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Urban Environment

Unjust and inadequate coverage of the population translated into: geographical maldistribution of resources, predominance of actions in the urban environment, fragmentation of the family group, different legal positions of Venezuelans against the right to health. One of the problems that facing the country in the field of health is the population’s access to drugs. Follow […]

Northwestern University

The final lifting effect developed gradually after 3-6 months, because then the old, tired collagen is replaced with new, vigorous. Clinical studies clinical studies at the Northwestern University in Minnesota, United States show that already after the first treatment a visible firming and lifting effect occurs. The results were independently confirmed by three plastic surgeons. […]

Fiscal Package

The reduction of the cost of the investment announced in 29 of June for the government is in fact significant, bringing the interests for really low levels for the Brazilian standards, says economists and representatives of the industry. The package of reduction of interests of BNDES, one of them pillars of the measures announced for […]

Market Promotion

The importance of the directory of links to promote the market! To date, every, even the smallest company, wants to have a website which publishes news of the company, the tariffs for the services or products, future plans, and in any case, the site – a reflection of the overall situation in the company! On […]

CARLiN Lands

CARLiN sales direct, the leading chain in stationery, is every day more present in the community of Madrid. In this case the choice has been the town of Alcobendas, that says the new franchisee, M angeles de la Iglesia is very abandoned the topic of stationery. There are only small shops, but from my point […]

Western Europe

First of all, we should note that the conception and development of art forms and genres in a series of centuries and millennia is an international, universal human nature, regardless of the specific features of East and West and the peoples of the world. Achievement of some nations become the property of others, that most […]

New Year New Furniture

New year, new furniture the end of another year is the time traditionally chosen to take stock of the achievements obtained so far. And the beginning of the new year, that time of the year in which we feel with renewed forces to implement and realize new projects. A new year is a new beginning […]