Brad Pitt

The actress talks about his professional and private life in a recent interview. In his current work as a Director and screenwriter has the support and advice of her partner, actor Brad Pitt. Does not arise a wedding with Brad Pitt or taken over, for the moment. It is immersed in his next movie, In […]

Rafa Nadal New

Lopez, who has competed in several tournaments forming partnership with Rafa Nadal and Granollers, which collects three individual titles (Valencia and Gstaad, in 2011, and Houston), in 2008 played safely to a couple who had already won this year on the clay of Rome, in the semifinal of the tournament, and saved a ball of […]


The singer and his band only suffer minor injuries. The musicians are nervous but with encouragement to continue the tour. American singer Micah P. Hinson and his band, The Pioneer Saboteurs, was hospitalized with minor injuries after having suffered a traffic accident in Tarragona on Wednesday. They were traveling to Barcelona, where at night should […]

Rubalcaba Idea

The Congress President proposed on Wednesday that the parliamentary sessions were reduced from three to two days, although his idea was rejected by all groups protest in the social network messages not been made wait: they laugh at us, say some, while UI checks off the occurrence of Bono’s extravagant. The Twitter social network is […]