In this direction the identification is well-known of that a organizacional structure aims at to reach goals and objectives tracings for one same group of people, beyond being composed for elements, as: regulations, norms, hierarchy, internal cooperation, organizacional culture, effectiveness, efficiency, among others factors. On the other hand we appraise family as being linked people […]

Napier Sends

Use: pastejo and fenao. Plantation: changes with more than 100 days of age spaced (1 x 1,5m). Capim Elephant – Pennisetum purpureum Schum common Name: Elephant, Napier or Capim-sugar cane. The Napier is a variety, the given name of wrong form the almost all varieties of forrageira. Origin: Africa (Rodsia) in Brazil in 1920 from […]

The Power Of A Simple Email

The Power of a Simple email Of: Joelso Brandelero Stops: You friend online. The first thing, when we initiate the life online and to create an email. From it in, we launch in them to a universe with an infinite world of possibilities. But the main point and the simple email. I go here to […]

Average Transport

This research consists of books of diverse classic authors and new authors of the area of marketing and retail marketing, as well as a reading study that it searched through magazines and works of course conclusion to know existing literature on the subjects that had involved the subject. The construction of this knowledge resulted in […]


The SIVA is a source of the Marketing that brings the potential of satisfaction to the user. It is a set of symbolic expressions that bases expectations, necessities or desires of the individuals or groups. Its focus is directed for the service produced for the product, that essentially is something intangible, but added to the […]

Street President Ranieri Mazzilli

For its nature of sounding, it does not hold hypotheses that, however, will be able to appear during or to the end of the research. This research requires a planning and by means of it to play something necessary of the situation of the company and to get diverse forms of as to face the […]

Industrial Group

With the purpose to not only test the knowledge acquired throughout the course disciplines, it of business-oriented games has intention to place them in practical and to implement competitive strategies, provoking a managemental quarrel and allowing the analysis of the results of the decision taking. In this it disciplines the group will be divided in […]