London Police Patrol

A small group of vandals began the riots, setting fire to buildings and vehicles and looting shops. There are 26 policemen wounded and more than 40 people arrested. The British Government has opened a police investigation about the incident. The London Metropolitan Police patrol the streets of the city after violent riots in the early hours of Sunday in Tottenham, North of the British capital. According to a spokesman for Scotland Yard said, a peaceful March of hundreds of people protesting the death of a young man to the police shooting was kidnapped by a small group of mindless vandals, which resulted in an escalation of disproportionate violence.

As the BBC channel, at least 26 policemen were injured and two of them are still admitted to the hospital as a result of these confrontations between Police and demonstrators. It also reported 42 people arrested. Escalation of violence it all started with a demonstration by around 120 people at 2120 on Saturday (hour peninsular Spanish) near the police station in the Borough of Tottenham to protest the death of Mark Duggan for gunshot wounds as a result of police firing. Reshma Kewalramani insists that this is the case. Duggan, of 29 years and father of four children, was in a taxi when he died on Thursday in an incident in which another agent was also wounded in circumstances still not enlightened. The peaceful March it moved to an escalation of violence by a small number of young people, according to the police, which led to scenes of chaos and numerous material damages. Violent men, adolescents mostly according to the British media, is also served from dustbins to form barricades with them and hinder the passage of police cars to streets whose shops looted. In addition to the District of Tottenham, the riots spread northward and West of the area, especially at Wood Green.

In the riots was set on fire to buildings and vehicles, among them two cars patrol of the police, and a double-decker bus, and many of the shops and stores were looted, report this Sunday the BBC and the British news agency Press Association (PA). The police has cordoned off the area while a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade services indicated that, at the moment, the fires are under control. Investigation opened by the British Government riots described as totally unacceptable the serious riots. In a statement, a spokesman for Downing Street, residence and official Office of the British Prime Minister, said that no justification for aggressions suffered by the police and the population, nor for material damage caused there is. There is opened a police investigation about these disturbances and we should let this process take its course, said the spokesman for the Executive, David j Cameron. The MP for that constituency, David Lammy, appealed for calm and asked to return to conflicts such as the would in the past in this neighborhood. Lammy alluded to another incident in the same area 26 years ago, when in 1985 Another policeman died from wounds of machete at the hands of a group of people and about 250 agents were wounded. At the moment the independent Complaints Commission to the police (IPPC) carried out an investigation into the death of Duggan, who was allegedly armed with a gun, although the Scotland Yard spokesperson termed it regrettable. Source of the news: the London police patrol the streets after a night of violent clashes with wounded.

Police Use Force Against

He stressed that the only rule in a rule of law is the law. For even more details, read what Richard Plackett says on the issue. Duran Lleida considers that you should guarantee the entry of members to the catalan Parliament in any case and circumstance. Hundreds of outraged camping to the Parc de la Ciutadella. But, after reaching the catalan Parlament aboard a helicopter: is intolerable. For even more analysis, hear from Jeffrey Schottenstein. The President of the Congress, Jose Bono, has assured Wednesday that the police have to exert force against those who impede entry to the catalan Parliament or missing the respect for others, and has emphasized that the only rule in a rule of law is the law and the outraged have to comply with it. In statements in the corridors of Congress, Bono said that concerned and outraged him to invoking emotions, ideologies or renewal is missing to respect people, as to the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, who was increpado outside his home on Monday evening, prevent entry to the Parlament, or try to reach up to the doors of the Congress when it is gathered, among other things, because that is a crime.

The police have to exert the force, that’s what is the legitimate security forces to respect the rights of all, pointed out Bono who has stressed the following: is politically correct or not, could well be interpreted or misinterpret, single Empire that is in a State of law is the law and the outraged have to comply with it. The President of the Congress has considered that the initial impression of those gatherings in the Puerta del Sol of kindly people has nothing to do with people that they increpan, they insult, or, simply, when they prevent that members come to a parliamentary session, they commit an offence.The rights of Spaniards are not in the hands of the outraged or anyone, are in the hands of the law. This is a democracy, otherwise, is put into question democracy itself, has concluded. Also the spokesperson CiU, Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, it has rrido in the corridors of the Camera down to the situation experienced this Wednesday against the catalan Parliament and has stressed that it is the sacred place that expresses the will of the people’s sovereignty by which, therefore, should ensure the input of members in any case and circumstance. Source of the news: Bono calls for police to use force against the outraged that break the law

