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Corsets – The Return Of Fashion

Maybe you also noticed that fashion shows have reappeared female corsets, taking an independent niche erotic lingerie bottom. What do you think? Why and how the corset has become so topical and fashionable in our time? First, it's just underwear, which allows to adjust the figure so as to look your best. Second corset can …

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San Francisco

If you're not a fan of Halloween celebration, then hitting on him last fall, you probably would not have seen anything extraordinary. But, according to historians, 2010 marked a real change probably thousands of years, although would be on this holiday. Yes, as in the past you would have noticed the streets full of vampires, …

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Fashion Jackets Spring Season 2011

Finally, winter is coming to its logical conclusion and is approaching the long-awaited spring. Soon the snow melted, the sun warms the earth warm rays, and we will remove from their shoulders the heavy coats and jackets. In their stead come flirty fashion jackets and lightweight coats. What jackets will be trendy in the spring …

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