The State

Because protectionism is one of the "Unhealthy" instruments of economic policy, unable to bring positive economic results in the medium and long term, a tool to get only short-term results, and only at the expense of the population. In the medium term (3-5 years), while maintaining protectionist measures by the state, we can get further […]

Business Continuity Plan

For the existence of any business need so-called continuity plan, there are a number of organizational and technical measures, which give a permanent result. The security system consists of several companies components to ensure uninterrupted production and performance: Energy independence (during a power outage all comes to a screeching halt), fire safety; IT-security – the […]

Effective Management

In the above article I will discuss several key factors that have a heavy impact on business, as well as some data on upravleniyuYa would like to share some of the data and conclusions izprakticheskoy activities in the field of personnel management. This predmetshiroko known as 'Management'. Everyone has heard the name, and somehow understood […]

Howard Low Review

Concern value (going concern value) – value of a going concern or the proportion of shareholders in its capital. JPMorgan Chase can provide more clarity in the matter. Book value (book value) – difference between the total value of assets (net of depreciation, and amortization of resources used) and total liabilities, in accordance with the […]

Modern Methods

One of the main tasks of any manager is to fully exploit the full potential in their development sotrudnikov.Pri proper staff incentives, a rise in productivity and, consequently, the profitability of the company. Question: “How to achieve more value from their subordinates?” Sooner or later, there is every manager who is interested in business development. […]

Earning Money Online

Based on personal experience, I thought a little to write about a few truly viable options how to earn online. Why is real? Because the universe has a large network of many different attractive proposals are designed exclusively for innocence and experience of people who just entered the curve of the road network in earnings. […]

Andrei Companies

But commercial developers rarely conduct competitions because they have well-established and strong relationships with partners. In addition, the crisis resulted in the first place, the decline in commercial building. So that approximately 90% of the total number of tenders are carried out by government and municipal customers. "With the financial crisis the importance of tendering […]


Since the beginning of the financial crisis the economic situation of countries has worsened. World demand falls, production suffers major losses, as it can not implement products. Companies have to spend staff cuts employees. People on the streets without a livelihood, and any hope of a better quality of life. A vicious circle, the more […]

Current Assets

In general, the marketing plan of the project should include the following topics: Analysis of the potential market (industry analysis, the structure of consumers planned products, market analysis, products, competitive analysis, pricing analysis, etc.). Strategy to market (software product promotion, brand, advertising campaign, etc.) maintaining the sales tactics and presence in the market (marketing operating […]

Bookkeeping And Accounting

Accounting services are needed, as well as quality management firm. Accounting is one of the few departments, whose presence is necessary just in the domestic market. feature is our market is the fact that accounting exists as a separate element in the enterprise, but does not conduct any analysis of your business, after making accountable […]