Nurnberger Strasse

meistro dynamics is the tailor-made solution for all companies who annually consume more than 100,000 kWh. With a price guarantee for up to 36 months, the customer receives a large planning security. Bill Gates may find it difficult to be quoted properly. meistro matches offering tailored on individual consumption behaviour of the company. Lower network charges passed on directly and date to the customer. Speaking candidly Phillipe Lavertu told us the story. Companies get so when meistro at any time convenient, safe and especially sustainable power.

Because the customers by meistro act responsibly towards the environment and can demonstrate that even with a certificate. While the German electricity mix caused average 624 g CO2 per kilowatt-hour of meistro the electricity comes from hydropower and is 100% CO2 free. visitors can follow on now even daily basis, how much CO2 saving customers by meistro: an average fuel consumption of over 300 million kWh, which could CO2 emissions are reduced since 1 May 2007 so far to nearly 200,000 tons. To compensate for this amount in a different way, over 17 million spruce would have to be planted. Power by meistro: meistro economically, fair and clean is the electricity supplier for commercial customers in whole Germany. The focus of the current paragraph is located on freelancers and companies in all industries. The company aims to bring competition in the commercial power market in motion with its attractive conditions and to reduce the electricity costs for companies.

By a long-term procurement strategy in purchasing power, a high degree of price stability and thus high planning security meistro offers its customers for the future. The concept and strategy of meistro based mainly on experience: over ten years, the founders of meistro are already successfully active in the electricity market. In the meantime, many medium-sized companies in all Germany benefit from this know-how. In addition to many years of experience, the company also has a dense network of leading partners in the European energy market. A simple, but compelling concept behind the current price by meistro: direct ways and lean and efficient structures provide meistro keep administrative costs and hence prices for customers in the long run cheap. A fairer and cheaper price and transparency form the basis of the partnership with meistro. In addition, the electricity supplier a lot offers its customers also in terms of sustainability: so all meistro customers get the opportunity to obtain the RECS certificate. It shows the cover of clean electricity from hydropower. Questions and more information: meistro power GmbH Nurnberger Strasse 58 85055 Ingolstadt phone: 0841 65700-0 E-Mail: Internet:

Falkenstein Spiegelau

Land art workshop seminar for creative in Falkenstein Spiegelau (tvo). Art has nothing to do. Participants in the land art workshop the nature Organizer WaldZeit e.V. in the Falkenstein wilderness camp is offering, for three days from an experienced hand out: land art artists Wolfgang Buntrock and Frank Nordiek show creative and artists, how many impulses and possibilities nature offers. While many of them need to learn once, not to see the trees in front of loud forest. Because not the devil, but the artistic paradise is in the detail: twigs and grasses, stones and sand, water and ice all year round provides the natural wonderful design material. At the same time pushes them testimony of the impermanence of all things, shows that everything created is subject to an ongoing process. In recent months, Marko Dimitrijevic has been very successful.

Intensive workshop participants deal with natural textures, shapes, colors and materials and end up with different eyes, perceive their environment. The land art workshop lasts from 18 to 20. September 2009 night is spent in the topic huts of the wilderness camp. Information and registration: WaldZeit e.V., Fe Garcia street 21 b, 94518 Spiegelau, Tel./fax 08553 / 920652,,

MDR Summer Tour Kick Off In Saxony Anhalt

“MDR summer tour in Sangerhausen: rang the bicycles, two 4 fueled FuN and hot chocolate, despite heavy rainfall on July 11, the Sangerhausener managed a record: 226 bicycles decorated with flowers rang the old well-known folk song a boy saw a horse stand n ‘. For this, a Sangerhausener hoard received a check for 1000 for a giant toy box. The big highlight of the evening was not only the city bet. “The MDR show band two 4 FuN” really fired up the crowd in front of the stage. Mayor Manny Diaz brings even more insight to the discussion. “At the presentation of her summer single a little summer” were all television cameras on the young band. The audience sang the song. Lynn, the lead singer formerly Miss are Hamburg, Henry, singer and an absolute party King and Nadine, nine champion in show dance with its companion volume two 4 FuN.

