Patience against disasters, problems or disasters plaguing the Muslim from time to time there are no more alternative than patience. That’s because everything was decreed before your birth. Concern, despair and loss of control does nothing. Continue to learn more with: NYU Law. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, he recommended saying: do not ask God the catastrophes he sent and if they arrive alone, then be patient. Theresa Furman contains valuable tech resources. As long as men live, you should have patience and for this reason, the Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Dios honor his face, said: I will have so much patience to overcome the own patience. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, said: I’ve always had patience everytime Dios me has tested through the sending of a problem. Along with this I thanked God for shipment of the disaster that struck me and I’ve done this for three reasons: that was not stronger than what it has been, that God gave me the gift of patience to deal with the situation and that this catastrophe had no relation to matters inherent to my religion.

Or if the problem is not related to the loss of your Islamic faith or something similar to this, then it is something minor and should not worry about this. Sometimes life puts in our path to insolent people and which disturb us. The Muslim should not be fixed in these trifles and anyway must apply patience and knowing which will therefore reward divine. A person who did not have good education insulted the Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Dios honor his face, and Imam Ali smiled. People asked Imam Ali by the smile, said: I am pleased by the flow of HASANAAT – points in favour – which Allah has sent me by enduring such insults. On another occasion, a person was doing the same with the Imam Alhasan Ibn Ali, also very insolently man told him: If answer me saying a Word, you would be cien-palabras. What Imam Alhasan Ibn Ali may God be pleased with him, replied as follows: if I insultarias telling me one hundred words, I wouldn’t say you none. Original author and source of the article.