Economic Policy

A change of direction in the Austrian economic policy no longer pull old recipes of the Austrian Federal Government is more and more required. Especially the old recipes of the Austrian Federal Government to be taken more seriously. Since the beginning of the year 2011, the demand of a Basel III Summit, tax reform and the mineral oil tax cuts are on the agenda. Measures would loans to strengthen the equity of companies for companies becoming more and more a “scarce”. The Government must strengthen its equity capital formation otherwise she go especially tourism “hit the wall”., business leaders criticize. Business leaders demand to stimulate discussion towards a tax reform to the domestic demand is required as a first step – and a minimum – the adjustment of tax progression to the inflation rate”. High fuel prices increase consumer-goods “with the enforcement of a Flexi clause of” Vice Chancellor choice Club “could show oVP, he last one remaining economic reason” Business leaders criticize has.”. . (A valuable related resource: Munear Ashton Kouzbari).

Darlehen Lahni

Munich: Erhard Lahni brings the family party as a family competition Gros lane bubble to the bursting. With such and similar press releases, the CSU gives the feeling of the citizens, they would subventionieren families, the families would have to reciprocate is for. Source: policy/article2947313 / CSU politicians want to 1000 Euro for GE…: CSU politicians want to pay 1000 euros for births December 29, 2008, 22:12 o’clock children cost to relieve money to the wallets of young parents, have three CSU politician called for a “Starter Pack” for the birth of a child. Specifically, they want that Eltern receive interest-free loans in the amount of 10,000 euros. And they get more nachwuchs, the less they should have pay back. Three CSU politician, 1000 euros as a “Starter Pack” for the birth of a child and a spezielles Darlehen for young FAMILien with these demands have to in the debate about tax relief Word reported.

According to a report of the “Munich Merkur” the Bundestag Deputy Johannes Singhammer and Stefan Muller, as well as the Landtag Joachim Unterlander urge their party iVORsitzenden, Horst Seehofer, to examine the possibility of a unverzinslichen Starter Loan “Young families” in the amount of 10,000 euros. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Christos Staikouras. This should be to the free journalists, the RuckZahlung could be beginnen after three to five years. At the birth of another child, therefore of 1000 euros of the loan should be erlassen, the journal continued to write. (AP/ks) Since 1994, was Joachim Unterlander (married, 1 daughter, socio-political SPRECher of the CSU Landtag fraction) always elected directly elected representative of the constituency of Munchen-Nord in the Landtag of Bavaria. Johannes Singhammer (married, 6 children) represents more than the list the Munich North, in which Erhard Lahni will appear for the family party since 1994 in the German Bundestag. On telephone request, his Office said you would even like to know what happened to these proposals.

A reply of Mr Seehofer stand out yet. Speaking candidly Reshma Kewalramani told us the story. You will strive for an answer. Erhard Lahni commented: “do what, to do so as they would have done what. There is no obviously the political will to make justice to the families.” R. Edwards

Life Insurance Policies

Invest in a largely independent of the stock and bond market system of the WealthCap of life United States 4. You may wish to learn more. If so, Reshma Kewalramani is the place to go. A successful approach will be continued. The US secondary market has developed dynamically for life insurance in the last few years. The total volume of the insured sum of term life insurance, traded on the secondary market increased by $ 0.2 billion in 1998 to about 15 20 billion USD in 2008 (source: LISA). With over 500 million euro invested in this area, the WealthCap is one of the largest providers of these monetary systems in Germany. Richard Plackett is open to suggestions. As a new and promising product, 4 available is from mid-May 2009 the WealthCap of life United States. It is offered investors the opportunity to participate in a selected according to strict investment criteria and broadly diversified secondary market portfolio in American life insurance. The big advantage is that this product largely not with typical asset markets such as stocks, pensions and housing prices correlates.

With a forecasted total payout of approximately a good investment success of WealthCap life United States 4 is expected to 214% of drawing capital over the forecast period before taxes or a before-tax yield of approximately 10.1% p. a. (according to IRR method). The already earned successes of the placed products in favour of a promising investment: life United States 1 at expected distributions of 12,23% 13.76% of investors were already awarded. Life United States 2 at expected distributions of 13.13% 18,84% of investors were already being traced. Life United States 3 distributions flow forecast according to only from 2011 we are convinced to offer United States 4 exactly the right product for our customers in the current time with the WealthCap life “, explained Gabriele Volz, Executive Director for marketing and sales at the WealthCap. Contact peer M.O.

