Electric Companies

Started in recent years, strong growth in industrial countries started the process of mass modernize equipment and upgrade machinery. Communicating with representatives of domestic companies from entirely different industries, we are celebrating as more and more companies install modern machines and entire manufacturing facilities. And I must say, they are doing all right! Drastic reduction of the term embodiment drawings, reducing labor costs, a sharp decrease in dependence on the human factor, less waste and waste, increasing the speed of work, strict observance of technological processes, increase accuracy, access to new processing techniques, reducing the required space and power consumption by multi-functional complexes. That's not a complete list of received benefits! However, unfortunately not all so rosy, since such equipment is not only expensive but requires a different approach to working conditions, in particular the supply of European quality. It is no secret that in our plants this parameter sometimes live their lives, active until his astonishment. As a natural result – malfunction. At best, it takes the form of outages, marriage preparations, breaking tool. At worst – in the form of complete burnout of electric machines.

Comparative analysis failure statistics shows that the main factors causing accidents in the work are: 1.Dlitelnoe Undervoltage below normal levels, leading to a serious overload of electric motors and power transistor drive current frequency (of the investigation – an emergency stop on the thermal protection, emergency stop protection for voltage or burnout of the above items). 2. stress, leading to breakdown transistor frequency drive voltage (of the investigation – the failure of power transistors and control board). 3.Vysokochastotnye interference caused by errors in management systems inverters speed drives (Investigation – emergency stop for the Protection of the voltage, or the failure of power transistors). 4.Polnoe disappearance of stress – I think needs no comment, all worth it, all smokers (bamboo). Accordingly, for solutions Power quality problems responsible consumers should use: 1.Ustanovku voltage stabilizers. 2.Primenenie emi filters, including filters, transformer. 3.Primenenie sources ups and stand-alone

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