Corporation Society

All this is reaffirmed by author Schmelkes, S. in his book social development and education, which raises: some of the problems are generated by the mere fact that the time devoted to the effective teaching is not or that is required for learning to take place, or if you want to officially stipulated. The absences of teachers or their arrivals later, the time devoted to other activities within the school reduce this time significantly so it is expected that the learners also see reduced .3. As you can see this author confirms what was said in previous paragraphs therefore there can be no quality education when factors like these prevailing within the schools and is something that saves any educational Corporation. The book catastrophe silent of Gilberto Guevara Niebla8 makes a general education system criticism, expresses: the damage inflicted to the national public education by these arrangements of the budget issue to the hegemony of corporate interests and the political reasons for bureaucracies and authorities, do not make noise. Unlike environmental pollution, public insecurity or the debt problem, the disasters of public education are gradual, discrete, painless, secret. But at the turn of the years we can see and measure the magnitude of this silent disaster.4 And this is what has been now, an evil stealth has been placed and affected society, as reflected in the low quality and irrelevance of national education, which has not been able to have an impact in a lower social inequality, this evil will burrow as gangrene because education should be qualitative results therefore cannot be measured only in terms of quantity but also on the basis of the behavior in the life of those who the society was formed, ask us there is less violence? Longer problems of addictions are not heard? Is there really an equity? is machismo a theme of the past? There is security? We are responsible for? We respect our society and even nature itself?, only to look at this we can realise the deterioration that we are facing in terms of education.