Telephone Company

One determined telephone company he gained a competition to install the telephones in an average city. As it had few employees, she decided to open a competition to fill the remaining vacant. The stated period for the registration would be in the maximum of one week. The company walked of wind in poop and there for as much, a citizen arrived in minimum much stranger. The interrogation for the fulfilling of the fiche started: – Name, please. – Luis Fifteen. – Age? – Two times fifteen.

– Birth? – Fifteen of August. – Address? – Street fifteen, squares fifteen, house fifteen – Quarter? – Fifteen of November. The agent already was intrigued with in such a way fifteen. Or that comrade he suffered one attack of coincidences or was enjoying in it, but it continued the interrogation: – Deferred payment with the relatives? – Yes. Fifteen to all: father, mother, brothers, cousins – He is married? – I intend to be married in day fifteen of December, to the fifteen hours, in church of avenue fifteen, with a girl of fifteen years. The agent was haunted and decided to catch the citizen.

– Which is the wage intends that you to earn here? – Ten times fifteen. That strange man – the agent thought. As he is that it used in such a way fifteen, but he continued with the gozao saying for itself: now catch I you. – Listening here, its salada of fifteen. If its name is Luis Fifteen, he is because its father was Luis Fourteen, then its son goes to call Luis Sixteen. I made right? – Errou. Quinzinho goes to call itself. More not aguentando to hear the fifteen agent in such a way it looked for to defy the man. – It looks at here, why is that you alone say fifteen, being that the numbers are limitless? – For it sees you there. It always happens me to everything with fifteen. not it is only this. It only sees: I was punished in the school during fifteen years, I repeated fifteen times, me they had assaulted fifteen times, I was fifteen times sick, I was interned fifteen times, I was imprisoned fifteen days. – It is well. It is well. It arrives for today of fifteen because I have more of 500 registrations to make. Until soon its fifteen! – Then until day fifteen to the fifteen hours. keeps for me l5a. vacant. – It is well, Sir, it is alone to study. – By the way, now they are accurately fifteen hours, fifteen minutes of day fifteen, tchauzinho. – And it is not that the Quinzrio was certain – finished the agent.