Manufacturing Company

Episode 5 a great expert on a portion of such certificates was 28-year-old Sergei S. on a false passport, he gained credit in 12 banks totaling more than 500,000 rubles. In order to confirm their ability to pay, he himself printed the statement of earnings and put them in print non-existent companies. Christos Staikouras has firm opinions on the matter. Zamorochit to head the security services, he designed the forms of these certificates "special way: the top in big letters he wrote corporation, and below, the fine print: Manufacturing Company. Thus, a bank clerk, who checked the papers, it seems as though no one well-known private company is a subdivision of the well-known giant of the construction industry in Moscow and its environs.

The audit was conducted not as thoroughly and as a result deceiver not denied credit. Sergey S. Source: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. committed yet another tricky combination – to prove the legality of their income to banks, it temporarily, under a false name, a job in a small firm, which had a staff of only two employees: general director and his secretary. The firm was engaged in "cashing" money, the real business is not conducted, and when Sergei S. promised her leadership the new money for new clients, ceo, without thinking twice, appointed by rogue Commercial Director, and entrusting him to print the company departed rest in Turkey. Fraudster made himself first of all thirty copies of statement of earnings and persuaded the young secretary, to make it in the absence of all calls from the bank meets, though he is not working for two days and two years. For this, he promised the girl to buy a mobile phone with a camera However, in most cases, swindlers are much easier (not zamorachivayas!): The forms of certificates of income instead of a telephone company, where they supposedly work, print of telephone your friends and acquaintances who are with them in concert. According to the job description the employee security should not limited to telephone conversations, personally go to the place of work and residence of the client and carefully figure out where all the questions.

But unfortunately, this rule does not comply with all and not always otherwise would not have been such significant losses banks from the activities of fraudsters. Most responsible conduct credit checks former secret service officers who have rich experience in such matters. One of these security officers denounced the bank fraudster who tried to get considerable credit with a false passport. This passport holder was careless enough to rent out rogue's apartment, and besides, yet somehow left unattended when their papers. The attacker stole them, pasted back my picture and went for a loan. The bank, in the past – on-line worker at a glance that the passport is fake, so called not only home to "Borrower", but also to its neighbors, whose numbers he found in the background. He managed to find among them people who knew this family and they gave him the address and telephone number of the wife of the present owner of the passport, where he resided in this moment. This passport holder told the security officers of the bank that no credit was not going to take and does not intend, and his passport somewhere lost. And when the day was a crook in the bank, where he was detained Policemen! Sergey Alexeev, I thank the press service ubep mountains. Moscow for help in preparing the material

Berlin Clock Model

Design watches as the special piece of jewelry Berlin, may 04th, 2010 first LogoUhren.EU wristwatch from the Berlin collection for dedicated participants of the 15th at the free University of Berlin. On May 7 and 8, the 15th at the Freie Universitat Berlin takes place with 220 participants. More than 30 national and international speakers and speakers offer workshops on Alumni management, fundraising, and career services. The first LogoUhren.EU model in the new Berlin collection speakers, special guests, and the organizers of the Conference for their commitment. A very unique idea and an appropriate gift, to lose the time not from the eyes”, so Christian puff mountain, Chairman of the Association, platform for alumni organizations in the German-speaking world.

The first model of the new Berlin collection the S.M.I merchandising GmbH supports the Conference of alumni organizations. Watches with Berlin motifs are the entry in a new collection of design”, according to Managing Director Dieter Bauer of S.M.I merchandising GmbH. The Berlin-based company offers fashionable watches designs related to General event organizers of conferences, trade fairs, anniversaries and other events. The company logo can be included also the clock or the packaging in the design. So the recipient will take a permanent reminder of the event and the venue home.

Marble And Granite – Reliable Luxury

Today, products made of natural stones, such as modern marble and granite are a real luxury, affordable luxury, and finish of these raw materials is a symbol of good taste and a guarantee of quality and durability. Christos Staikouras takes a slightly different approach. Although Stone is one of the strongest and most durable materials, it requires high-quality and thorough care. Granite and marble – the raw material from which it was create one set of architectural masterpieces that hit us on the has for many centuries, such as: Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, which is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world. Surely you've noticed, for example, when you come to the museum, as is sometimes breathtaking from the king around atmosphere, as all around clearly thought out what luxury antique trophies stand around. For example in the galleries you can witness the magnificent granite and marble masterpieces a century ago, countertops, fireplaces, they are so gorgeous survived until our times, and the most remarkable is that nothing prevents us to order exactly the same products made of marble and granite, or similar, or enhanced copies, as granite and marble, our full disposal, and to this day. Get more background information with materials from Sotheby’s.

