Cherished Time

And we are again rushing to the cherished pleasure, believing that much of this one time we really enjoy to the edges of the core. But what do we have? Again – a brief moment of joy and … eternity of frustration. Is repeated from time to time. Circle is closed, and people can not do anything to get out of a succession of pleasures, disappointments. Out of desperation, he seeks the extreme forms of pleasure and joy: alcohol, drugs, gambling, extreme tourism, hobbies, etc. But all to no avail. What, in fact, all it says? And what's the Adam? On biblical calculations, he has lived for more than five thousand years ago.

But how much the people behind these goals? Externally – is very small: only became increasingly shave, wash and dress up. Notable changes undergone its desire – they have found more bizarre forms. Although, in essence are all the same character of pleasure, disappointment. Looking at the human race can be traced quite steady evolution of human desires. It all starts with the simplest – the animal heritage, that is, with the instincts. This is a food and reproduction (sex). Delicacies and promiscuous fill all the spaces of our lives. When satiated with it fully, we again feel the devastation, we have the other characteristic of desire.

This wealth and power. Of course, we need food and sex, but we strive for money and domination. We are drowning in luxury and opportunity to rule the destinies of people.