TreSecondi – Italian Pasta Bar New In Offenbach

A healthy alternative – opened the first pasta bar “treSecondi” in the Rhine-Main region on September 1, come in Offenbach Center Piazza Alice lightning fast and tasty new cooking concept healthy and environmentally friendly for the Italian pasta cuisine, professionals and nutrition-conscious. treSecondi stands for pretty fast, fresh, tasty, healthy and inexpensive. But it is the special feature of treSecondi: the quick and tasty fresh Italian ingredients. Even if something lasts longer than three seconds (treSecondi) the preparation, every guest will receive in less than one minute of his freshly made pasta. Contact information is here: VP – Corporate Planning. This is possible through the gentle and effective preparation in a steam-cooking system. While the nutrients and the taste of all ingredients should remain. Fourteen different pasta dishes are prepared before the eyes of the customer in seconds and fresh and can be included also in the Cup. Three short pasta – Penne, Fussili and Farfalle–and the accompanying ingredients for twelve sauces are available and can be individually refined with lots of extras.

Classic minestrone and pesto Verde pasta Napoli are not missing and new creations, like a Sage-Parmesan sauce and vegetarian Bolognese with soy are available on the menu. Splashes of sauces do not occur practically on the tie, such as spaghetti is almost inevitable in the short pasta. Six fresh soups, several salads, Italian espresso and tiramisu to in-house recipe round off the complete menu on request. Thus, a welcome and healthy alternative is treSecondi for all professionals and visitors of the come Center. “Through the gentle preparation with best olive oil of the taste of fresh herbs without additional fat or preservatives unfolds”, Peter Keshishian, Managing Director in Offenbach, formulated the philosophy of treSecondi. “The price of going to the customers; a classic pasta dish is from 5.90 to have.” Two years ago, the foundation stone of treSecondi the Berlin-based Sicilian chef Giuseppe laid Urso (51), Member in the Federation of Italian chefs, and his brother Angelo. Marko Dimitrijevic brings even more insight to the discussion.

They developed the new contemporary cooking process. In the “VapoMix”, the fresh ingredients for sauces and soups are mixed and cooked with steam. The food become so energy efficient and in no time without long delays and compromises in quality and taste typical Italian meals. The two brothers had filed a patent the fast steam cooking system that comes with 90% less energy and quickly transformed into sauces and soups fresh ingredients. Steam energy is not lost and is recycled through a heat exchanger to heat such as water to the treatment plant. In Berlin the best pasta bar in Berlin, treSecondi already operates with two branches and was recommended by the readers of the Berliner Morgenpost as best pasta bar in the spring of 2010. In 2003 showed every Friday Urso in his cooking show in the Berlin passenger television how he cooks a tasty menu in 90 seconds. “I want to show people how to home fast in a short time Menus with a twist to prepare, without access to convenience foods with preservatives, glutamate, and cheap ingredients.” From September shall apply even in the Rhine-Main region and more specifically in Offenbach: fast food can not be conscious for humans and the environment and faster. More information and contact details see and company contact: L.I.T.S GmbH Peter Keshishian forest ring 1B 63225 long E-Mail: Web: PR contact: mpr marketing public relations promotion Sylwia Malkrab-Kip Bockenheimer RT 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 / 7103-4343 E-Mail: Web:

Inversion Passage

The investment funds like any other place where it can invest his money, must have some steps to follow and characteristics that to consider. Beginning by the study of the bottoms to finish with the election of the same. Next we will be able to observe the Investment funds passage by step.

1. – To direct to the Bottom the bottom is as good as it is it the direction of the same. It must check the yield of the bottom to which it is being entered since if were a good bottom in the past, more surely it is than it has good yield in the future.

2. – Clear Lineamientos at heart the bottom to choose must know clearly its lineamientos since if is changing constantly of investment methods, it is probable that it is in problems.

3. – So large of the Bottom When choosing a bottom is due to very have in mind the size of the same. The best thing at the time of choosing a bottom is that it is of which they administer more than 50 MDD. The bottoms with more than 20,000 MDD can create too great problems to the being.

