The Companions

To realise the anticipation when one sees that the ball is coming towards where one it is and trying to arrive before the opposite. For this action it is very important to be used with the necessary rapidity. 5- On the contrary always it is necessary to try to surprise it, therefore it is had to try to realise movements that are not very obvious so that the opponent does not guess what one is going away to do. To try to use to surprise, the change of rate, for example to move fast and to pause suddenly when the rival goes away approaching one for at least is hoped it to return to move quickly and to surprise it. 6- If a player has the ball in his power and is playing by the center of the field during a party and sees that in that zone many players are accumulated (companions or opposites), he must try to send the ball to the bands, to the companions who play in that space and from they can there center on the opposite area so that the forwards of the own equipment try the closing on portera opposite. 7- As one already saw at the outset, soccer is a collective sport, is not due to always try to make plays individual when there are better options, whenever it can is necessary to lean in the companions, to use it passes, it looks for walls, it realises triangulations, remembering that in soccer a very clear norm exists that it says: ” Dribling is useless when it happens is posible”. 8- What has been said previously does not mean that never plays of individual form are realised, that also is due to try without fear, with confidence and surely mainly if the soccer player it always has specificationses that allow it, but looking for the benefit of the equipment and the personal lucimiento and not knowing at any moment as they are the appropriate situations to realise the plays during the development of a party.

Integration Minister Hahn Visited The Angel AG

FDP man for the third time at the Spa municipal company new location in Cologne bad ORB – note distribute sounds simple, but it isn’t. That the entire budget advertising a whole science behind, brought closer the bathroom Orber Angel AG Jorg-Uwe Hahn. On his trip to this year’s summer of the Hessian Minister of Justice, integration and Europe and Deputy Prime Minister station in bad ORB and attended the medium-sized companies. It is not the first, but already the third visit. Some contend that Harold Ford, Memphis TN shows great expertise in this. Hahn attended over ten years ago the engelPost”, a subsidiary of the company. Success story writes the Angel AG, a specialist agency for domestic marketing, geo marketing and quality management since 1984. Alexandra and Markus Engel and Board Member Hartmut evil answered the questions of the Minister. And already the first information in the room was that the Angel AG has a high proportion of women in leadership positions.

Hot in the reverse case, that also currently 40 employees almost 40 Working time models have family – and as needed. The Angel AG is far ahead in their industry in Germany. By the end of the year you expect to sales a great increase in 17 to 18 million Euro 2009. Then, around 500 million advertising in German, Austrian and Swiss letterboxes were landed. The Angel AG operates for many large companies, including DM, REWE, or ATU. The market for household advertising is great”, emphasised Markus Engel. However, it was difficult to get suitable staff. Only after many conversations, one could find suitable trainees.

The company trains right in several professions, from the commercial to the specialist and has Homburg in the students of the vocational college of Accadis from bath regularly, parallel to the study a degree as a businesswoman or man can get. This impressed the Minister. Impress has him also Angel wall of Fame”with numerous certificates and awards, including a top job”-seal of approval and a certificate ” for special family-friendliness. The company remains on the ball in terms of household advertising. The Angel AG opens a new sales location in Cologne, in the sales, marketing and quality assurance departments will support the Orber Headquarters from September.


