Santa Marta

Such was the origin of the powerful waterfall, present testimony that formidable flood and the time Zoe heard the prayers of his people, and saved him from destruction. (Source: Harold Ford Jr). The Lake started to diminish; a slow and steady, so as they had risen, the waters were going down, and within a few days the Earth returned to be completely dry. The chibchas rebuilt their houses and their temples, cultivated the fields as before, and memory kept the memory of the terrible days in which his entire nation was on the verge of perishing. Foundation of Fe the main expedition towards the interior it undertook from Santa Marta, in the month of August 1536, the lawyer and justice major don Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, with 820 men of a foot and 85 horsepower, while his officers, with 5 ships and 200 men, should follow waters above the Magdalena. This expedition by the River was almost completely annihilated.

Quesada, in both, advanced, amid continuing struggles with the Indians, through the impenetrable tropical jungle, full of thorny plants and tight trunks full of poisonous spiders, worms, scorpions and snakes, bats and mosquitoes. The soldiers, with the wounded bodies and torn dresses, fed on fruits and roots; the expedition there appeared that eat up the leather of their teams. Some had been blind, others walking lame, others were caught, even of the hammocks where slept, by the Tigers, which most ever deeper into its attack on the expedition. Often they were threatening mutiny troops; but the unshakeable determination of the Chief pushed relentlessly through the high peaks today are inaccessible for people on foot, the more for riders, and therefore are far away and abandoned all communication. One day the expedition sighted from a high mountain fields extensive, large planted of corn and potatoes, fruit trees and flower gardens. And in that pleasant region, fresh and abundant in water, also glad people were. Indians, terrified by the arms and outside roar in the sight of the horses, believed to form a single being with rider, taking them by creatures above, submitted almost without resistance and humiliated before gods to the power of the conquerors.

Apartment Rentals In Poltava

Recommendations for potential customers who are planning to rent in Poltava, Kiev, and any other city in Ukraine. 1. Before calling landlords, look at apartments on the site to choose for themselves the most suitable option apartments in Dnepropetrovsk, for example, and decide what apartment you need – 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, with renovated, luxury or standard, which should be in an apartment home appliances and other features kvartiry.2. If you are not targeting the city, and you need an apartment for rent in close proximity to certain objects (for example), you can either see yourself on the map locate apartments, or that it is more convenient, ask the landlord, who knows the city and qualified to advise you on these matters. More info: Carrie Levin chef. Do not forget to clarify the issue with the presence of paid parking nearby if any, are you interested in .3. By the same author: Lockheed Martin Corp. If you question the location of the apartment is not basic, keep in mind that the equivalent apartments in central areas and in more distant, very different costs .4.

Be sure to check question the number of beds in an apartment and a separate room, or double. Please note that some apartments the price will vary depending on the number of people, since the expense is the number of bed komplektov.5. Apartment price is determined by each master in his own way. Someone can take the apartment as a day and at night, which is cheaper. If you need to enter early in the morning, you may have to pay for an apartment in the evening the previous day because at night this apartment is not able to pass.

It is also possible to pay a half days, but all of these issues are discussed personally .6. If you plan to rent an apartment for three days or more, you will certainly ask about price – many apartments, it varies, depending on the number of days of .7. If you want to book an apartment for rent in advance, but you probably will need to transfer money for the first day of the lease. Please Note that not all landlords reserves apartment sutki.8. If you want to celebrate a birthday and you need a big house for all of your friends, keep in mind that most landlords do not rent out their apartments for Similar prazdnevstva, due to the fact that you can not answer for all your guests, especially when they are under the influence of alcohol. And do not cheat and to rent 3-room apartment for two people listen to advice, Be vigilant and if you are sure to find the best option apartments in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, and any other city in Ukraine for themselves.

