Environmental Food Safety .

Environmentally friendly products – one of the major problems of modern economies. In the current economic climate, many enterprises on processing of raw materials only began to improve technological processes for processing of raw materials. All this adversely affects the quality of food. To compensate for the risks and environmental safety of food products in […]

KAI Dental

Approximately three years children can begin even with the dental care. “” The so-called KAI method, in which children according to gradually learn their skills to brush their teeth is particularly suitable for this purpose: first the chewing surfaces with simple back and forth movements brush, then brush the outside of the circle, while painting […]


The problem of microbiological safety of water at the present stage of human development is particularly important. Incidence of hepatitis A in Ukraine has a fairly close relationship with the socio-economic and hygienic factors, as well as voltage fluctuations herd immunity, especially among children. In addition, we should not forget about the unique geographical position […]

Fidia Farmaceutici

Fidia, recombinant Hyaluronidase: the future driving force of Pharmacology is recombinant Hyaluronidase from Italy: more efficiency and safety. The CEO of Fidia, Giorgio Foresti: Will foster a valuable asset of Italian research for the industry and the therapy, the investment and the improvement of the quality of life of patients. Abano Terme (Padua), 21 October […]

What Is Health Insurance ?

At this point, anyone who lives in the former Soviet Union, there is a mandatory medical insurance. This means that, if he has health problems, he may receive treatment in his clinic at the place residence completely free of charge. But what about those who are not satisfied with service in a free clinic: the […]