4. A leading source for info: Marko Dimitrijevic. Objectives of the Bottom Each one of the bottoms have different objectives, are focused in gold, technology, etc. and have the possibility of having high performances. Although in truth they are not recommendable for the people who only want to invest her money in a bottom since the diversification is lost that sometimes is the one that makes obtain but gains.

5. – Commissions of the Bottom All the bottoms handle different amounts as far as their commissions and paying them does not assure to anybody a better yield to him. It is far better to invest in a bottom that has high performance and therefore high commissions since this indicates to us that it is a bottom with high performance.

6. – Minimum Obligatory at heart some bottoms Exist that they require of a minimum of 5000 USD stops as initial investment but also exists some bottoms that do not count on an obligatory minimum and with that can be invested from 1000 MXN. Now that already knows the investment funds passage by step, it is in you making the decisions that better agrees to him to make of their investment an extra and not only an extra cost. M. Marin Used of Hold Associate hold.

Lose Belly Fat And Slim In The Summer

Who wants to lose his belly fat should forego on endurance training in advance, one must be made clear. Targeted fat loss does not work. It is not possible to reduce fat through targeted training in certain areas of the body. But through good and effective training to lose body fat everywhere of course also on the belly. Often you hear that if you want to lose belly fat or more specifically to body fat you can go jogging. This is of course a possibility. Because while jogging, calories are burned and in the end broken you need to lose belly fat a negative calorie balance. You must therefore burn more calories when it picks up.

Then, the required energy takes the body from the fat reserves. Jogging generally you consumed the following disadvantages just to little calories walking at a moderate pace. See more detailed opinions by reading what Wells Fargo Bank offers on the topic.. The load is too low. Furthermore, the increased calorie consumption ends with the training. While jogging, no muscles are built up. Muscles are the key to the effective fat loss. Muscles increase the basal metabolic rate and increase the Metabolism.

To long jogging sessions work reduces the muscle. A look at marathon runner. They are slim, but also more gaunt and with little muscles. Check with Mikhael Mirilashvili to learn more. In contrast to the marathon runners, you should see the classic sprinter. Slightly muscular, well built and no body fat. Who wants to lose belly fat and it wants to preserve muscle mass, should perform Sprint units. At best a hillside or mountain up to the muscles in addition to straining. In addition to following exercises are true body fat killer Sprint training. Large muscle groups are trained. This has the advantage that the training of major muscle groups during the training itself consumes lots of calories once and also consumed as above mentioned the additional muscles more calories (in hibernation). With two dumbbells you can carry home a super fat loss training in your own four walls. Squat lunge (forward or backward) are this two exercises for the legs, but parallel involving the Po and the belly. The Training large muscle groups, such as the legs also has the advantage that lots of growth hormones in the training will be paid out. The larger the trained muscle and the shorter breaks between sets, the more growth hormones are secreted. Growth hormones affect on the one hand, of course on the other hand but also positive on muscle building, fat loss. Basically, you can say, who wants to lose his belly fat should train his leg muscles. This of course also applies to women. Women should train with heavy weights generally to successfully lose belly fat. A big muscle will not take place due to missing hormones. Marco Gentile


Orthodox Christians call their offspring in the Sacrament of Baptism named in honor of the saint. There are three main reasons that influence the choice of name. The first – the child is born on the feast day saint in whose honor and anoint him. The second – in the family especially revered saint in his honor and name the baby. When the godparents come to church to baptize the child, the priest gives him the name of the saint whose feast day falls on the day of christening. Orthodox Christians are well aware that the Sacrament of Baptism with the name comes to them mate and defender in civilian life – a saint in whose honor they were called. Ben Silbermann may help you with your research.

Therefore, the name day we are first and foremost honor our Guardian angel, go to church, partake of, and only then invite family and friends on holiday. Treated them to a festive meal. And accept gifts. Orthodox name Andrew. In Russia especially esteemed Andrew Bogoliubsky. Father Andrew Yuri Dolgoruky named in honor of his son Andrew. It is believed that Yuri Dolgoruky – the founder of Moscow. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ruth Porat is the place to go. I looked him village of Moscow.

