Advanced Squared Pythagorean

Life the universe obeys certain laws of development. Everything that exists, evolves periodically, cyclically and rhythmically. Its rhythm of life is in galaxies, planets, our body, every cell. Rhythm develops consciousness of humanity. Develop knowledge and forgotten, but in a certain period of development occur again.

And now we return to the knowledge of millennia ago, opening them again. So a tree, having a period of oblivion Last summer, dissolves in the spring new leaves. We live in a very difficult time changing eras. In 2002, started new cycles Avestan calendar: 256 years and 8192 years, in 2003 began the era of Aquarius, in 2008 began a new galactic year duration of 8.4 million years, beginning the era of Satya-Yuga, which carries the dawn of creativity and spirituality of humanity. Change of each era is replaced by vibration.

Incorporating into these vibrations, changing the operation of our physical organism changes the composition of the blood work every cell of the body. Changing and our consciousness as a fundamental principle of all. 'In the beginning was the Word' – 'Logo', said in Greek thought, conscience. Just change the consciousness that we can enter into vibration of these new ages, carrying a new understanding of man and the world. Information in the world is transmitted by vibration: the light – it's vibration, sound – a vibration, smell – it's vibration. Representing the world on paper, we represent information about it lines or colors. Every color, every line, straight or curved, is its vibration-information.

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