Julichs Family

The German city of Cologne Koln is called for its inhabitants. Learn more at: bridgewater associates. And although the word perfume imminently leads US to France, it is the cradle of water, precisely, Cologne. Make a hotel reservation in Cologne can be unintentional opportunity of knowing an unusual story and living a most unusual adventure yet. An adventure that invites you to lose yourself in its streets after traces of the true creator of the colony. Because in this flourishing German city, two bitter enemies question the authorship of fresh fragrance that captivated the world. The entire city is upholstered ads that promoted as the authentic Eau de Cologne to 4711. However, many distrust. It happens in the area of Julichs-Platz has its store the Farina family, which defends tooth and nail their status as descendants of the true creator of the colony.

4711 is owned by a multinational company, hence the money invested in advertising and the enormous tent where marketed the product in Klockergasse. Farina, on the other hand, continues to be a family business. The differences with the immense 4711 store are more than evident. Small business, run by its owners, has a red Tulip, traditional signature logo on his forehead. In the corner, that Yes, a marble plaque certifies that there he lived and had his studio in the century XVIII Johann Maria Farina, the Italian perfumer (born Giovanni, we assume) creator of the legendary Eau de Cologne. Members of the Farina family repeats his story with conviction: your ancestor settled in the city and, shortly after, achieved his goal that was long-awaited come up with the formula for a soft and fresh fragrance, which he named in honor of his adoptive homeland. This formula became an instant success, and since then, the Farina transmitted it from generation to generation to continue playing the original fragrance. 4711, claim the Farina is a smooth and plain scam.

According to them, an avid trader wanted to buy the formula, but the family did not move it. He then employed a formula alternative hinting that it was the same. From there the ambiguity. Where to find authentic water Cologne in Cologne, then? In the huge corporate 4711 or in the modest local family tent of the Farina? It will play the tourist decide it, while you enjoy a funny story as not imagined at the time of reserving your hotel in Cologne.