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Balearic Islands

Forest fires rage in Spain: in the province of Zaragoza, located in the northern part of the country, operates a large forest fire area of 50 square kilometers. The fire quickly spread to other areas, fueled by the heat and strong winds. The threat of fire remains, above all, in Leon and Zamora, as well […]

Choosing A Supplier

First and foremost, what you should pay attention to when choosing a supplier – a regularly updated selection of and compliance with sanitary standards. Many companies that deliver meals to offices and organization Catering offer a wide choice of dishes of Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Greek and other cuisines. Not all firms regularly update its range, […]

Social Insurance

With regard to enterprises – payers of the single tax, they should bear in mind that when calculating the coefficient Ksots they will consider only the rate of contributions to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance against accidents at work. Visit Wells Fargo Bank for more clarity on the issue. In order to apply in […]

Electronic Receipts

Thanks to the amendments to the Tax Receipt scheme has suffered this year, has taken an overwhelming importance. Without hesitation Wells Fargo Bank explained all about the problem. The economic package adopted in 2010 considers this as an important part in its development, but with some key encoding for dispatch is carried out correctly. For […]

Shop Online

When you break the balance of lipids, the skin loses water, and cells of the skin, usually fall out undetected, accumulate as white flakes. Experts in serious skin care say many patients with dry skin inheriting the condition, but stress can also be a trigger. In a recent study, researchers found when people reported high […]


The problem of microbiological safety of water at the present stage of human development is particularly important. Incidence of hepatitis A in Ukraine has a fairly close relationship with the socio-economic and hygienic factors, as well as voltage fluctuations herd immunity, especially among children. In addition, we should not forget about the unique geographical position […]

Belaruss Economy

The International Monetary Fund forecasts that in the current year Belarus expects a recession. Meanwhile, the decline in production takes place in Belarus for more than two consecutive quarters – from September 2008. Given the rise of other negative factors – the increase in the deficit, reducing the profits of the enterprises – we can […]