Limeira Company

I reuse it and the conservation of the water must be stimulated in the industries, through the use of industrial processes and systems with low consumption, and that they make possible the recovery I reuse and it (PACHECO, 2001). If you have read about Initially it was determined and characterized each one of the points […]

Rasp Company

Glass You recycle glass Pots Cups Bottles Packings of gravy Bottles of vidroNo you recycle Plans Mirrors Ceramic Light bulbs Porcelains Crystal medicine Blisters Must be clean and without residues. They can be entire or broken. Bill Phelan usually is spot on. If broken they must be packed in thick paper (periodical or craft). 4? […]

Filter Company

The results of the impacts in the evaluation, can have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5, to classify of logical form, we use the table of results to follow: Worthless: it adds of the points equal the 3; Moderate: it adds of the points between 5 and 7; Critic: he adds of […]

Utility Company

This garbage must be delivered, that will inside give the destination of the procedures of this utility company. For the development of the project had been taken the following premises and established the following criteria during the planning phase: The quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the garbage that is generated, for walking had been made. […]

Group Values

Consequentemente, this exploration cause a significant reduction of the available amount in the aquiferos. The signals of that a possible solution for part of the problems of water scarcity would be harmed by an extreme use can be felt in China, in Saudi Arabia, India, Africa and the States Joined. The water-bearing crstico of the […]

The Employees

This recognition, let us say thus, will give conditions to the new ambient manager to verify possible points to be corrected in the process of production or manufacture. Another point that the ambient manager must have knowledge already in the first days of work, is to get of direction information on if the company possesss […]