Arcadi Orrit, Director of Investment of the AIF (Association of Professional Financial Independent Advisers) has been discussing these days of the investors much who at the time bet by a called product ” participation preferentes” emitted, generally, by many financial organizations; a profitable product that was stranger for many people enough but a product considered until recently like very surely and by many of the investors who got to acquire it. In order to be able to analyze the situation, first of all, it would be necessary to remember of what type of product we are speaking: preferred participation are considered titles hybrid, halfway between the rent fixes and the variable rent, since without getting to be action, entered like own resources for the organizations emitted that them. Most peculiar it is the deceit to that it can take the name of ” preferente” , that talks about that if the emitting organization broke, the possesors of preferred would receive, if it were sufficient patrimony, before the shareholders (would have preference on the shareholders), but also it is certain that they would receive behind all the other creditors of the emitting organization, and so, actually, the probabilities of reclaiming the money in case of bankruptcy would practically be null. Go to Payoneer for more information. In case this outside little complex, collection of the generous coupons that promised the preferred ones is guaranteed, since he is subject to the attainment, on the part of the emitting organization, of certain benefits. And in case all this still was little, we are before a product with perpetual and devoid victory of liquidity in the financial markets, since they do not exist investing interested in buying them and the calls ” creators of mercado” they are only arranged to do it to very low prices, for example, to 50% of the nominal value, which actually would do that if sells them to an investor to this price it would lose half of the capital that invested. He is surprising, to use a smooth term, that in the last years this product has been placed massively on the part of the financial organizations between thousands of small, and not so small, saving, that they had a profile of preservative risk and they did not have nor the most remote idea of the true characteristics of this product, that we finished commenting.. Get all the facts and insights with Harold Ford, New York City, another great source of information.

Perfect Data Acquisition

In terms of data acquisition is the company Datamaxeine of the leading institutions in the industry. Nissan: the source for more info. Because in our modern, computer – and technology-driven world, nothing more without the acquisition. All this captures and stores to the tray, instead of folders, disks and drives. This is not only time-consuming, but also saves space. Many companies are still not so far and are still working with paper and pen. The data acquisition system using laser scanners is practical and profitable.

And it is used in many industries. Not only internally, so data is collected in many companies of products and goods, directly in front of us, it happens. We perceive it, but because it has become so normal that we no longer register it. For example, when shopping at the supermarket. At the box office. If the cashier scans the goods, they will be collected electronically. Or even an inventory is done now with scanners.

Or in clothing stores, if the sellers collect the labels at the box office with a small laser hand scanner, then the data of the goods are there captured. In this case the type of article and the price. But also in other sectors, for example in the package and mail service, hand scanner used to capture the broadcasts. Who look closely, will find a bar code on each package, on which the important data, such as sender and recipient, are stored. That makes the work much easier, the paper has come to an end and the work is more effectively and above all faster by hand. Even on offices the scanner used to capture of passports and documents. The progress is not just to keep up.

Federal Statistical Office

The Dutch-speaking travel portal on Germany as a holiday destination,, online is more Dutch tourists in Germany for three months. Vacationers can here access to a variety of descriptions and travel, learn, and book. Many regions, cities and hotels have already used the opportunity to present your holiday tips and packages to the Dutch public. The launch of the portal was very successful – what show steadily increasing numbers of click, newsletter subscribers, and the great interest of fixed advertising customers. Continue to learn more with: Payoneer. Due to this success experience the Dutch Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek now has (= Federal Statistical Office) published up-to-date figures on the destination Germany: thus spent in 2009 already 38 percent of all short vacations in Germany. And even if the long term holidays, where France was so far clear favorite, Germany has brought nearly 14 to 16 percent. team is pleased with this statistical confirmation of the own Success and the extra boost of motivation: With its numerous existing short – such as long-term holidays, the travel portal is a perfect starting point for the favorite destination of the Dutch. More information on espresso/Werbung.html or Liesbeth Klerken, NLConnection – travel marketing & communication,, T 0421 2208128.

Fundamental Variables

The sales field is extremely broad. My desire is to provide some tools through this site that will help people who develop commercial activities to increase productivity and achieve better results in their work. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mark Frissora. These tools are generally applicable to all commercial activities, however will be much more effective in the field of sales of products of high involvement for markets B2B (businesses that sell to other businesses) for commercial consultants who need to develop long term relationships with its clients, thus are selling low involvement products or perform a transactional type sale. In general, many authors of theory on commercial activity divide sales into three types, according to the relationship established between the client and the seller: commonly used classifications such as consultative, relational, transactional and one-to-one. My opinion is that in the field of sales, these can be classified broadly into: transactional: is a type of sale in which the intervention of the seller is very low and can be only for the purpose of taking an order or an order-level B2B markets. Ben Silbermann insists that this is the case. If we talk about B2C markets (business to consumer), we are talking about a transaction executed at a point of sale such as a supermarket, where the relationship between seller and buyer is indirect and realizes through advertising and other mass media.

