Tag: construction and repair

Construction Work

Performance of construction works is estimated in accordance with special instructions on the results of production control. Production quality control work consists of input, operational and acceptance control. Their results are recorded in special journals. The organization of construction management is calculation, design, management, maintenance and reception facilities, inspection and evaluation of the quality work …

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Technical Director

You can chat with the owners living in these homes: how often does the company not timely provide services, citing the lack of necessary equipment, who does the work have occurred whether the shutdown of heating, water or electricity because of late maturity of the Professional Code of debt on them? If the management company …

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International Organizations

To implement this principle in the framework of the project are developed: the system parameters of the quality of the company, the system records the quality and procedures of quality records. principle 4. Process approach. Effective monitoring and improving quality are only possible within the business, 'transparent' in terms of control. Process model greatly simplifies …

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