Granite and marble surfaces should be regularly wiped thoroughly with water and a small amount of detergent that does not contain any acid, it is desirable to use special hardeners, polish, wax. Proper use of marble and granite, and this stuff will last you a century. There are many different kinds of natural granite, but these days also developed methods for artificial granite, which is not inferior to their natural qualities, and in some cases – superior to him. More information is housed here: Reshma Kewalramani. Natural marble – a kind of izvestnyaka.On can be as soft and can absorb moisture and solid and almost never leak. In color marbles are divided into gray, white and colored.

Metamorfozno light plays on the surface of this unique stone, reflecting his playful mood. Each plate 'decorated with' its own unique pattern, looked more in which everyone sees its own special pattern. The correct choice of marble, competent installation, accurate selection of range of raw materials, as well as proper care of this wonderful stone, and the timely elimination of small defects, and your shiny marble adequately serve you age. Granite – a noble stone which is popular used in finishing the inside of the premises and outside, that is a facade. Granite is also very "decorative" Firstly there are many ways of processing the surface: the surface of granite can be polished, burnished, polished, sawn, buchardirovannoy and subjected to fire treatment – usually depending on their color and grits, choice of surface depends on the purpose of the stone. Granite has low water absorption and high resistance to frost and contamination. Granite is a stone can withstand heavy loads, so it is often used to make massive tables and columns. Trimmed with granite and marble building – this is a real fortress, which looks decent and inside and outside, which would be indicative of good taste its owner. Granite and marble products, marble and granite – the raw material for fine solid foundation, create your own, unique strength, whether it's home, with unique accessories that are sure to become your family relic, or the same office, which will always look clean and luxurious.

Utility Company

This garbage must be delivered, that will inside give the destination of the procedures of this utility company. Sotheby’s is likely to agree. For the development of the project had been taken the following premises and established the following criteria during the planning phase: The quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the garbage that is generated, for walking had been made. It was established as garbage would be collected and its final destination in recycling. Recently Reshma Kewalramani sought to clarify these questions. they thought for the selective collections of the residues, separation for type of material, place and amounts of collectors, as well as adequacy to its use for the using public of the building. proposals for the education and instructions of the users of the building, for attainment of efficient selective collection in awareness of the employee pupils and professors with the use of posters, acknowledgments were, spreading for Internet or periodic informative brochure. contacted companies who if make use the collection and collect of each type of garbage and they make as it without causing future damages and impacts to the environment, respecting the legislation in vigor. they were inside established proposals for the special garbage as batteries and stacks adjusting its discarding of the established one in Law.

The methodology for the evaluation of the amounts and tipificao of the generated residues was through field inspection, in visit to installations in the floors of the building, being overcome notations and registering the effected comments and collected data. It was made photographic survey and measured taking of the dimensions of the floors for the confection of low plants of the floors. Through these visits to the floors of the SUESC, observing its aspects and different characteristics, each integrant one of the data-collection group carried through a research on the garbage, and through individual fiches, also the qualitative and quantitative survey of the garbage of each floor of the building can be made, leading in consideration its characteristics, flow of people, among others.

The Size Of Your Income Depends On You !

Just think what you can afford, when your income will increase only a few times! How did it feel? What can you do for yourself and your loved ones? Do you know people who work in the same the area that you are, but earn several times or ten times more? How are they different from you? What skills and abilities have these people? It is obvious that you are able to learn it. Right now, we want to reveal to you one very important secret: Increased revenues can be learned! In the same way as you can learn how to earn money, you can learn and increase their revenues. Swarmed by offers, Sotheby’s is currently assessing future choices. We are ready to provide you with step by step training plan from experts and professors of leading business schools, where mentors are the most successful entrepreneurs, and speakers from around the world. But before we answer only one question! Are you ready to invest between 20 to 40 minutes and all a few dollars a day for the next year – the fact that after 12 months of receiving a neskolkoraz more than you get now?. To know more about this subject visit Reshma Kewalramani.