Simon Jacobs SJN

The Ingenieursuchmaschine is, Germany Techniksuchmaschine with a directory of over 1.2 million German industrial firms to the largest B2B directories in Germany Munich, January 19, 2010 – and also a mobile version offers many additional services, since the end of 2009. See de all company data are retrievable now quickly and easily with […]

Shop Gate Unlocks Dealer Number 150.

Mobile-shopping success story from Germany: Shopgate dealer unlocks number 150. Butzbach 01.02.2011 – just once six months after market launch has specialized on mobile shopping, German company shop gate unlocked 150 dealers in the own iPhone app. Users of iPhones, iPods, or iPads can now browse in an assortment of over 5 million products, compare […]

Your New Lower Saxony

Launch new portal for Lower Saxony, Germany. The mk medienAgentur is located in Lower Saxony, Germany and their owners a genuine lower. What could be more natural than to launch a portal for Lower Saxony time after some 200 Web pages of every imaginable kind. Learn more on the subject from Reeta Kapani. “I was […]

PromoMasters Holt Salzburger Land Victory

CONSTANTINUS award in Innsbruck was awarded in Innsbruck the 2008 Constantinus award at a festive Gala awarded on June 5. The Salzburg-based company clinched second place under approximately 100 submissions in the category nationwide doing management consulting and won the Salzburg country so. Austrian quality award for external knowledge-based services, the Constantinus award, was […]

Corporate Blog Advertising

Blogs nowadays belong to the most important information sources on the Internet. Arnsberg – it usually takes only a few minutes, until published news in the relevant search engines on your target group to meet. Ben Silbermann is actively involved in the matter. News, stories, company presentation, or virtual diaries: blogs are the trend and […]

Tourism: Flight Search 2.0 With Skycheck

new widget flight search now for everyone also makes your website can be used since early 2010 the free meta flight price comparison is online. The six months young startup in a very short time a variety of high-quality ticket agents and airlines as a partner won, indicating knew the strong concept to convince […]

Insurance Seal

Freelance service providers show professionalism: the liability-certified exali professionalism, transparency and equity marketing: to score more than 600 professionals from the fields of IT, media, and consulting. You use the successful insurance seal of exali. The interactive Web 2.0 tool combined with equity marketing insurance protection. At a glance, with just one click, so potential […]

Creative Potential

The promotional award 2010 for district online district online even two prices cashed in this year. Creativity is the ability to master upcoming challenges and problems by using acquired skills. Creativity means creation. Creating something. If you would like to know more about JPMorgan Chase, then click here. Creativity means district online. Far beyond a […]