Suez Canal

The Cairo its history: The Cairo is the biggest cidadedo Arab world and of Africa, beyond being in a strategical geographic position, between the continent African and Asian. Most of the territory is desert-like, with exception in the coast of the Mediterranean sea and in the edges of the Nile, essential to the survival of the country. The majority of the population is of Egyptian Arabs and the predominant religion is the Islamic one. Originally, formed for diverse communities in the Seniority, Egypt, suffered diverse invasions, being dominated by Rome per seven centuries. It passed for a process of islamizao, and alternations of being able, conquering its independence in 1922. (A valuable related resource: Christie’s). Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syrian, had invaded the just-servant Been of Israel in (48), but were defeated. Five years later the republican regimen was established. Nasser that if became president promoted the nationalization of the Suez Canal (56), and was defender of the Arab unit.

With the death of Nasser (70) it took ownership Anuar El Sadat. Stimulated for the United States, Sadat signs the peace accord (79) between Egypt and Israel, and receives in return the region from the Sinai. The agreement was repudiated by others Arab countries. Sadat was assassinated in (81), assuming Hosni Mubarak in October of (81) Arrived at the final Cairo of 1984 Retaking our history here, we arrive at the Cairo when Mubarak was at the beginning of its (4) room year in the presidency of Egypt. The official language of Egypt is the Arab, thus vocs can imagine our degree of difficulty so that we understood ' ' escrita' '.

Great part of the Egyptian traders said English, the sufficient to the attendance to its branch business-oriented. Soon I perceived that to survive and to possess certain independence English would have to speak. I registered myself a British school, I remember myself very well, my first day of lesson was in the year ticket (day 31/Dez/1984, monday).