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Therapeutic Support

Introduction. Currently there are a variety of software for both evaluative and therapeutic support and we provide high-level technical support and impact both evaluative and therapeutic. However, in our country is not yet magnifies this technology despite the fact that computer resources are present. Perhaps there is ignorance or lack of reliability in these applications. […]

Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking says that our brain relies on pattern recognition systems, since they do not work like computers. We need years before they know simple arithmetic – something that computers can do easily to the first. On the other hand, instantly recognize patterns such as faces, language and writing, something that computers do not. The […]


Another year is drawing to a close, the days grow cold, schools are preparing to suspend classes and the streets begin to glow with lights of all colors … it is almost Christmas. At this time it is customary to family gatherings or parties from loved ones and for one reason or another have been […]

Crisis Management

We have also written that no company is exempt from needing a management crisis. There are only two types of companies: those who have gone through a crisis and those who soon will be, no doubt. When a company is not ready for crisis management and breaks it, his attitude is reactive, since being unexpectedly, […]

Management Coaching

First define what you want to become and despuesa do what you do, to achieve Introduction a Various Authors agree which moves from an industrial society to another type of society, knowledge society, which is based on information resources and knowledge management, where organizations are conceived as networks of knowledge, with the ability to launch […]

Quality Management

It also points out that organizational culture encompasses everything that is expressed the views of the community of individuals in an organization, for example, styles of work, organizational structure, social relations, internal, key administrative decisions, the way they react to unexpected events or problems, the assumptions on which it operates in relation to the right […]