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Important People

Not taste because I do not have vocation for isto.' ' ' ' The people who enter, know them to people and like them and they go even so This influences in the income and the work. The relationship is tranquilo: some accept, others not If people to lear in the esportivas have union and …

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' ' So that to divide? ' ' To get worse? Our Country does not have skill! It is truth that some States have great dimensions, but is not therefore that badly they are governed or managed, as to want! Some of small dimension also are in a true chaos! With these ideas and the …

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Latin America

It studies it prayer that the candidates prefer the direct communication with the citizens, bequeathing to the media the secondary paper of ' ' actor poltico' ' not more than protagonist. Los average of comunicacin en el 2006 if convirtieron, en Latin America, en actores that tomaron posicin politics, abdicaron su responsabilidad illuminant en los …

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