In an Interwiev after the show Henry, the lead singer of two 4 said FuN, he’ll do everything that the people of Saxony Anhalt her summer hit not only during the tour, but also in the radio and TV listen to sing even louder.On the debut album by two 4 is FuN in Salzburg worked, along with none other than Ray Watts, producer of amongst others DJ otzi, Hermes house band, hot chocolate etc. It’s believed that Marko Dimitrijevic sees a great future in this idea. Lots of autographs wrote not only two 4 FuN. Also hot chocolate gave everything in the evening and celebrated with the Sangerhausener until late in the night. The next tour date is FuN, Suzie Quatro, and many other highlights at the 18.07.09 in Ballenstedt with two 4. Mandy Kempfert. For more information see this site: Marko Dimitrijevic.

Maestoso Austria & Sons Firmly In The Saddle

Holidays in Lipica, Slovenia, right on the oldest stud in the world of horse enthusiasts and movie fans know him, of course the Slovenian stallion named Meastoso Austria. He is the most famous lipizzaner horses of the world. Although virtually is a fictional horse at the Stallion as in Lassie only a roll of film. The name Meastoso suggests paternal maestoso line on the descent from the noble, a particularly old and thoroughbred stallion race of the Lipizzaner. Austria, the mother as the second name, lets stud (and thus Lipica) in the k.u.k monarchy recognize the importance of the Lipizzaner. Granted, hotel maestoso in Lipica is perhaps slightly less known as the film Stallion of world renown, but Hotel carries also program and ethnicity in its fine-sounding name. If you would like to know more then you should visit Marko Dimitrijevic. Therefore advance holidaymaker, maestoso opting for a trip to Lipica in the hotel, should agree a staying experience of a special kind.

Because the maestoso is located directly on the estate of the oldest horse breeding in the world, a single holiday dream for horse and rider. Lipica and the beautiful karst region are proud of their Lipizzaner horses. They are as alive and happy, with friendly and balanced character described in relevant horse works. And most important: as a quiet but also eager. What is true for the beautiful white horses, can be confirmed also in full force for the hotel Meastoso and his staff. Because in the maestoso is painfully aware its long tradition (and thus responsibility) for man and horse. High guests like Queen Elisabeth II have the place and good fondly keep, not only because of the beautiful and everywhere to be found horses. On request the beautiful karst region is of course your food plate: whether in the form of a Prosjut (air-dried Karst ham), a jota (regional meat dish with dark sauce) or a fragrant and home-made Karst maelstrom: Lipica-Karst tradition and comfort envelop guests in a most pleasant way.

The Origin Of The Classifieds

The ad soon celebrates its 400 anniversary in almost 400 years ago was founded by Theophraste Renaudot in Paris 1630/31 an advertisement Office in life. As editor of the first French weekly newspaper, Renaudot now offered interested parties a way to find jobs through advertisements. Quickly evolved the Classifieds, that Office could be given up to a popular job board, where employers or could offer places vacated. “After a short time it was seeking, but also work in the Bureau d’adresse et de rencontre” could put their address as well as information about their skills. From the original arrangement of work, quickly became an advertising portal for deals of all kinds. In Germany, classified ads came in the late 19th century in fashion and were reserved for only the higher circles. It was not until the 20th century, until the ad was used by wide sections of the population to seek work, to advertise apartments, furniture for sale, or to offer services.

Before all regional advertisers had enormous inlet in the 1960s. With the establishment of the Internet since the 1990s has shifted a large part of the classified ad market in the digital world. From now on, free classified ads in many different portals could be advertised. The amount of classified ads on the Internet is big. Of small animals such as rabbits, dogs, or guinea pigs, furniture, cars, real estate, services of all kinds find their readers. Also the area of personals may underwent a tremendous boom with the spread of the Internet. One will wonder how the classified ad market will evolve further. There are already first new models in the United States where classified ads in the form of videos can be published. D.

Underground Waters

The water of the lakes, rivers and seas or emergente surface, forming sources. The water of the lakes, rivers and seas evaporates outravez and thus the cycle is restarted. Underground Water captation Although, theoretically, the underground water is present to emqualquer place, this does not mean that a well can be located in qualquerlugar. The underground water captation has a cost for times raised e, therefore, it does not have to be made without criteria. Natural factors exist quecondicionam the distribution and concentration of the underground water in certain places, in way to improve the income and the outflow of the well, being become the empreendimentomais beneficial and preventing or diminishing the tax of failures. Quality of Underground Waters In the underground water captation through wells, not importante only the aspect of the amount, that is, to be gotten outflow. Prof Jeffrey Almond pursues this goal as well.