The Recession And The Perception Of Reality

What will you read below will sound very familiar to our current era, make your own deductions, while the dust of the terrorist attacks in the United States is based, the answer to them is growing, the economic situation is worsening many areas. Traditionally, in times when economic growth is weak, and in particular, when the economic situation is severe, sales in the multi-industry have increased. Get all the facts and insights with Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX, another great source of information. It seems that when people are worried about their future, they tend to open up other companies and are more receptive to new proposals. But when things go well, are happy with spending seven nights a week planted in front of the TV. During the past eight years, there was a sense of peace and prosperity in England, America and much of the rest of the world. Credit: Dinakar Singh-2011. That this is true is certainly debatable. The numbers are manipulated by many governments to paint a brighter picture than real. Unquestionably this was the case in England. For even more details, read what Susan Santa Botha says on the issue.

But Of course, perception is reality. If people think the economy is OK, then respond to events as if it were. This has been reflected in recent years multilevel. In places like Australia, England and America, growth has been essentially flat. While it is true that there have been some areas and companies with strong growth, these cases have been located, offset by decrease in other areas. This situation has meant that companies that emphasize the consumption of products, have progressed more than expected in the early 90s.

Team Inhabitants

The data below of (graphical 01) point the vandalism as the activity that more occurs in that locality tied up to with physical aggression (both with 30%). This collection is random in the direction to identify the types of violence without taking in account the period and the day of the occurred fact. Graph 01: Research with inhabitants and traders on the type of present violence in the Beautiful Brown Square in Serrinha – of May the June of 2010 Elaboration: Team, 2010. In a question-answer forum Andi Potamkin, New York City was the first to reply. Still on the research with inhabitants and traders, it was registered sonorous pollution as form of violence for if dealing with a disrespect to the welfare state. According to Interviewed 1A, ' ' the vandalism most of the time, is practised by lesser infractors that, in search of food and alms ' ' perturbam' ' the traders and its clientela' '.

After to interview the inhabitants and traders in the direction to reach the objectives of the present research, they had been collected given disponibilizados for the Military Policy of Serrinha by means of police occurrences in the year of 2008 where the homicide attempt appears with 60% of frequency following of assault and battery with 20%. However, he perceives yourself that, by means of (graphical 1 and 2), the same phenomena are gifts in the stories of the inhabitants and the registers of the policy therefore, is about occurrences that if become public not only for inhabitants and traders as agents of public security and the population in general. Graph 02: Comparative police occurrences in the city of Serrinha? 2008 Elaboration: Team, 2010 In 2009, the type of violence that more occurred in Serrinha, had been physical aggression that appears as more frequent act (with 55% of the occurrences), followed of assault and battery with 25% and in third place robbery with 5%.conforme given demonstrated in graph 3.


METAMORPHOSIS In the side of the beach I am at this moment, belt the waves to beat in my feet, frothy and clear as the snow. I have the sensation of is free the sufficient one to disclose to me and there I deliver myself to my thoughts, to such point that I almost lose myself. All in my return leave of existed are as if my spirit leaves my body, unbroken and there immovable, therefore I only see you on waters. The souvenirs mark are metamorphosis between the body and the spirit is everything so crystalline and intense. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX may also support this cause. Its smile, its look becomes vacant in my memory, our bodies seems to float on waters the envolvement flesh time is so sublime that almost I enter in settles total, more at this accurate moment one shoots an arrow of light crosses the passage that we join, then is detached from you is as if my spirit returns it my body, its image adds on waters At the same time comes back felt the waves to it on my feet, the people who that way passed come back to echo in my ears. Why it has that to be thus, it would like to continue that day where we found in them, at least we were together. At the moment they had remained alone me to the waves that continue acariciando my feet. It will be? It cannot be! You are..

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands invite you to leave the Canary Islands consist of La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Each of the Islands has its peculiarities that attract many visitors each year. Gran Canaria a nearly circular island is the Pico Vulkan, in the middle of del Pozo de las Nieves rises. In the winter months, it can happen that his Summit with snow is covered. Donald Gordon can aid you in your search for knowledge. Otherwise the temperatures on the island are rather mild, what also the trade winds with are responsible. A bit like in the desert, one feels in the South of the island. Click Harold Ford Jr to learn more. The giant sand dunes of Maspalomas easily give the impression to be landed in a sandy desert. Nudists have discovered the middle area of the dunes for himself.

