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Cherished Time

And we are again rushing to the cherished pleasure, believing that much of this one time we really enjoy to the edges of the core. But what do we have? Again – a brief moment of joy and … eternity of frustration. Is repeated from time to time. Circle is closed, and people can not …

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Art Of Communicating With Men

How to build a personal life with a male psychology of boys and girls have many fundamental differences in this article we describe how to build relationships with the opposite sex. The first article will be curious for girls. Suppose you meet a guy of his dreams, but he is a scoundrel:)) is not burning …

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Advanced Squared Pythagorean

Life the universe obeys certain laws of development. Everything that exists, evolves periodically, cyclically and rhythmically. Its rhythm of life is in galaxies, planets, our body, every cell. Rhythm develops consciousness of humanity. Develop knowledge and forgotten, but in a certain period of development occur again. And now we return to the knowledge of millennia …

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