Marketing Policies

However, this is due to a greater degree of marketing policies and more successful networking sales. The quality of the equipment companies, to such well-known, virtually no lower. This affects the price difference – about 5% -15%. Attachments, which adds new features forklift (different grips, for example), is quite expensive – from 30% to 80% of the value, but the production costs of such equipment is much lower, as the complexity of their design. As we noted earlier, attachments for mounting on -fork plate loader can be divided into two types: integrated manufacturer and is not built – a third party. The equipment is already installed on the forklift manufacturer assumes redesigned carriage, or even the lifting mechanism.

Such equipment can not be moved to another truck. But it is, in turn, more reliable, cheaper, and helps to lower the loss of carrying capacity machines. Therefore, many manufacturers offer models with both pre-installed optional equipment, and without it. Dimensions-fork plates are standard for each class of forklifts. Therefore attachments equipment can be freely set on the model of a class (the payload) from different manufacturers.

It should be remembered that when installing attachments truck load is reduced. It occurs for several reasons: the equipment itself has a certain weight, as well as the modernization of the machine center of gravity is shifting. Therefore, the forklift in a ton, for example, installing grip rolls, losing lift a 200-250kg. Range of attachments for forklifts – a very demanding task and is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, because there must consider many factors besides the weight of cargo. First, we must consider the type of goods or material: drums, coils, containers, in order to capture not damaged goods, because when excessive pressure on Georgia to capture its deformation. Secondly, we must be as clear as possible dimensions of cargo transported, as well as the size and characteristics of storage facilities or sites where the work will take place, since the installation of additional equipment may decrease the turning radius forklift. And maybe even be a situation where the machine is not able to travel in a narrow place. Third, you need to decide is whether the attachments used continuously or once in a while. The final choice of equipment depends on the specific conditions of each place of work and material handling equipment to be used. In this regard, it is desirable refer to the retailer with the fullest possible information about working conditions in order to select the most effective solution.

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