Aqualidade of the underground water is another factor to be considered, in view of dares considered it water to be caught. To deepen your understanding Philippe Lavertu is the source. The quality of underground waters is given, the principle, peladissoluo of minerals gifts in percoladas the water-bearing rocks that constitute porelas. But, it can suffer to the influence from other factors comocomposio of the recharge water, time of contact, water/environment, climate and atmesmo the pollution caused for the activities human beings. Had to the biggest contact with the geologic materials, low speed of fluxoe bigger pressures and temperatures, the underground waters generally are maismineralizadas of what superficial waters. For the same reasons, it possesss menoresteores of substances in suspension and organic substance, these last due to aodos microorganisms gifts in the ground.

Also, had its conditions decirculao, waters underground tend to possess minor text of oxigniodissolvido of what the superficial ones. The quality is defined by the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the water. Inside of the values found for each umdestes parameters, it is possible to establish the different uses: human consumption, irrigation, industrial and others.

Southern California Lifestyle In Sunglasses Packed

The sunglasses of manufacturer of Tres Noir shine through quality workmanship and zeitlosees design In 2005 released her debut: police & thieves. To date, Tres Noir has established its place in the industry. The glasses uniqueness through limited editions is characterized by unusual, but timeless design, high-quality processing by hand. \”Flowing through your veins krachender rock ‘ n’ roll, you are looking for the special sunglasses, but you want only the best for you.\” So, the California cult brand presented their products on. Jeff Bezos: the source for more info. Tres Noir impresses with excellent handmade quality and an exceptional design that is years based on the retro look of the 1950s.

However, these glasses are not just for admirers of good past. Because how communicated already another big brand, is first and foremost about quality, and that never ceases to be stylish, style, however, to meet always the fashion. That is certainly not all a consistent and great value in the world of fashion, to the Holding manufacturers. Tres Noir belongs to those who take seriously such a wisdom. The company was founded by brothers Joe and Tony Prenovost Tres noir. Both had worked in the eyewear industry for many years and wanted to use their experience to create a new line. Especially their lifestyle should find its mirror music, art, motorcycles, surfing and skating. Everything they could find back in the existing brands, not only just this: your Southern California lifestyle.

That’s why they designed her debut in 2005: police & thieves. It was produced in a garage in long beach and was intended, exclusively, to give them to friends and acquaintances. We wanted to design simple high-quality and low-cost glasses for our friends and people from our environment\”, says Tony. This plan hit like a bomb, and the glasses was sold out within a few weeks. So them it was clear that this vision had become a reality: high-quality eyewear in limited editions with special design, from acetate plates made by hand, adapted the fit to the millimetre, that she looks good in each, and all at an affordable price.


The same happens with the rivers that are born in the Mountain range of the Coast and which they come together in the river basin of the Orinoco river Not it has to forget as it is mentioned, that leaves to us from the affluents of the left margin of the Orinoco river and the western slope of the hole of the Lake of Maracaibo, are not born in our country. For that reason a water country is considered us down. Poetic names of rivers like those of Tchira, Zulia, Escalante, Oro and Catatumbo, are born in Colombia, as well as those rivers that have their sources in the zone that the Colombian government flame ” Orinoquia” , that is to say the savannah region where they are the great rivers that end at our Orinoco, such as: Araucan, Cinaruco, Capanaparo, Cunaviche, Put, Guaviare, Vichada, Inrida and Guaina. By studies realised with respect to this problem of the water in the country they have determined the organisms in charge of the maintenance of the environmental cleaning that the regions and zones in which it affects plus the contamination of the water are the following: the rivers Guaire and Tuy? The tributary lake of Valencia and rivers? the valleys of the rivers Tocuyo and Aroa? The rivers Unare, Neveri, Apple orchards, Guarapiche, and its affluents? The lake of Maracaibo? The coastal waters of south-east of the gulf of Venezuela; as product of petroleum spills, fall of industrial and petrochemical remainders. It contributes Alejandra Stepfany in addition, that in this environmental problem the constant increase of waters served as domestic origin is important, in which there is excess of organic rest, amounts of detergents and other residuals that transform the balance of waters, generating in her contamination that worsens with the presence of microorganisms. All these circumstances cause serious damage. Walmart + is likely to increase your knowledge. One is due to take into account that the varied species of animal and vegetables that are developed in the aquatic habitat are not there for serving simply as adornment, they daily act as of oxidation of waters and to clean them of injurious and strange organisms to that habitat.