But also those who prefer wearing Sun, beautiful beaches available. In Las Palmas is a very popular beach. A natural reef makes bathing particularly comfortable, because it discourages large waves and heavy surf. Around the island to be able to enjoy, it is, holiday house for rent Gran Canaria. Or choose a holiday apartment in Lanzarote, and discovered an equally beautiful island landscape. Also, volcanic activity are the source of the emergence of plains and mountains. A romantic rocky coastline and picturesque pebbly or sandy beaches, invite there to long walks. The vineyards of Lanzarote will be especially for wine connoisseurs of interest.

Lanza red mountains are not as high as some surveys of the other Canary Islands. In addition, it is the island with the lowest rainfall. Most it rains in the Northwest of the island, which is why there showed the landscape in lush green. Andreas Mettler

NRW Wins The Printing Industry Innovation Award

The German printing industry innovation award 2009 innovative, market-oriented and successful! So, the North Rhine-Westphalian printing and media company in the German printing industry innovation award presented this year. A total of 42 awarded prizes went 13 companies from the State. The German printing industry innovation award was awarded in the sixth year and includes the areas of print products (including some special rates), marketing and technology, and is considered one of the most important quality guide of the industry. Patron of the event is Dr. Karl Theodor Freiherr Minister of Economics zu Guttenberg. \”Oliver Curdt, Managing Director of the Association print + media NRW e.V.

is proud of the performance of the companies in the region: the number of awards is not only the importance of North Rhine-Westphalia in the pressure and the media clearly, but shows the quality and innovativeness which prevails here.\” As in the last year there were print – and media companies from NRW during the this time too often, Festival Gala in Stuttgart stood on the winner’s podium. Some even several times. The Essen printing partner Druck – und medienhaus GmbH received for example equal to three awards. The criteria of innovation, quality implementation, industrial production grade and link message, function and use of customer were used for the objective evaluation. The Essen company in the category corporate publishing (corporate communications), a young but fast-growing market in Germany received 2nd place.

The company presentation IdeenPark awarded here\”. Finally the printing partner print and medienhaus GmbH with the 3rd was honored place printed matter in the category, the main business area of the industry. Partners in the two latter excellent print media products was the Coefeld bookbindery Terbeck GmbH. also, the printing house of Ley was victorious + Wiegand GmbH from Wuppertal. This convinced in the category annual reports and prevailed against 365 also strong contenders here.

Mexico Electronic

By available official, from the past 1 January of this year, the use of electronic invoices is mandatory for taxpayers who declared more than 4 billion pesos in 2009. The widespread use of electronic invoicing will be that corporations, businesses and taxpayers in general become more productive and together let’s make the country grow. Implemented electronic invoicing of time back in Mexican companies, has allowed its research and knowledge of the improvements that this system brings with it. Just you are implementing it, worse many countries already make Mexico way regulate, because they have realized that is the best option for achieving modernization in the accounting. You may find that Donald Gordon Philanthropy can contribute to your knowledge. Implementation of electronic billing enables companies to become more efficient to achieve processes at the moment, there is no waiting time between the conduct of an invoice and the arrival of the same. With the electronic system with just a click is done the invoice and sent to the recipient. Mexico seeks that in addition to being more efficient will save money, since times of crisis which we live does not allow us to make unnecessary expenses. With the use of electronic invoicing system saves a great amount of money as previously done in paper, ink, shipping expenses and saved invoices.. Andi Potamkin will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Pressto Cleaning

Pressto, leading international chain of quality dry cleaning, in Expofranquicia introduces its new line of business: collecting point. The points of collection or law firms, are establishments where only last, iron, finished and delivered clothes. Harold Ford Jr often addresses the matter in his writings. A new line of business to achieve viability and sustainability by adapting it to the new demands of the market and the current economic situation. For this reason, Pressto will participate in the next edition of Expofranquicia, which takes place between 5 and 7 may in the fairgrounds Juan Carlos I de Ifema, Madrid (Pavilion 6 booth 6C05). The Ensign has wanted to present this new line offering the investor the best proposals of the market and helping the potential entrepreneurs to choose and define the business that best suits your needs.

