formed under the arm? Because you can start with this mini exercise program for arms in 8 minutes. 16 Exercises in total with a duration of 30 seconds are each. If you’re in basic level make them without weight, if you’re intermediate USA small weights as the cans […]

The Proper Use of Knowledge

When we began to undertake some changes or different activity with enthusiasm, we are very vulnerable since we do not have the knowledge base, nor sufficient positive mental attitude, decisions of value, that we remain strong in the beginning, because someone always you dira that doesn’t work or you do not can do it, but […]