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Want to lose those rolls that are formed under the arm? Because you can start with this mini exercise program for arms in 8 minutes. 16 Exercises in total with a duration of 30 seconds are each. If you’re in basic level make them without weight, if you’re intermediate USA small weights as the cans …

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History Of Barcelona

Barcelona – capital of Catalonia region in northeastern Spain. The city was founded by Iberian tribes that lived in the second millennium BC Spain. Hamilcar Barca (one of the most ancient generals) made the city a base for attacks on the Roman Republic, and gave the city its name. After the Second Punic War in …

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Aluminium Constructions

Aluminum – lightweight and durable metal – perfect material for the manufacture of windows, doors and facade profiley.U aluminum construction virtually unlimited possibilities. They can be installed in the openings the most difficult configuration, they are very well suited for the elite of architectural projects. The service life of aluminum is much longer than plastic …

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