Brad Pitt

The actress talks about his professional and private life in a recent interview. In his current work as a Director and screenwriter has the support and advice of her partner, actor Brad Pitt. Does not arise a wedding with Brad Pitt or taken over, for the moment. It is immersed in his next movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, film which she herself has written and directed. Lists: the best movie of Angelina Jolie Curiosities about Jolie.

American actress Angelina Jolie ruled out having thought marry nor to go back to adopting, as he explains in an interview published in Vanity Fair magazine, which this week has been advanced extracts. I am not pregnant. I am not going to take at the moment, ensures the interpreter, as he picks up the digital edition of People magazine. Jolie used the occasion to refuse to go to celebrate a secret wedding soon with her husband, actor Brad Pitt. Jolie, who began his relationship with Pitt in 2005, gave birth to twins Vivienne and Knox in July 2008 at a clinic in Nice (France), and has a biological daughter with the actor, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born in Namibia in 2006. Also have three adopted children: Maddox, from Cambodia; Zahara, from Ethiopia, and Pax, from Viet Nam. Now Jolie is immersed in his next movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, film which she herself has written and directed.

The writing of the script took place locked up in his own room while he fought a flu that kept her isolated from his family for two whole days. I was in the attic of a house in France. Completely to themselves. He saw no television and I was reading nothing. So I started to write. And I did from the beginning until the end of the script, the interpreter explained. Jolie said that Pitt has been a great support to her throughout the entire project and that it has not hesitated to deliver its opinion on the script and discuss with her creative decisions. As any woman, I paid attention to most of the things he said to me and fought for other, said. It is difficult to separate the person that you love the critic, so I do not consider him to be a judge just, he added. That Yes, her husband believes that from now its demands as an actress will be greater once Jolie has been on the other side of the camera. Brad believes that I’m going to be a nightmare, he said.I had a very good experience who believes that from now on I’ll be impatient with the directors, although it already was, he concluded. Source of the news: Angelina Jolie: ‘Brad believes that you I will now be a nightmare for managers’