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In Search Of Gold

The crisis plaguing the planet is leaving whole countries in ruins, but we refuse to see, some will leave earlier than others and in our case is not at all clear, the information that goes out is quite murky and inaccurate power more political lies and this does not only increases the distrust of the …

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Small Average Companies

Also, the DLPA can be enclosed in it. Therefore, we understand to be inside of the razoabilidade that is demandable, obligatorily, of the limited societies of medium and small transport, the constant demonstrations of the Resolution n 1255, of the Federal Advice of Accounting, 10 of December of 2009, that it approves NBC T 19.41? …

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Brazilian Company

In relation the information lack that was mentioned, still exists many people who believe that investiment in shares must obligatorily be high in capital terms. However, currently it is possible to invest in good actions of company with R$ 10,00, R$ 50,00, R$ 100,00, at last, practically any value. The minimum that we can buy …

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