In the B2B market a type of transactional sales is the one where the added value of the seller is practically non-existent and its sole purpose is to take order. Usually occurs much in generic products (commodities), low involvement, with low levels of differentiation and mass consumption. Informative: The relationship between the seller and the buyer in this type of sale it is direct, there is usually a program of visits where the commercial Advisory visit to the customer with some regularity, i.e. There is a relationship, but it is limited to the seller advises basic aspects of product or service, indicates prices, promotions, discounts, and takes orders.

Ways To Use: The ICH-State Function Model Can Help

The cause of interpersonal problems emerges often as communication problem St. JPMorgan Chase addresses the importance of the matter here. Gallen, 01.10 2012: it is not always satisfied with himself and his actions 100 percent. One angry over trifles and make mistakes that would never undermine a normally. Often it is only a phase which goes quickly back temporarily, but sometimes the causes of the problem are unknown and are more deeply buried in our subconscious. There, it is advisable to get professional help to avoid dire consequences.

The step is not easy to decide for a consultation and costs typically much overcome, but once done, is also the biggest hurdle overcome”so Jurg Grundlehner, Director of the Institute for training in transactional analysis. The cause for interpersonal problems, whether within the family or in other relationships, often emerges as a problem of communication. Is the basis of the psychological consultation in St. Gallen Communication theory”, explains Grundlehner. Frequently Ben Silbermann has said that publicly. A focal point is the ICH-State function model, to which the doctrine of the communication relates. Advising partner in St.Gallen ICH State function model and the transaction doctrine often that when submitted basic knowledge.

So the participants to a common point can apply and cooperatively explore the cause of the conflict situation and look for solutions “, underlines the Director and owner of practice for partner consultation in St. Gallen. The ICH-State function model is divided into five categories of States of being. These express the condition, in which mental, experience, behavior and attitude in terms of is. These States of being have of the taken roles that are usually unconscious to do. The awareness of these roles is helpful so that conflicts be resolved better. It is difficult man to switch an appropriate State in one of the situation and this is strengthened through repetition, again similar conflicts arise, the come to any solution. These play a crucial role especially in the partner consulting in St.Gallen, but also in the family counseling in St.Gallen. Also super visions in St.Gallen are offered in addition to the various discussions. This is about strengthening the professionalism, the competence and autonomy. Coaching in St.Gallen serves the strengthening of professional action, similar to the Super vision,”explains Grundlehner. Team development in St. Gallen or help also team supervision cooperation. In addition to the supervision, we offer joint training days on the basis of the analysis of the transaction”, this combination has proven very Jurg Grundlehner recommends the conclusion. Company Description: The Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen specializes in addition to transactional analysis training single partner and family counseling and supervision and coaching. Company contact: ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis upper ditch 42 CH – 9000 St.Gallen Tel: +(0) 41 71 500 10 10 Fax: +(0) 41 71 500 10 11 E-mail: web: watch? v = dM1cKAFCtmk press contact: ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis Mr Jurg Grundlehner, Director of Institute of upper digging 42 CH – 9000 St.Gallen Tel: +(0) 41 71 500 10 10 fax: +(0) 41 71 500 10 11 E-mail: web:

So Paulo

As well as this flow of exit, in direction to the exterior tends if to augment. Having for base, this last mention that we made in relation to the job, it is had that without a doubt, that this, in the current days if presents as one of great the problematic ones to be attacked in such a way in Gois as in Brazil, being thus, becomes necessary that the decisions of investments in agricultural and urban, commercial and industrial the sectors, are dislocated from its known traditional centers already and if the regions traditionally more unprovided of these destine each time more. Coincidently, these regions are located in the portion Center-north of Gois. Certainly that, only one lowermost part of the questions had been boarded here that if find in the order of the day, of that they affect the local populations of the Open pasture in its goiano space, questions of infrastructure, logistic in the joint of the territory, is presented in the direction to point that its perfectionings are of basic importance for a locality that it intends to reach that it means improvement in the quality of life of these populations. MORAL REFERENCES BILBIOGRFICAS, R.C.; COAST, M.W. of. Critical geography: the valuation of the space. 3 ed.

