Activation – External Trainee-open

New training program for technical occupations Munich, 23.02.2012 – the magazine cited a recent Kienbaum study on the subject on the 09.02.2012 high potential 2011/2012, that 74 percent of German companies could win about a quarter of their preferred candidates, not for themselves. One reason is the rising demand for qualified employees. An important task of the company it is today so, to present itself as an attractive employer and interesting training and career opportunities to gain desired candidate and to bind. In the competition for the coveted employee, so are the topics of HR marketing and human resources development in the focus. Businesses in the technical environment, that hire graduates from technical courses or in MINT dealing with professions, the Munich training partner artaro now offers a training programme, which takes into account the above aspects. Now, companies have the opportunity their employees and preferred candidates taking part in an open To offer the trainee program. This now also the companies competing for the preferred candidates who so far had no own trainee program points. As managers know, personal skills today are crucial for a successful career in addition to sound professional training.

While mainly theoretical skills were taught in the College or colleges, activation of artaro means a vocational qualification in the soft skills. That these skills are indeed crucial, also occupies the Kienbaum study. Stating that a failure of the career to moor is mostly on the lack of soft skills. (Source: desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-315/951_read-11766/) Trainee-open the activation name is specially designed for the technical audience and respond to the current demands of the working world. In the focus are the early and systematic development of key competences, building a professional network and the safe and professional handling of the new media. last but not least, activation is the sound basis for a process of lifelong learning.