Hand Taps

In order to cut external threads on the studs, you must have a plate (split tool). Tapping on the heels of small diameter and high accuracy, you should use chaser (one-piece tool in the form of plates with cavities to form a thread). If to be threaded into the hole, then at home can not […]

Company Top

Moscow, December 8. In early winter, the company Top-Kompani announced the expansion of range of home and professional equipment, which is widely used for cleaning the internal and external territories, industrial, residential and office premises, and cleaning of vehicles and buildings, cleaning of trains, and automobiles. Expanding the range of cleaning equipment for household and […]

Company Man

The main factor determining the specific speed and strength of the diesel is the average speed Stroke (m / s) st = Sn / 30, where S – stroke, m, n – rotational speed, rev / min. On January 1, 1984 entered GOST 4393-82. Here and below, bore and stroke accepted unit of measure – […]

Qinchuan Machine Tool Company

These systems satisfy requirements of the different types of production and are used in manufacturing industry. To meet the demand of the domestic market for gear pumps to move the molten rubber, the University has developed two models such systems, XCP150/100 and XCP120/90, together with the Beijing Research Institute of Aviation Technology and production company […]

Management Company

In practice, the role of the management company, is usually the municipal housing office, or ecd. If the service quality will not satisfy the requirements of tenants (eg, untimely harvesting area, entrances, delayed elimination of emergency situations, etc.), hoa has the right to terminate the agreement and conclude the same with a different management company. […]

State Planning Commission

The market is a ball valve segment of the pipeline valves. The formation of this market in Russia has had on 80th – 90th. Twentieth century. His birth domestic ball valves are required development of foreign firms, has implemented a Valve practice polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and synthetic rubber as a material for sealing ball seat valves. […]

Marketing Policies

However, this is due to a greater degree of marketing policies and more successful networking sales. The quality of the equipment companies, to such well-known, virtually no lower. This affects the price difference – about 5% -15%. Attachments, which adds new features forklift (different grips, for example), is quite expensive – from 30% to 80% […]

Connecting Optical Fibers

The need to connect the optical fiber occurs when the construction of fiber-optic links (FOL), as well as the restoration of optical fibers after the accident. In some cases, welding is used to make some attenuation in optical fibers liniyu.Soedinenie requires very precise alignment, which can be run on the device as the core and […]