Management Company

In practice, the role of the management company, is usually the municipal housing office, or ecd. If the service quality will not satisfy the requirements of tenants (eg, untimely harvesting area, entrances, delayed elimination of emergency situations, etc.), hoa has the right to terminate the agreement and conclude the same with a different management company. Housing Code provides a different and way to manage an apartment house – directly through the management company, which is selected at a general meeting of apartment owners. You may want to visit Pinterest to increase your knowledge. A significant advantage of this method of home control is that the uk is made up of professional specialists who work on a permanent basis, and the presence of their own material and technical base will do the job with great quality and in minimum time. But on the other hand, Management Company is a commercial organization, and its main goal is profit.

The accumulated experience suggests that approximately 20-30% of the fundraising will go to pay for services such company. In addition, the Professional Code, in contrast to the hoa may have under his "patronage" several houses and, therefore, it is possible spraying of Finance, and the possibility of control over the spending of money collected by the tenants is very conditional. Money – only the hoa or cc in order to improve the quality of housing stock content State seeks to economically support the establishment of mechanisms for management of apartment buildings. A striking confirmation of this is to create State Corporation Fund for Housing Reform ", which is formed in accordance with Federal law of 21.07.2007 185-FZ" On the Impact Fund for Housing Reform "and will run until January 1, 2012 Federal resources of the Fund (annual budget – more than 240 billion rubles) are intended for repair of apartment buildings and can be spent on modernization-house engineering systems of electricity, heat, gas, water supply and sanitation, rehabilitation or replacement of elevator equipment, repair roofs and basements, as well as facades.

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