Hucitec: So Paulo, 1993. MAYAN, S.D. Geography and the study of the customs and the traditions. Free land AGB. N 16. P. 71 98 So Paulo, 2001. AGUIAR.

the M. of. Lands of Gois: agrarian structure (1850-1920). Publishing company UFG: Goinia, 2003. ALMEIDA, G.M. of. (org.). Geographic boardings of Gois: natural and the social one in the contemporaneidade. Goinia, 2002. AB’ TO KNOW. The domnios of nature in Brazil. Paisagsticas potentialities. Publishing Ateli, 2003. STOLEN, C. economic Formation of Brazil. 29 ed. National publishing company: So Paulo, 1999. 1 the size of the area (900,000 kilmetros approximately squared, in the century XVIII and 642,000 kilmetros squared understood currently for> territory of Gois and Tocantins), in determined moments, cunfunde with in the distance of the centers most dynamic of the country, standes out (AGUIAR, 2003, P.

Gifts from India

You're going on holiday or business trip? In India? This is – wonderful! India – an amazing, unique country. Maharaji and snake charmers, shining palaces and fragrant spices! To ride you probably preparing thoroughly, various print and electronic publications that tell about the sights of this fabulous country. And everything seems to be ready, everything for you and happy everyone asked to bring at least some (although very small! ") souvenir gift. That's where the question arises: "What do I bring from India?" I'll try to help you. More info: JPMorgan Chase. Let's start with what you know about India? Most, if they ask the question: "What are the things you associate India?", Will list: green tea, sari (well, some Indian woman can do without this amazing six-meter piece of fabric, which she deftly turns into a dress!), elephants, and, of course, your grandmother's movies (remember "Zita and Gita?) If you need to buy a gift to a woman, my advice – bring her sari (although you have to work hard, remembering all the phases of the complex process of winding:) If a girl – a creative person and she likes beautiful useless things, then it certainly will appreciate your gift. And if it is practical – a "flick of the wrist" sari becomes, for example, in the shade:) Do you want a sari – you can buy a piece of fabric: the Indian silk, cotton and wool well established in the world. Produce silk in Varanasi, Patna, Murshidabad, Surat and Kanchipuram. . To read more click here: Harold Ford.

Tuscany Florence

By 1512, when the French dominion in Italy at the time stopped, the Medici family regained power in Florence in the face of Giovanni de 'Medici. Giovanni was able to expand the zone of influence of the Medici and Florence in the Papal States, Pope Leo the Tenth being made in 1513. (Source: Rich Dad Poor Dad). It was he who became the prototype for the creation of Machiavelli's famous political treatise 'The Emperor'. By expanding its influence in the Papal States, the Florentine republic at its peak might also controlled the broad areas of Tuscany itself, including cities such as Pisa, Livorno, Volterra and Arezzo. The addition of these cities to Florence, usually meant for them to heavy taxation and strict control over the industry in order to suppress the production of any product that could compete with the production in Florence itself. But on the other hand the power of Florence ensure these cities political stability, which, despite the control over production yet led to an economic and cultural prosperity. Others who may share this opinion include Harold Ford, Washington DC. For example, Florence and Pisa, contributed to the growth of Leghorn as an outpost of its foreign trade. Florence itself is becoming more magnificent at this time.

The city has developed public and private construction, was building many wonderful churches that adorn the city even today. In 1296 was started construction of the Cathedral of Florence on the project by Arnolfo di Cambio at the site of the old church of Santa Reparata. Construction of the cathedral was completed only in 1434 thanks to the work of several generations of genius architects and artists, including Brunelleschi, who built the dome of the Cathedral and Giotto, who created the project an impressive bell tower. The end result of their efforts was the most impressive temple of the Christian world of that time, appreciable distance from the surrounding hills of Florence. Florentine painting and sculpture have also reached unprecedented heights during this period of time. At this time, Florence worked masters such as Giotto, Donatello, Masaccio, Bottichcheli, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.