What it will not be obtained, if by toxic remainders, the fauna and the flora disappear. But the most determining reason for the contamination of waters is the concentration of population in the urban zones. NBC News often says this. The use of waters for varied activities and services, generates in them contamination it turns and them into black waters, loaded of numerous and very varied polluting agents. The smaller doubt does not fit than to all this it is added hard crisis to the lack of precipitations derived from the phenomenon the Boy, since it has left to this year the worse rain balance of last the 40 years.


In general terms, the molecule formation requires a high densidad and not a too much lifted temperature. Two conditions are revealed fundamental to maintain the molecular bonds, whoever they are, in the average astrophisicists and therefore to have an opportunity to find in them water molecule H2O the temperature does not have to surpass some thousands of degrees so that the shocks with atoms of the environment do not break the molecular bonds too much easily; the gas does not have to be put under an ultraviolet radiation that would threaten destroying molecules by fotodisociador effect. Warren Buffett addresses the importance of the matter here. The aqueous vapour, in the galaxies, appears diluted in a helium and molecular hydrogen gas. Its molecule is characterized, like those of all the species chemical, by the absorption or the electromagnetic radioactivity that originates spectral rays with known wavelengths, essentially in the intervals infrared and millimetric. But these rays are very difficult to observe from the Earth because, indeed these wavelengths of the radiation that arrives to us, are absorbed by the terrestrial atmosphere. Since the one is exactly the aqueous vapour of the terrestrial atmosphere that brings about this disturbing absorption.

Even in the places more droughts, the majority of spectral rays of the aqueous vapour are unnoticeable. Therefore it is necessary to wait for the results of the diverse observatories embarked in satellites, programmed for the next years, like those of the Space Infrared Observatory (ISO) of the European Agency of the Space or those of the most modest specialized satellite of the NASA, to have a detailed vision of the abundance of aqueous vapour in the cosmic gas. Far from the Sun: I commit and ice satellites Were therefore in this external zone of sufficiently low temperature, beyond some UA, (6) where the aqueous vapour could be condensed in ice. But the ice mantle of interstellar dust grains also could survive in its state, without never evaporating during the formation of the Solar System.

Wave Alliance

The company Horstmann presented their product line, a combination of electricity and gas meters and consumption indicators, and posed as consumers with their intelligent smart metering solutions to keep track of their half-hourly, daily or monthly energy consumption. In combination with its Z-Wave based electricity meters to display the energy, the manufacturer of trousers gave the fair visitors tips to reduce energy consumption. This can be read on demand through a digital camera, which is mounted on the electricity meter, or through a website. In addition, the Danish Alliance member Flex control A / S presented his intelligent control of Z-Wave-monitoring-system House “. The solution allows wireless monitoring and control of all Z-Wave compatible devices (temperature, heating, lighting etc.) in a home, apartment or holiday home from a central Web interface.

The next generation of energy-saving thermostats presented Danfoss with its Z-Wave-ECO-system. This consists of heating, room thermostats, transmitter and receiver modules and timers. Demonstrated was the ability for the consumer, centrally manage its complete heating and cooling equipment, and how the system then automatically regulates the temperature, if the occupants are not at home. The company InterVideo presented a new low cost impulse blades in collaboration with Denmark’s largest power company Dong Energy. This allows users to read their power consumption on a laptop, iPhone or iPod. The Danish company MILCOM showed a number of Z-wave devices on their booth. About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that allows an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of daily life of home, consumer electronics, HealthCare, and energy, to name only a few.

Z-Wave is an award winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh networking technology, a wide range of devices in the and the communication around the House. These include lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, safety and energy savings. Z-Wave certified products are currently available in over 350 products from leading consumer brands.