Buy Safely

Anyone who carried a time surfing the Internet knows how difficult that is sometimes not fall into deception how ignore an email that tells us if we want to know that friends we have erased his Messenger? How not to put us on alert when we receive an alleged email from our Bank saying that there has been some kind of problem asking us access our account? And to say the emails where we have won some kind of award? Some of them might seem that they are so ancient and known and everyone knows. But nothing could be further from the truth or not is less true that scams so ancient and crude as the Estampa scam still committing today? While email is the means of entry into our House of cybercriminals, it is not less true that on many occasions we ourselves who went shopping and we are deceived. Listings for extraordinary business proposals WINS 50 for each email you send; Offers of employment in which ask you something for advance or such other in which to request the interview you have to call a special pricing phone: 803, 806, 807, 905; Sales of luxury goods: watches, bags, etc. At an extremely low price. All these examples and many others more, to which we must add that insurance now underway (the criminals do not rest) are, in the majority of cases, easily avoidable.

Simply having a minimum knowledge about safe surfing and apply common sense to others. Especially pay attention to details and minimum data suspicious distrustful and seek information: buying and selling safe, computer crime, etc. Do not be fooled. If you have a blog and want to do your bit in the fight against fraud on the Internet, you can do so by collaborating in the campaign for an Internet safe, fight against fraud.