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7 Strategies To Achieve Employment

We listen every day to the job seekers that are sending hundreds of resumes and job applications and not getting response from the companies. It is difficult to say if it is the resume which has guilt or the company that is not hiring, they already hired someone, or simply put your resume into a […]

Exclusion Employment

The lack of employment is the main cause of poverty, social exclusion and inequality in income and wealth levels and, therefore, opportunities for people. In a framework of active employment policies, the law of labour insertion of people in situation or risk of exclusion, acquires a special significance since the custom help for the search […]

Garcia Torrico Self-employed

Madrid. 10/02/09 The Ministry of work and immigration has released today of affiliation to Social Security and unemployment data. Data that provide a whopping 3.8 million unemployed in our country and which show that as we have been saying for some time, this month and the final quarter of 2009 would be catastrophic and black […]


Move from an employee to an entrepreneur can mean an enormous challenge. I mentioned before that only those with the courage to take risks and a passion for uncertainty can exit the comfort zone that grants the secure pay and venture into the paths of entrepreneurship. However, if you’re really determined, committed to yourself and […]

Employment In Madrid

Hundreds of Union representatives were concentrated against the Assembly of Madrid, on December 27, coinciding with the adoption of the general budget of the community of Madrid and the law on fiscal measures and administration for 2012. This latest Government itself are incorporated into 25 amendments through the Popular group that seriously affect the employment […]

Journeys with Animals

Most people love their pets and consider them family members. So many people do not want to travel without them. But here there are many obstacles faced by the owner, as well as in front of home animals. To get rid of these problems need to be well prepared so you can enjoy your holiday […]


In greenhouses operates a closed loop heat generation allows to reduce the energy consumption for heating by 15-20%. In this case, as compared to conventional gas boiler, gas consumption at the plant "Greenhouse" has decreased by 32%. New boiler, built with modern equipment, designed for heating greenhouses with total area of 6 hectares. In further […]

Average Transport

This research consists of books of diverse classic authors and new authors of the area of marketing and retail marketing, as well as a reading study that it searched through magazines and works of course conclusion to know existing literature on the subjects that had involved the subject. The construction of this knowledge resulted in […]