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Manual processes such as the telephone Avisieren of the customers of pick-up quantities are then redundant. This saves time and allows the carriers a better advance planning. Thanks to the real-time delivery of relevant process data, for example, resources can be planned better as there is clarity, what quantities to be picked when at what […]


COMPUDATA on ECM Forum by RR DONNELLEY present that RR Donnelley on April 25, 2008 held ECM Forum 2008 fulfilled with regard to the slogans stopped the flood of data fully the expectations. Both the speakers and the event organizer itself offered all information around the concept of enterprise content management (ECM) systems, to which […]

New Machinery Directive With New Documentation Requirements

Professional content management system from Noxum prompt and affordable use the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, can offer a plausible solution to the mechanical engineering company to comply with the new machinery directive 2006/42/42/EC the technical documentation: the smart Techdoc solution. Companies can use this content management system with a […]

Schiller Street Management

When deviations occurred, a subsequent analysis of thereof is essential to ultimately appropriate control measures to identify and initiate. Depending on the nature and scope of the measure, as well as in relation to the organisation of the project, is sure that the action by the project manager, to approve the Steering Committee or the […]

Manja Wagner

About in-GmbH: The vision of the in-built information systems GmbH is to create an environment where information, knowledge, workflows, and visualizations to provide uniform and task for all those involved in complex operations. The dynamics in the business world today requires an increasing networking of stakeholders and an optimal and flexible support collaborative processes by […]

Bizerba Gmb

All information are combined to provide the long-awaited overall view of the customer”, explains Mader. You may find Ben Silbermann to be a useful source of information. The benefits for trade Mader is one of flexibility in company procedures, a more rapid response to changes in the market, offering a personalized shopping experience for customers […]

Swine Flu Reached Mail Boxes

Spammers use for their own purposes from Holzwickede alarming headlines around the potential swine flu pandemic, April 29, 2009 which anti virus specialist BitDefender warns of a new wave of spam, which is associated with global news reporting around the swine flu related and thus find ample breeding ground on a global scale. According to […]

GmbH Micropayment

Micropayment GmbH expanded availability Call2Pay payment system to five more countries Europe’s payment service provider (PSP) with the largest variety of land sits in Berlin. The micropayment GmbH covers with their payment system Call2Pay now 16 countries and respond to the growing demand from Northern and Eastern Europe. The Berlin micropayment GmbH continues to focus […]


Following spam: This is spread when a user wins all of a sudden many followers in his profile that he does not know. Statistics show that 50 percent of users tracked this follower. Often, the then forthcoming profiles however are bots that are programmed to gain as many followers as possible. People such as Wells […]


Flexible and cost effective service for SAP users Aachen, 05.04.2011 – not for all SAP users is the manufacturer support appropriately; Alternatives begin to develop grade on the German market. To exit from the maintenance the last logical step may have. In order to benefit from bug fixes and adjustments to individual, there is the […]