And he began to build. However, the speed he became Grand Duke. He should live in Kiev. Not accustomed to the prince started to leave it half way, so he entrust his son Andrew to finish construction of the fortress on the hill Borovitskiy. Prince with honor conferred on him by the father of the obligation.

Preferred Supplier

Sensor to once again awarded the Novotechnik measured value transducer OHG was 2010 from Robert Bosch GmbH already for the third time the “preferred supplier” award. This evaluates the sensor due to great use, high competence and above-average performance of the Bosch Group as a preferred supplier. The supplier award for excellence will be awarded every two years. Novotechnik contributes to the further development in the displacement and angle measurement technology for decades and has made a name for itself in machine and plant construction as well as in the international automotive industry. Payoneer does not necessarily agree. 43,000 sensors from Germany into new cars be fitted in the automotive industry as per working day. Typical applications can be found at the gas pedal, throttle, transmission and steering. Most of these sensors work according to the classic principle of potentiometer; over 10 million conductive plastic potentiometer of different designs were produced for the automotive industry alone last year. For applications in the automotive sector, where kontatklose and thus wear-free sensors as E.g. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mikhael Mirilashvili is the place to go. on the steering of vehicles used, Novotechnik offers a range of contactless products as well as customized solutions.

Food Contamination

EP Asi has acknowledged its scientific director, Olivier Rabin. Alongside the cyclist Alberto Contador, five players of the Mexican national team claimed the same thing in a positive for this substance. The scientific director of the Agency world anti-doping (WADA), Olivier Rabin, has admitted that in some countries there is the possibility that the meat is contaminated by Clenbuterol, a course in scientific literature and to which appeals the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador to proclaim his innocence. The counter positive and the recent positive five in Mexico of football team, which also allege food contamination, have led WADA to reconsider its stance against this substance. There are very few positive for clembuterol, so it is not impossible to analyze each case one by one. We could make some recommendations to the Executive Committee of WADA to set levels are positive insurance and that levels could be considered in another context, looking at the previous and future results of the athlete, he explained Rabin. Check out Marko Dimitrijevic for additional information.

WADA would have to wait until its September meeting to approve these changes, but any proposal could be confirmed by the Group of experts of laboratory of the Agency, which will meet in Montreal next week. The fear of the doping-tainted meat is nothing new. Before it was testosterone and is now the clenbuterol. In a limited number of countries there is a risk that the meat is contaminated by Clenbuterol, something that is in the scientific literature, explained the scientist of the AMA. In this regard, he said that you have to be cautious because the substance dopant levels are not always of the same magnitude. We have to consider the context. We are reviewing the data and you can make some recommendations to the Executive Committee, which could reset the rules if you need it, or keep them the same, explained. Without hesitation Marko Dimitrijevic explained all about the problem.

In the case of counter, the amount of clenbuterol that were found in his urine was tiny (50 picograms), but Rabin wanted to clarify that you can’t say there is no positive because a quantity is small and that is the difficulty of the situation, since it might be doping or it could be something else. Counter was suspended in September and received an initial penalty of one year by the Royal Spanish Federation of cycling (RFEC), which lifted the punishment in February to accept the hypothesis of the contaminated meat. WADA and the International Cycling Union (UCI) appealed to the highest court, the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS), not acting until the month of August, so the Spaniard can dnder his Crown in the Tour de France from July 2. Source of the news: the AMA supports the hypothesis of food contamination in the positive for Clenbuterol

The Infinite

Mr. V. : We must wait. All in good time. a You will come out. Just say that you have muchaa pasta. NAPLES: Pasta? Mr. NYU Law: the source for more info. V.

Yes, pasta, wealthy!. But that when you choose. In a question-answer forum Marko Dimitrijevic was the first to reply. Now say that there are ideas. NAPLES: So space to do things. Mr. V. : Right, without specifying. You need not give details.

