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Telefonica Germany GmbH

ITL enlarged the Austrian headquarters in Vienna. The inauguration of the new premises will take place on 2 October 2013. ITL, the full service provider for technical documentation and translation, is grown in the past few months and welcomes many new employees at various locations. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit […]

Office Organization

Logical step for Leitz complete is now therefore increasingly with the future of the Office, as well as the issue of data security to dedicate. The privacy case here is a first product from the Leitz complete series which protects private data from prying eyes on the road. In detail, it is a hard shell […]

Aachen OnOffice

To be able to present the onOffice Software GmbH is pleased, for the first time at the 6th November 2013 at the night of the companies”in Aachen, Germany as an attractive employer. The series of events offers the experts of online-based real estate software onOffice smart to get the opportunity with young qualified people in […]

Office Compatibility

Home Office Compatibility enables employees work and family the compatibility of professional and to facilitate family, represents today an unbeatable competitive advantage of employers. In addition to the long-term loyalty of employees, a productivity can be achieved. In times of steadily increasing trade and lack of leadership it applies to companies more than ever before, […]

Hamburg Officer

A fire prevention officer offers the course of fire prevention officer House of technology demands the vfdb Directive 12/01 HDT course fire prevention officer 2014 in Essen, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Timmendorfer Strand called usually by the authority, the fire department or the fire insurers. The appointment of a fire safety officer is therefore an […]

Disability Insurance

PrismBU waiting for disability insurance of PrismLife who are too long, risking much! “Because the worst case” is fast becoming the poverty trap: most have provided for the case of occupational disability adequately, common mistakes and misconceptions are complicit. As an expert for the protection of labour, the Liechtenstein PrismLife ensures clarity. Contact information is […]

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance UK is beneficial for all frequent travelers in the country. People in search for travel insurance provider can take advantage in many ways when they’re out on trip. Are you a citizen of United Kingdom? Are you planning to take a leave from your daily schedule? If you are thinking about a vacation, […]

Risk Life Insurance

Pay data, facts – brief and concise! With term life insurance is a pure death protection is used to protect nationals in the event of death of the insured. Here, there is not a savings service for the Endowment, as for example, when a capital binding life insurance. A risk life insurance is particularly important […]

Insurance Comparisons

Make a comparison of insurance and savings insurance are a red cloth for many policyholders. Maybe you are happy that you have finally found the seemingly cheapest insurance. Satisfied filed your signed contract and think they have taken the best protection for yourself and your family. This is initially perhaps also true, but also in […]

Corsets – The Return Of Fashion

Maybe you also noticed that fashion shows have reappeared female corsets, taking an independent niche erotic lingerie bottom. What do you think? Why and how the corset has become so topical and fashionable in our time? First, it's just underwear, which allows to adjust the figure so as to look your best. Second corset can […]