State Planning Commission

The market is a ball valve segment of the pipeline valves. The formation of this market in Russia has had on 80th – 90th. Twentieth century. His birth domestic ball valves are required development of foreign firms, has implemented a Valve practice polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and synthetic rubber as a material for sealing ball seat valves. Domestic rebar industry, ensuring the needs of priority oil and gas industry, mastered the production of ball valves of similar import, stopping for DN 50 to 1400 mm. Several drawbacks of traditional types of valves led to the emergence of the traditional trend of displacement wedge gate valve ball valves. In the early 90s.

Twentieth century., The collapse of the ministries and departments, the elimination of the State Planning Commission and the State Supply systems has led to a crisis of rebar industry sales. Due to lack of own sales network bulk plants were at the brink of zero and negative profitability. Segment of the complex and labor-intensive products for the petroleum and chemical industries have taken foreign manufacturers. Domestic counterparts at that time could compete only in the price category, losing out in the commitments to customers both because of the disruption time of delivery (as motivated disruptions of supplies of raw materials and components, and a sharp fall in production discipline) and lower product quality. Soon, however, and this competitive advantage was negated. By the mid-nineties there was a shortage simple general technical reinforcement (steel and cast iron valves for Housing). This led to three trends: 1.