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Hernani Companies

When you interview people to work as cleaners, and different companies of cleaning for cleaning of offices, is normal for having their methods of performing the work. This is very good, since when presenting the budget they will give a list of the things that will make when they join the job. When we have …

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Electrolux Barcelona

Our technical staff specialized in repairs S.E.B. offers you the service when you ask, if you request an urgent repair we have that service for cases of emergency repair, any day of the year. Using the best tools, our technicians specialized in the area of maintenance and repair, will be attentive to provide technical service …

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Renew Kone Stairs

KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transport, has just been chosen by Metro de Madrid to replace 100 stairs located in different seasons of its network for new units Eco-efficient technology. “It’s about changing a hundred structures for the model 100 Heavy Duty KONE Eco Mod The election is because the model is able to …

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