Edge Accounting

She is of if analyzing that the accounting of costs, properly said, mensura and tells related financial information to the acquisition and to the consumption of resources of organization, supplying information in such a way the managemental accounting how much for the financial accounting. Of the financial accounting, that is limited by generally accepted the […]

Fiscal Package

The reduction of the cost of the investment announced in 29 of June for the government is in fact significant, bringing the interests for really low levels for the Brazilian standards, says economists and representatives of the industry. The package of reduction of interests of BNDES, one of them pillars of the measures announced for […]

Global Corporations

very legal, but what this has to have with the automotivo sector or heading of this substance? pull of production commitment with the consumer had been shaken by the notice of a defect in the pedal of the accelerator of some models of the assembly plant. Consumers of all the parts can be if asking […]

In Search Of Gold

The crisis plaguing the planet is leaving whole countries in ruins, but we refuse to see, some will leave earlier than others and in our case is not at all clear, the information that goes out is quite murky and inaccurate power more political lies and this does not only increases the distrust of the […]

Small Average Companies

Also, the DLPA can be enclosed in it. Therefore, we understand to be inside of the razoabilidade that is demandable, obligatorily, of the limited societies of medium and small transport, the constant demonstrations of the Resolution n 1255, of the Federal Advice of Accounting, 10 of December of 2009, that it approves NBC T 19.41? […]

Brazilian Company

In relation the information lack that was mentioned, still exists many people who believe that investiment in shares must obligatorily be high in capital terms. However, currently it is possible to invest in good actions of company with R$ 10,00, R$ 50,00, R$ 100,00, at last, practically any value. The minimum that we can buy […]

Corporative Controller

To exert the function of Controllerrequer sufficient knowledge of the activity to be able to execute it adequately, requires interaction and leadership to be able to follow the dynamics of the process and donegcio for which it is receiving such confidence, the professional of this area temuma specific function. So that the management process is […]

Pereira Planning

The searched fact was developed by necessidadede if to verify the application of the controladoria inside of the company RecreativoTucuru Club and has as purpose to provide to a vision more internal studied daorganizao, therefore the Controladoria is an important tool in the managing modos for decision taking. The stories of the interviewed people, mostramque […]