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The First Occupation License

The first occupation license is one of the main procedures prior to final delivery of housing. Ensure that it is perfectly habitable and its facilities are suitable for use, ie, the license notes that the work meets the requirements of structural integrity, safety and use necessary for habitability. Once construction is completed, the interested party […]

Partial salpingectomy salpingectomy

Partial salpingectomy salpingectomy In this type, which is the method of occlusion of normal use, the fallopian tubes are cut and tied off with suture material. Pomeroy’s technique, described by colleagues posthumously Ralph Pomeroy in 1930, is a version of salpingectomy that is widely used, involves tying the base of a small loop of the […]

Biography Ambroise

Biography Ambroise Par was born in Bourg-heretical, in the French region of Maine, the son of a craftsman and a prostitute. Because of his humble origins had no formal training, so he did not know Greek and Latin, and French used to write his works. By using the vernacular allowed wide dissemination of its treaties […]

Transition to democracy

Transition to democracy Main article: Transition to democracy Patricio Aylwin received command of the hands of Augusto Pinochet, 11 March 1990 in the new Congress located in the city of Valparaiso, beginning the process of transition to democracy. Early in his administration, Patricio Aylwin had to work on a system that kept many vestiges of […]

Pereira Planning

The searched fact was developed by necessidadede if to verify the application of the controladoria inside of the company RecreativoTucuru Club and has as purpose to provide to a vision more internal studied daorganizao, therefore the Controladoria is an important tool in the managing modos for decision taking. The stories of the interviewed people, mostramque […]

Stages In The Creation Of A Company

Through this article I want to present/display a brief guide on the stages in the creation of a company being presented/displayed connections Web that help in each stage of the emprendimiento that one person who always has dreamed about having her great business but that she does not have idea of by where beginning. Well, […]