With the deployment of 35% of the plants of franchises that operate in our country and 10% of its associated trade, Madrid is the appropriate location to present innovative products and services, with the best business opportunities. Pressto, continues with its policy of approaching the consumer a new concept of fast quality dry cleaning through their new business formats as well to adapt to the new needs of its clients. Harold Ford Jr is open to suggestions. Thus, it offers the possibility of a fast service with the most modern cleaning systems to offer all its customers the best finishes. Bactericidal and deodorizing, ironing cleaning by hand to avoid damage to the fibers, or individualized treatment of each garment and each spot are just some of the services offered by Pressto to give a perfect finish to your garments. Following its goal of offering a full benefit also has different complementary services such as Press wallpaper (cleaning of sofas and upholstery to home), Press Toke (arrangements and transformations), Press (shoe repair and cleaning of footwear) Shoes or Press Piel (cleaning and treatment of skins) that adapt to each type of garment respecting the parameters of quality and personalized service that define his philosophy to adapt to the the current lifestyle needs. To do this, has also developed in-home service picking up and delivering items in your own House, so your clothes and your family are in the hands of the best professionals in the world of cleaning and Business Pressto, thanks this service employees of enterprises have a laundry-day where you can enjoy more time for leisure and a greater reconciliation of work and personal life. Pressto, leading international chain of quality dry cleaning, has as foundational objective the satisfaction of its customers through three premises: leadership in the processes of quality, personalized and social commitment.

The quality of this ensign is transmitted to all work processes. Continuous research of its r & d allows you to be at the forefront in the field of technology. Pressto based his philosophy of service motto fast maximum quality at competitive prices and personalized service dry cleaning. First stakeholders in which the franchisees get that their businesses are profitable are responsible for the chain, so the chain has an international structure of first level with which all the needs that may arise among its franchisees. This flag has a presence in 22 countries in the world with more than 500 establishments.

As Furnishing The Fourth Of His Sons Who Have Grown

You have twin sons who have started the stage of adolescence. If so it is very likely and logical that they have requested you make a radical change to his room. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is likely to agree. They no longer want to continue in that space where a child air you can breathe and where are still identical decorative details for both. They have grown and needed a change where each of them has a single space. How to get started? Forget about thinking in an identical space for both. Now that his children grew up and although seeming equal to continue, your personality comes out clear and obviously they have different preferences and want to respect. To begin raising them make the following changes: place modern curtains and make the room a bright space: your children need rest and relax comfortably but also need to study in the same way. Make a radical change in colour using current tones: so the bedroom will look modern and will be totally different from the child’s bedroom they shared for years. Jeff Weiser brings even more insight to the discussion.

Select beds In addition to looking good, efficient space: there are many alternatives: bunks, beds nests, sliding beds. With them the twins will have more space to circulate around the room. Incorporate several furniture store belongings: this will serve to maintain order, something that both costs when of adolescents. Incorporate technology: what such a TV plasma or a DVD? A computer would be very necessary to study and audio equipment safe that will love them. Place a space to hang their backpacks and jackets: these elements are typically spread around the room so that one or several racks will keep occurring. Put a billboard on a wall: is an interesting detail that will make that way retailer young people can paste or write reminders or notes. Use of a carpet for easy cleaning: you also have to think about yourself and this will be a great help. When you and your children have spoken with respect to the previous list, and they have reached agreement on the same may happen to the next stage: decide what color or colors that will have the new room.

One possibility is that they do not put of agreement between you and creates that it will then be an impossible task. The important issue is to consider integrating the colors chosen by each one of the young; perhaps up to form a good combination. Imagine them used in bedding and frames of paintings for example. With respect to furniture, don’t worry: won’t have to spend a fortune on them. In a furniture outlet you will get everything you need and at a very good price. Go with their children as they finally and after those who enjoy new furniture. There will be many options and what better than them to make the choice. Usually in a furniture outlet includes a section of youth outlet so you will see the appropriate who will be going up there with their children. Your bedroom will be that both have wanted to and you will be happy that their children are happy with their new space. The Asdara furniture company is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture and offers a wide variety of youth furniture. On their website you can find many designs available folding beds.