Brazilian Company

In relation the information lack that was mentioned, still exists many people who believe that investiment in shares must obligatorily be high in capital terms. However, currently it is possible to invest in good actions of company with R$ 10,00, R$ 50,00, R$ 100,00, at last, practically any value. The minimum that we can buy in action of one definitive company is an ACTION. That is, company XYZ is costing in the Stock exchange R$ 25,00, then, this is the price I to acquire an action of this company. I will be becoming partner of this form? YES! Exactly that this company more than possesss in the market 100 a thousand action, you acquired a participation in it, for minor who is. Of this form, when company XYZ to distribute its quarterly profits to the shareholders, you will go to usufruct of proportional form. It is important to point out that the idea is a great myth of that great investors possess advantages in the Stock market. It has sufficiently controversial, therefore many believe to have, at least, one benefit inspector for these investors.

However, it is in the law that the tax, as well as too much rules, is applied in the same way for any natural person. Perhaps the only advantage of the great investors is related to the cost, therefore the fixed costs for who have more money represent a lesser impact. Currently to keep a portfolio, for example, you go to pay between R$ 5,00 and R$ 20,00 Reals for month, or more depending on the financial institution. This tax is called safekeeping tax and is repassed the CBLC (Brazilian Company of Liquidation and Safekeeping). Being thus, R$ 20,00 Reals for who possesss an investment of R$ 10,000, 00 is equivalent to a cost of 0,20% to the month. Already for another investor who possesss R$ 1.000.000, 00 invested, same the twenty Reals will represent 0.002% of monthly cost, that is, almost zero.