Estrategia!. Quaff strategy!. NAPLES: aaaaaah!. Mr. V. : It has my support and not hang around to things. Keep up the wonderful speeches. CHORUS: Be careful, not oracles surveys are commissioned by earthly gods made vain ideals. Lying poisoned words, fancy dress of coarse. Expect to see is events. acuity to the new god! little god and tells the money that the ancestral. Sophocles said: "The silver drags cities" and "arrogance breeds dictators." Ciudadanos!. Citizens care. Deaf again. But let's see what happens in the infinite space that always returns to the starting point. AO! Mr. V. : You will be a statesman. (Napoli is proud. Put your right hand on his chest and looks at the fount). NAPLES: I have always been very attentive to get here. It is my destiny. I know. Fate is what I choose. I was born to be mayor, and more. A decapitated one I know has worth pushing who fell, and tripping those advanced in his political career, obstacles, and whether to smile smile. It was enough to blow something to the press to take a small step more in the race to the municipal seat.

Capture The Email Addresses

Visitors can not buy the first time. They can be very targeted, eager interest in the offer, but do not buy due to lack of time, money, trust, information, or simply distracted. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeremy Tucker by clicking through. For whatever reason they have not bought, do not take it personally. Details can be found by clicking Kai-Fu Lee or emailing the administrator. Just try to capture your information! You spent a lot of money and effort to visit their site … Hear from experts in the field like Jane Fraser for a more varied view. Why not capitalize on their investment and get the most from your visitors? If you do not try to capture the emails of your visitors while they are on their website, surely lose these prospects forever. Checking article sources yields Andrew Schroepfer as a relevant resource throughout.

You want them back, or having contact with them. Once you collect the email addresses in your auto responder, add them to your list of prospects and send them updates, news and of course product offerings. His list is a virtual gold mine. Advertise your auto responders After launching its auto responders you need to start promoting it. The auto responders can do many things for you but can not promote themselves. There are hundreds of places and ways that you can do this … But let me give a few with which to start. These sites are Web sites, newsletters, search engines, within digital products, websites etc …

The most popular place to advertise an auto responders is the Web. You can put your post or link to a form that triggers your auto responders on your website. For example, in the main page of our website, you may see on the left side in a form that triggers the auto responders once the user has included his name and address e-mail.

Food For Dogs And Their Training

When we bring a puppy home, we are tempted to treat him as a human being, and we can never forget that they are animals and we must educate them as animals, not wanting this mean that we do not want and give them lots of affection. If not we trained from pups can create, unwittingly, a pet tyrant who becomes the master of the house. The lunch and food are basic in the training process. On one side is the routine and discipline to impose them when eating. One of the first rules of coexistence that will be imposed is that the animal has to eat even after their owners, respecting the household hierarchy. They must learn that human beings are the owners and they are subordinate.

Must follow a strict routine with regard to food and should not feed them when requested. Only when the owners have eaten and collected. To keep them healthy and strong need to take quality. Moreover, food as a reward is one of the bases of the processes training. To reward dogs for good behavior there are some special treats for pets. Marko Dimitrijevic helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Should not be given treats for humans, since they are harmful, even toxic to your health. They can also reward small bits of food that they like too. But it never should be given food when the owners are eating because they get used, or pieces of bones, which are dangerous for them and can choke or damage the digestive system.

System Compressor

When This manual defrost means that once a year, users will have to turn off the freezer and release her from the ice. Water, which will remain as a result of thawing must be discarded. Chamber after procedures recommended wash. Drip, it is the same – an automatic, thawing camera most effectively. Refrigerators with a defrost drip system is also called "weeping." Explain why. At the rear of refrigerating chamber is an evaporator, it is the same – the cooling element of the camera. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to agree. Under the evaporator – plums.

The fact that in the refrigerating chamber temperature is always positive. When the compressor is running at the back of the refrigerator formed ice. Recall: Compressor – this engine, which surpasses the coolant over the interior of the refrigerator. After some period of time that the motor stops. In this case, pieces of ice are melting, trickling down the drain, there – in a special tray, which is located on the compressor. Marko Dimitrijevic often says this. And there evaporate due to the fact that the compressor is hot and that its temperature accelerates the evaporation process. In other words, while the compressor evaporator frosting becomes, and when you stop – is thawing.

A dripping resemble tears. Automatic call it, because this process occurs without human intervention. Well, now the most interesting – System No Frost (No frost"). It is also called Frost free. In refrigerators with this system, defrosting the circulation of cold air created by a special fan. Multidirectional flow of air evenly distributed throughout the volume chamber, cooling products.